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[pullquote_left]Dated 5th Day of July’2010
The Vice President
WESCO, Burla
Sambalpur, Odisha.[/pullquote_left]

Sub: Submissions with reference to Memo No. WESCO/Conf/420 dated 11/06/10.

Back ground Reference needs to be looked into:-

  • 1) Letter No. CEO/Secretariat/Vig-86 (290) dated 08/05/09 of CEO WESCO Burla & citing of Sec. 151 of Electricity Act-2003.
  • 2) Letter no. WESCO/Vig-114 dated 12/05/09 of CVO WESCO Burla & citing of Sec. 151 of Electricity Act-09.
  • 3) Office Order no. CSO/IA/1659 dated 23/07/09 of MD WESCO and Circular No. WESCO/MA&RA/CEO/23(33) dated 28/07/09 of CEO WESCO Burla.
  • 4) Corporate Governance manual for PSUs including whistle Blower Policy, issued by Public Enterprise Department, Govt of Odisha after a prolonged exercise issued on dated 10th Dec-2009 and uploaded in the web portal of Govt. of Odisha on the same day.
  • 5) Notice No. ENV-II-24/09/10326 dated 04/06/2010 of Director, Environment cum Special Secretary, Deptt of Forest & Environment, Govt of Odisha, inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha for its peoples comment, including funds allocation of Rs. 17000/- crores for the purpose where the share of Energy Deptt, Govt. of Odisha is most to the extent of Rs. 6500/- crores.
  • 6) Press Release made by Union Power Ministry, Govt. of India in the last week of April-10 in connection with provision of free electricity to the inhabitants, residing within 5 km radius of Power Plants.
  • 7) Presentations of Hon’ble Chairman OERC in the workshop held on dated 11th Dec-09, chaired by Hon’ble Minister Energy, Govt. of Odisha & the presentations of other dignitaries.
  • 8) Good messages released by Constitutional machineries of Govt. of Odisha including Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Governor of Odisha placed in the Souvenir “Odisha Power Sector-At a glance 2009, released on dated 5th Jan-2010.
  • 9) Statement of Srj. Pyarimohan Mohapatra, Hon’ble Member, Rajya Sabha, Govt. of India on dated 23/01/10 and statement of Dr. Damodar Rout, Hon’ble Minister, Agriculture, Cooperation and Fisheries and Animal Resources Deptt, Govt of Odisha on dated 17th April-10 and our message in the eve of celebration of Gandhi Jayanti last year and her good response of Madam Anjali Behera, Hon’ble Minister Textiles and Handlooms, Govt. of Odisha on dated 13th Oct-2009.

Prayer for favor of granting personal hearing.

 Respected Sir,

Respectfully, Read in detail of the referred letter from start to end and found that several behavioural and personal allegations have been believed and raised, then charged against me, suspended me from my duty, squeezing my salary to 50% and fixing my head quarter in a nearby division, asking reply within 7 days, handed over the charge & relieved from the division in the same day of order without any hesitation and regards to all concerned, enabled me to join in the new place as an officer under suspension. In the Suspension Order Letter, cases have been referred of past so also present and some are beyond my knowledge, compelled me to pray for one month more time from your good office and accordingly sent petition on dated 17th Jun’2010 addressed to you.

The allegations levelled against me are relative and conceptual in nature without any specification, besides some old events have been mentioned for which I have already replied the facts and figures against the allegation letter raised by WESCO then. This time I will take to your kind notice of my involvement with some special events occurred in past, related with the improvement of WESCO, which will suffice you better against the allegation raised against me. Furthermore, the para wise submission of the letter are being submitted here under:-

1. Graduated in Economics from Ravenshaw College with Master Degree in Commerce, qualified ICWAI, the premier Accountancy Institute of Govt of India made by an Act of Parliament, a small man with a By-Cycle came to WESCO to the place of Sarba-Mangalamayee Maa Samaleswari during 1999 with high hope & enthusiasm with energetic spirit to perform and belief in the theory of Work is Worship, Guru-ism and his almighty after congregating some power sector experiences in NTPC Kaniha (Period 1995 to 1998), deputed by GRIDCO along with a team to prepare the report of assessment of Current Assets and Current Liabilities in case of disinvestment of GRIDCO, being the initial period of formation of four DISCOMs now operating in Odisha. Being a man of the profession of Accountancy, the mission of the Institute of which is that “ICWAI Professionals would ethically drive enterprises globally by creating value to stakeholders in the Socio-economic context, through competencies drawn from the integration of Strategy, management and accounting,” started his work in the area of operation of WESCO along with his two associates, reported the observations as directed by GRIDCO to the then General Manager Srj. Rama Rao Saheb and Managing Director Srj. Chawala Saheb for early compliance to expedite the disinvestment process of GRIDCO. Several issues and concern areas of WESCO had been discussed with them and with their kind cooperation the work progressed very well.

