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In continuation of all previous communications/submissions/articles/publications/ postings on the subject matter of “Sustainable Development” as find place in GTD where “Power Sector” is being considered as the basic infrastructure & the pace of growth of which determines the economic development of “We the People” including Individual, Families, State, Nation and Universe. The status of Odisha Power Sector in the National level so also globe level is known to all concern and need not to state here. Its going on the downward path even after repeated communications for the last two years.

As per the impressions given to “we the people” by the good media both electronics and print, we know that Odisha is a power surplus state but surprisingly media escaped from its huge responsibility of State/Nation building and started to propagate since last two years that Odisha is a power deficit State. Now question arises what input/information forced/made media to propagate Odisha is a power deficit State? Whether the information source is authentic & cross checked? The Answer is “No”. Media propagated wrong facts and figures of Odisha Power Sector and tried to wipe out the truth of conscience & reality, so made us (We the People) foolish is not at all expected and tolerated. Had they (media) been called us for discussion on the topic, then this situation of occurrence of scarcity can be avoided. Ok. Its good that dear brother Mr. Dayanidhi Dash, Chief Editor of Odisha Television (OTV) had called the Author to his studio and spared good time in discussing the facts and figures of Odisha Power Sector in the last week on dated 20th Feb-12, asked for providing him few paras of news on scams, corruptions & mismanagement cases of the Sector which have been submitted to all authorities of Power Sector of the State/Nation previously. Before providing him the truths of Odisha Power Sector for broadcasting, I think it proper to communicate some more issues to win over the common consensus of “We the People” so also to build up more trust & confidence.

As per the data & information being communicated to all concern & also available with us, presently the generating capacity (electricity expressed in Mega Watt-MW) of Odisha is more than double of the load requirement for Odisha excluding the generations of hydro-power stations (6 in Odisha). Odisha is sustaining all the pollutions by generating huge coal based power & is continuously supplying to its brother States to meet their power demands. So we have huge power in our account but due to paucity of funds being born from mismanagement of Odisha Power Sector, GRIDCO (The Power Trading Licensee for the State of Odisha) is not able to procure costly power from outsourced generators of Odisha.

My case is an example of mismanagement of Odisha power sector. I have also communicated previously that Rs. 5000/- crores per year is not being accounted for out of turnover of Rs. 10000/- crores per year. While we add all the losses of Odisha power Sector without any bias/fear/favour, then we find an unsustainable gross loss figure of 50% of the turnover is being debited to loss and unaccounted for, which promoted to the corrupted system to opt for floating dangerous working capital loan to run the system, mispleaded for shortage of power, adopted wrong theory and so propagated that “Loss of the Sector has no relation with hike in retail tariff” and lastly tried to load all cost of inefficiencies/corruptions/ mismanagement on “We the People” by hiking the rate of retail price of supply of electricity. By doing so, the Team of Odisha Power Sector are pretending in such a way that they do not each other and behaving strangely before Public.

Due to adaptation of wrong theory of development, the authorities of Odisha Power sector could not find the way and became reluctant to take into trust public opinion. They did not act transparently and wrong news of power shortages de-motivated People. People of Odisha kept in dark and did not find opportunity to share their views and accepted scheduled and un-scheduled power cuts even during acute summer and exam period. Had the true news of Money/Funds shortages of the sector & its impact on pollution and warming of environment so also its role in sustainable development been given to People then today’s situation of crisis could have been avoided.

I had the occasion to post few lines in my Facebook account on this vital issue of power crisis at a time on dated 28th Feb-12 when the Capital City of Odisha experienced the highest temperature in the Nation & legislative assembly is in live Session. This may be reminded here that power sector contributes most (around 70%) to the pollution and warming of environment resulting imbalance of ecology, unbearable warming of environment, low rainfall, cyclone, super cyclone, Tsunami, adverse impact on Agriculture etc. The lines posted in FB are as under:

