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Reported by Abhijeet Acharya :-  Four-Oscar Awards winning and $ 500 Million revenue generating Tinsel town potboiler and Yann Martel’s best-selling novel’s cinematized version “LIFE OF PI” has an Odia angle! Balasore-born digital production coordinator,She takes the credit for giving 3D effects perfectly into the scenes like Bengal Tiger Richard Parker’s power, the natural beauty of the Ocean.

Anuradha Behera of the Indian branch of the American Special Effects firm “RHYTHM AND HUE” which is located at Hyderabad. She’s one of the several special effect technicians whose behind-the-scenes efforts have made the director Ang Lee create the most  visually palatable and superior movie of   all time. After having learnt the Odia connection, the Balasore intelligentsia and cultural fraternity is ecstatic.

Anuradha is the sole progeny of Madhushudan Behera and Meera Behera who happen to be the denizens of the Ranapur locality of Balasore. Anuradha happens to be the recipient of graduate and post-graduate (Journalism) degrees from Delhi University & Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan respectively. Prior to be part of “RHYTHM AND HUE”, she was associated with organizations videlicet CNN-IBN, ANI.