One day during the time of discussion Srj Rama Rao Saheb expressed his serious concern over the pressure of Worker Union for non-completion of Provident Fund Subscribers Ledger of the employees of WESCO and asked for comments. The small man stated the ways and the point to start the work with some suggestions confidently, won the confidence of Rama Rao Saheb who eagerly wanted to know his views in case the small man is offered for a permanent post in WESCO in the rank of Management Trainee (Finance). At that time the latter had no permanent job, was being worked on contractual basis at GRIDCO, opted the suggestions of former, made job Application before him and continued his assigned work of GRIDCO till its completion. During the course of his working in WESCO, several discussions, talks and observations had been held with him so also with Chawala Saheb and his teams performance was very good among other teams as rated by the then Sr. GM of GRIDCO Sri Padhiary Saheb.

2. On July-2000, surprisingly this small man got the appointment offer letter of WESCO in the post of Management Trainee (Finance) with consolidated pay of Rs.5000/- per month and became happy as it was a permanent job and a job having with relation to power distribution sector, even in spite of low remuneration and forgoing the possibility of being selection in the ensuing interview schedule to be held in Aug-00 for the post of Assistant Manager (Finance) of the BSES managed DISCOMs including of WESCO. There was no other alternative for this poor man rather to join in a low paid post as the job scarcity was very high during that time, i.e. the beginning of a new govt headed by the Chief Minister Srj. Nabin Patnaik, S/o Legendry man Late Srj. Biju Patnaik who one day during early 1990s angrily spoke that “to put the scarp round the neck of electric people and pull them to line sub-station to switch on” in the event of darkness of Odisha due to a strike called by electrical unions or Associations, and being the son of a village man with few years of post qualification experiences.

I would like mention here that the above statement of Late Srj. Biju Patnaik, the then Chief Minister of Odisha and in charge of Energy Department newly created by him after separating it from Irrigation Department in July-1990 created scope to reform power sector of Odisha, and expedited the issue by giving the charge of Energy to his fellow colleague Sri Kalandi Behera, now MLA Cuttack Sadar, the place where this poor man was born, on 4th Jan-1993. Later on during Sep-93, Srj. Patnaik confirmed its commitment to reform power sector of Odisha, being the Pioneer State to implement the reform process in India.

3. This Small man could not dispense out the opportunity and joined in WESCO on 31st July-2000 and was posted in the Provident Fund Cell to complete the subscriber ledger of the employees. The task was not difficult and before completion of its training period of one year, Accounts Slips of PF Subscribers became ready and provisional slips despatched. For this purpose one integrated package of PF was made in FOX PRO data base with easy user access with the help of Sri Jayadev Lenka of BBSR, One Software Engineer and this package is running in WESCO even today successfully.

Later on this poor man came to know about his appointment from reliable source and collected the papers where he became very happy to see that his Candidature for the post of Management Trainee (Finance) has been approved by the then Union Power Secretary, Govt. of India Shree R V Shai Saheb, IAS during his deputation period to BSES, Mumbai as Chairman Cum Managing Director on dated 29th June’ 2000, duly proposed by Srj. Chawala Saheb, the Managing Director of WESCO and submitted by Srj. Rama Rao Saheb, the then General Manager of WESCO. At that time this poor man considered himself as very special, and continued his work as assigned to him from time to time honestly, suitably, productively for the improvement of power distribution sector of WESCO, Odisha so also economy of Odisha. He delighted in looking the signature of Shree Shai Saheb on the collected document due to several reasons, of one is, he was a man of Sourastra where his lord Shree Shai Baba had propagated the theory of “Sabka Malik Ek Hai”, the core theory of Indian Culture and religion including the Theory of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, our theory of lord Shreejagannath and “War for Peace” World Theory of Srj. Barack Obama, Hon’ble President of United States of America for which the later won the Nobel Prize for peace in the last year. Your referred Suspension order have created many questions to reply in connection with former and would like to state one point here i.e, whether the Vice President of WESCO is competent to suspend an Officer of which candidature of appointment is in the knowledge of an IAS Officer being a constitutional functionary and may refer this reply before Hon’ble Commissioner Cum Chairman OERC Srj. Bijay Kumar Das Saheb, IAS (retired), Hon’ble Commissioner Cum Secretary, Department of Energy, Govt of Odisha Srj. Pradeep Kumar Jena Saheb, IAS, Hon’ ble Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Srj. Bijay Kumar Patnaik Saheb, IAS and Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Govt of Odisha Srj. Taruna Kanti Mishra Saheb, IAS for their kind information and suitable action. I can not forget to take the matter to the knowledge of Hon’ble Minister of Energy, Govt of Odisha Srj Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak for his kind cooperation and suitable action.