  • We the People of Odisha are made foolish by creating impressions that the Power cut is happening in the State due to Shortage of Power and low reservoir level of Hydro-Stations , But it is not True .Actually Odisha is presently generating power more than double of its requirement but due to Shortage of Money/Funds, GRIDCO is not able to procure power from our Generators. Though this Joke is known to all concern of the Management of Power but for their pecuniary interest to earn illegal money, Power Cuts are allowed in acute summer and even during period of Exams. This may be noted here that 10000 MUs of value around Rs. 5000 crores are not accounted for and is theft by Industrial consumers in connivance with the authorities of Power Sector………So Money is not cared for…very poor state of affairs.
  • All Scheduled & UN-scheduled Power Cuts are being promoted in connivance of inefficient power administration of the State due to shortage of funds in Accounts and not for power shortages…Then time has come now for We the People to decide “Who will take the responsibility for all these nuisances” in the event of “darkness Odisha”..What a Shame for the State of Odisha…!!!!!!………Lets see the reactions of “We the People” of Odisha.

The above two points posted in major friend circle groups of 20 lakhs Members and has owned huge support. We have received good positive responses in the occasion. We the People of Odisha do hereby demands to stop the un-fair play of power management of Odisha and be diligent in work & approach so to maintain transparency in management & administration of Power sector in order to achieve the common goal of Sustainable development.

We do hereby also request before Hon’ble Members of Odisha Legislative Assembly vide good media to give up the mud throwing politics & come forward with trust and confidence to discuss the matter of good politics of power sector on the good floor of Assembly. The Author do hereby declares that all above submissions are true and fair to the best of my knowledge and supported by documentary evidences and stand behind the arguments as & when require for.

In the last week on dated 22nd, 23rd & 25th Feb-12, I had the occasion to attend the Tariff hearing for FY 2012-13 at OERC, Bhubaneswar and collected required information. From the OERC Hearing Hall, I posted few paras of observation in Facebook for the kind information of “We the People”. The Paras posted then and there on dated 22nd Feb-12, the day of GRIDCO hearing are as bellow:

  • GRIDCO has now claimed Rs. 2128 crores on account of Debt Obligation & Debt Servicing charges which is one of the major reason to hike the Bulk Tariff so also retail tariff. This dangerous working capital Loan amount is rising on continuously due to increasing Gaps between collection and Payment, being born out of inefficiency & Corruption in the System. So “we the People” of Odisha are not in a position to support all these inefficiencies and corruption and allow to pass on in calculation of bulk supply Tariff. We may support this GOOD issue:
  • GRIDCO have submitted to purchase 25000 MUs for Odisha for FY 2012-12 from different sources & at different rates at the range from Rs. 67.50 to Rs. 634.13 (per Units) is hereby objected to procure costly power. This is being informed to all concerned that “We the People” of Odisha have not yet accounted for around 10000 MUs due to losses on account of inefficiency & Corruption in the System and the same is being met by purchasing high cost power of NTPC @ Rs. 471.97 per unit (total 6032.61 MUs) costing Rs. 2847 crores…………So this forced power purchase cost of Rs. 2847/- crores can not be passed on to “We the People.
  • GRIDCO is procuring around 6000 MUs from Hydro-Power Plants at a very cheap rate of Rs 67.50 costing good less amount of Rs. 400/- crores only.
  • The cheapest Power of hydro stations of Odisha is continuously decreasing from 9000 MUs in 2005-06 to 6000 MUs in 2011-12 due to haphazard management system of OHPC has become another reason for hike in tariff…This side needs to be cared without loosing any opportunity for the all around interest of Odisha… Nation…Universe.
           The above Four Paras posted then in Facebook owned huge support of “we the People” of Odisha, Nation so also Universe. Now the Picture is clear and all lapses/ misinterpretations/false arguments have been arrested. GRIDCO is a Trader of power whose role is an agent to purchase and sale of power within a few beneficiaries of maximum of 100 numbers. So then why such Trader/Agent will go for working capital loans? Who will provide loans to this defaulted trader?
         The Chairman Cum Managing Director of GRIDCO/OPTCL is the Chairman of all Odisha DISCOMs. Being the Chairman of all the DISCOMs Odisha (though CESU is escaped), Mr. Hemanta Sharma, IAS and his Team can not be escaped along with OERC & Dept. of Energy, Govt. of Odisha to comply the following questions raised by “We the People”. The following Questions are being put forth herewith by “We the People” of Odisha before the aforesaid authorities.
  •            Is it not a fact that GRIDCO is purchasing 10000 MUs (40% of 25000 MUs) of costly power costing Rs. 5000/- Crores or more to cover up/protect T&D/ ATC/Transmission/Finance Loss of DISCOMs/OPTCL/GRIDCO resulting promoting to inefficiencies/corruptions/mismanagement in the Sysem?
Suppose the Answer is “No” to cover up the minimum loss (Technical Loss) in comparison to brother States like AP and WB, say at 15%. Then GRIDCO admitted for 6000 MUs and the same has been projected to purchase from NTPC at a higher rate costing Rs. 2847 Crores.
  • Whether you (GRIDCO/OPTCL/OERC/Dept. of Energy, Govt. of Odisha) have taken any actions to reduce the above unsustainable loss of 10000 MUs per year?
If answer is “Yes” citing CAPEX Program, then it can not be acceptable to PEOPLE of ODISHA due to the reason that previously huge funds have been inducted but could not give desired results due to inefficiencies and corruption in the System which I have mentioned in my reply of 112 pages (now renamed as “A study and Report on Odisha Power Sector) to WESCO, now being circulated to all concerned including “We the People”
  • What actions you (GRIDCO/OPTCL/OERC/Dept. of Energy, Govt. of Odisha) have taken to promote/improve efficiencies and performances of the System?
The Answer is “No”. If it is Yes, then the above authorities to say what actions they have taken to redress the performance issues raised by the Author-Ananda Kumar Mohapatra after resigning from the good service of WESCO on protest?
  • Why did not you (GRIDCO/OPTCL/OERC/Dept. of Energy, Govt. of Odisha) support the GOOD issues raised by the Author-Ananda Kumar Mohapatra & Why enquiry was not conducted on the written (112 pages) allegations/observations of the Author?
Further, Is it not true that dissuading to Author-Ananda Kumar Mohapatra from power management of the State is adding/promoting more corruption & inefficiency in the system? Very sorry to say before we the PEOPLE that “they have “No” reply. This is very poor management.

