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Dear Odisha Promoters,

Few good points for you, which will help to increase search-able and readable content in eOdisha.Org. Please follow the bellow steps while submitting any article to help us to improve article by adding citations to reliable sources to promote our odisha to the open world.

Steps :-

  1. Give proper Article Name , for example  “Famous Temple In Odisha “, “Most Talented artist in Odisha”
  2. Else Mail Us your article at ” / ” , we will Publish the same as well as we will mention as article written by YOUR NAME.
  3. [quote]Make sure it’s your Own Article & not copy righted ,[/quote]
  4. Make sure you will send some Good images related to the places or article.

Why we ll share articles in :-

  1. We can promote our place details to promote to the open world
  2. We will get news things from others to know more about our odisha history
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