4. The letter of posting for the post of Assistant Manager(Finance) was issued to him on dated 27th July-01 by the then GM of WESCO Sri Rama Rao Saheb, before the completion of training period which was very special. Then some conspiracy was made in the corporate office which made newly joined Managing Director of WESCO Sri S C Dutta, VSM, Major General retired to transfer me temporarily to CSO Office BBSR during Aug-2001, the month in which Sri Bijoy Chandra Jena joined as Commissioner in OERC, one of the eminent personality of Odisha Power sector, to whom later on this small man found opportunity to talk in the matter of commercial viability and consumer service of DISCOMs.

The period from Aug-01 to Mar-02 was very important. During this time met with Srj. R C Mehta, Dy. General Manager, one of the giant man in Finance and of whose blessing this Small man found scope to learn about tariff, the calculation formulae, the logic of it and the scope to interpret it. Besides, he taught about the trick in working in excel sheet. He had very good skill of computerise data analysis and believed the theory of “Work is Worship”. But situation did not permit then to continue at CSO Office because at that time Dutta Saheb, another good man in the history of power sector reforms was trying to improve the financial viability of WESCO and made up his mind to deploy this small man in audit work. Rama Rao Saheb communicated oneday in Feb-Mar-02 to this small man that you go to WESCO and conduct audit without any transfer order. Later on I did not move to WESCO due non-receipt of transfer order, for which Rama Rao Saheb again expressed why did not you go, this small man quietly replied about the non-receipt of transfer order, made Sri Rama Rao angry and spoke that, am I suppose to paste the transfer order in your back? Then I was moved to WESCO Burla in the month end of March-02, the transfer order of which is not traceable.

5. The year 2002-03 was a year of report. Along with other audit works, I conducted audit of Sambalpur and Bargarh Electrical Divisions. During audit at Sambalpur Division at that time mis-posting was very common and company was loosing huge revenue on this account. The cases were like this: A Consumer paid money to WESCO against his energy bill, but wrongly entered into another consumer account by the data entry operator, enforced the consumer to complain at the office and dealing assistant credited his account with the money paid by him while redressing his complain, but missed to do the job of debiting the consumer account who has wrongly got the benefit without any payment. Several cases including the payment of industrial and commercial 3-phase consumers were listed and on spot it was debited and revenue realised. During this time the double entry system of account was critically viewed and implemented. I would like to request you kindly refer the three reports of SED, Sambalpur submitted in various dates and see how the commerce side was functioning?

  • Phase-I of Internal Audit Report of SED, Sambalpur submitted on 12th Apr-02.
  • Phase-II of Internal Audit Report of SED, Sambalpur submitted on 1st May-02.
  • Phase-III of Internal Audit Report of SED, Sambalpur submitted on 6th Jun-02.

6. During the 2.5 months audit at SED, Sambalpur, reported the matter of arbitrary bill revision of industrial consumers. Bills were at that time revised without any documents, when it was asked to the divisional head, he replied that EE has power to revise the bill of the consumer of any amount, even he can dispensed off the matter at their sweet will. Being a professional man in the field of Accountancy, this small man could not easily digest the reply and reported the matter to the then GM WESCO Sri Rama Rao Saheb, which hurt the ego of the then EE of Sambalpur and earned huge displeasure not only of him but also other engineering professionals of WESCO, who are in high position today. However, the matter relating to date of connection, meter status, meter rating, voltage of supply were reported in detail case by case and impressed the management of WESCO to deal the cases suitably. The facts were taken by very positively by Rama Rao Saheb and Dutta Saheb and supported my observations and instant actions were taken by him to stop the arbitrary process of Bill Revision.