Lets us come to other sides

  • Is it not a fact that floating of working capital loan in the part of a Trader/Agent (GRIDCO) & passing of Rs. 2128/ crores on the same head in course of determination of tariff for FY 2012-13 is very dangerous to the health of Odisha Power sector?

Here there is no scope for the above authorities to Say “No”.

  • Is it not unjustifiable, if the above amount of Rs. 5000/- crores is passed on in the process of fitment of tariff for which “We the People” of Odisha will bear the cost?

This is purely unjustifiable. No scope for above authorities to Say “No”

  • Is it not True that GRIDCO is enforced to procure costly power of 10000 MUs for covering up the T&D/ATC Loss of DISCOMs Odisha?

“Yes” un-doubtly.

  • Is it not true that Rate of retail Tariff is influenced by Bulk Supply tariff directly?

“Yes” un-doubtly.

  • Is it not True that Loss of the DISCOMs have direct impact on tariff & there is direct relationship between loss of DISCOMs & Bulk Supply Tariff?

“Yes” un-doubtly.

  •  Is it not true that OERC adopted wrong theory in fitment of tariff, i.e, “Loss of DISCOMs have no relationship with fitment of retail tariff”?

If answer is yes, then who will bridge the gap now? Definitely it is OERC/SAC/ GRIDCO/OPTCL/Dept. of Energy, Govt of Odisha/ Union Ministry of Power, Govt of India will bridge the gap by inducting grant-in-aid/subsidy funds for their mischievous deeds. It is not justifiable that “we the People” will bear the cost born from the mischievous deeds in power management even after repeated submissions and communications in the subject matter.

  • Is it not true that the poor power management of the State/Nation so also huge un-sustainable loss of power sector is responsible for warming & pollution of environment, arrival of drought, low rainfall, sun stroke death, arrival of cyclone/super cyclone/Tsunami & lastly economic backwardness which affecting the common livelihood of “We the People”?
Sorry to say that the answer will be “Yes” & can not be denied.
  •      Is it not true that industrial/commercial consumers who have income/revenue & able to pay to DISCOMs/GRIDCO/OPTCL are allowed to thieve more power than the common domestic consumers of the State?
It is true and the answer is “Yes”. My reports, SAC Reports & Media reports all have flashed indicatively the name of many industrial/commercial consumers of the State who used to thieve power in connivance of power management authorities.

All the above questions are required to be complied in the part of good authorities of power management of the State including Mr. Anil Ambani (Rinfra), Mr. Hemanta Sharma, IAS, CMD GRIDCO/OPTCL & Chairman of DISCOMs, Mr. Satya Prakash Nanda, Senior IAS & Chairperson OERC, Mr. Mathivathanan, IAS & Secretary Energy, Mr. Minister Energy Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak , Mr Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik. In the absence of compliance of above questions of “We the People”, it is not allowed to hike the retail price of electricity in the State.

In the second day of my attendance on dated 23rd Feb-12 at OERC tariff hearing, I had also the occasion to online communicate vide Facebook some observations of appreciations from the hearing Hall as bellow ,
  1. Mr. Hemanta Sharma, IAS & CMD GRIDCO/OPTCL and Chairman All Odisha Discoms is submitting before Hon’ble Commission on behalf of OPTCL
  2. Surprisingly, I also found a notification in Facebook that the good web facebook page of Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has appointed me as the “Administrator” of his good page which I have informed to all concern as under from the OERC Hearing Hall:

Dear Friends…………Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik’s Facebook Community Page allowed me to be an Administrator of the Page.

In the mid of Feb-2012, Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik came to National politics by objecting the decision of Union Home Ministry in the matter of NCTC. In the occasion, I posted a Para in my Facebook account and shared the same with around 20 lakh  Member friends: The para posted on dated 19th Feb-12 is as bellow:

 Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has come to National Scene at a GOOD Time with a GOOD Theory of demanding proper/proportional Re-presentation/Care of the Union of States in the functioning of Union Govt by objecting the ORDER in the matter of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) before “We the People” then nicely supported by his Colleagues 1)Miss Mamata Banerjee, 2)Miss Jaya Lalitha, 3)Mr. Narendra Modi, 4)Mr. Sibaraj Singh Chouwan, 5) Prem Kumar Dhumal, 6) Nitish Kumar, 7) Chandrababu Naidu, 8) Sadananda Devagouda, 9)Prakash Singh Badal till Now (Dated 19/02/12).

We found massive support to the good leadership of Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha and many members appreciated the good work. His good queries in the matter of NCTC has made Union Govt to reconsider the NCTC Order and about to call a meeting of all Chief Ministers of the Union of States to discuss the issue. It is a good sign to the Parliamentary democracy of the Federation of India. Shortly on dated 28th Feb-12, Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha has also objected the unilateral activities of Union Rail Ministry in the matter of formation of RPF.

It is well known to all concern to “we the people” of Odisha that, Mr. Chief Minister of Odisha do not like to talk more & believes in work. He is very much good in English and is capable enough to provide a stable Government. Though he knows Odia but do not like to show his skill before “We the People” of Odisha for several reasons and prefers to pretend poor in Odia. His qualifications and experiences are very much suited to national politics where the State of Odisha is playing a vital role. So in this backdrop, we do hope and wishes to see him at national scene for “Sustainable Development” of “We the People” of Union of States of Federation of India so also of the Universe.

Before ending here, I would like to add one more issue to GTD in the matter of recruitment and Promotion. We have cleared our views in the last submissions “Contents of Gobinds Theory of Development-Regarding” in the matter of recruitment. After getting the jobs by “Job Beggars”, further begging is not allowed. While the matter of promotion to higher posts comes for consideration, at that time no begging, fear & favour are allowed. Promotion are to be given to those who have good performance/merit & not merely completion of a minimum period in the existing post. We have seen in massive number of cases in Odisha power sector that the skill of begging and favoring is very common in finding a good job in the sector & the process of interview is only to regularise the records but the same disease can not be promoted further. If a needy People finds a job by adopting begging skill, then he has to prove himself then in order to get promotion to the higher post. So to implement this, it is required to implement the formula of GTD “Benchmarking of Performance”. This will be very good to the health of Odisha Power Sector, so also other sector & lastly good for “We the People” of the State/Nation/Universe.