7. Out of many observations of SED, Sambalpur, I would like to bring to your appreciation one/two observations more. Being a cuttakia man in Sambalpur, this small man was facing language barriers, even some times he listened “TU” – “TAA” behaviour from the workers of WESCO and while queried the reason it was explained that it is the language of Adivasis and they do not yet know about the courteous behaviour and it was sustained. During the period of audit some non-executive men have also misbehaved in front of Table and then the matter was finalised amicably without any reports in order to maintain cordial relationship. The progress of work was regularly reported to Rama Rao Saheb and he was with him along with Dutta Saheb.

One more thing may be added here, about vigilance activity work. At that time neither Electricity Act-2003 nor OERC (Condition of Supply) Code-2004 were there. Penalty was imposed on the consumer by the sweet will of Vigilance people of WESCO, very few Officers of WESCO had the idea about the Penalty provisions of Act. Various penalty documents were critically checked and found that the regulatory provisions like 1910 Act and the substitution and amendment there on along with various findings/observations of higher authorities and flora were not in the knowledge of Vigilance people. The calculation and imposition of Penalty was one’s sweet will. The interesting fact noted at that time was that the penalty imposed and collected was not accounted for properly for which WESCO was loosing huge revenue. The matter was taken to the notice of GM WESCO and he directed his functionaries to carry out the job. But the matter does not end there. Later on a separate wing of Vigilance at Corporate level headed by a SE Level Officer was opened and controlled and monitored the activity. But unfortunately, today we are noticing in around all divisions of WESCO that the disease of 2002-03 of non-accountability of Penalty is being carried on unfortunately. Though it is being reported by this small man to the senior Officers of the Company for taking suitable action but no concrete steps have been taken to redress the issue for which there is rampantly theft of power in WESCO and the Loss level is at an alarming stage which is being viewed seriously by the Hon’ble OERC in the performance review. Now in our Company even a single Accountancy man is not involved in the process of vigilance activities. The people sitting at corporate level are depending upon the verbal figure of penalty imposition and collection, neither cross checking with the Consumer Ledge nor reconciling it with Book Figure. Casual approach in the system is the whole sorrow for WESCO and the commitment for improvement of WESCO by its functionaries is a forest crying. Once upon a time one Junior Accountant was posted in the Vigilance Cell and he was doing his job to his level, but now no such accountants are posted at corporate level to look after the Job. This small example shows how the Company is functioning and how theft of energy is saved and how corruption in the system is tolerated. But being telling the facts this poor man has been victimised in a number of occasions.

8. I would not like to disclose more about the audit of Sambalpur Electrical Division, because if one tests single rice from a full pot of boiled rice, then that single rice speaks about the level/position of the rice boiled in the pot. Therefore, I would not like to write more on the audit observations on Sambalpur Electrical Division. However, around financial implication of Rs. 50.00 lakhs was reported to be realised in the above reports and the above revenue was also realised and accounted for and remedial steps were taken then for the purpose but now the system has collapsed.

Later on dated 22nd June’2000, I was deputed to Baragarh Electrical Division to conduct Internal Audit when your good self was the Executive Engineer of the Division who supported positively to the audit work for which he had submitted the following reports to management including some Special Reports.

  • Phase-I of IA Report of BED, Bargarh submitted on 9th July’2002
  • Part-I, Phase-II of IA Report of BED, Bargarh submitted on 6th Aug’2002.
  • Part-II, Phase-II of IA Report of BED, Bargarh submitted on 17th Aug’2002.
  • Phase-III of IA Report of BED, Bargarh submitted on 23rd Sep’2002.
  • Phase-IV, Phase-II of IA Report of BED, Bargarh submitted on 26th Oct’2002.
  • Special observations on the consumption and category of Rice Mills submitted on dated 29th Sep-2002.

9. During the year 2002, Major General Dutta Sir, Hon’ble Managing Director of WESCO opted me to speak in the monthly Review Meeting chaired by him in front of all SEs/EEs including the senior functionaries of Corporate Office and one day he submitted the financial implication of audit report where loss to WESCO had calculated as follows:

Name and Date of Report Loss to WESCO

  • 1. Phase-I Audit Report dated 9th July-02 Rs. 15,22,838.00
  • 2. Part-I, Phase-II Report dated 6th Aug-02 Rs. 2,96,520.00
  • 3. Part-II, Phase-II Report dated 17th Aug-02 Rs. 30,95,030.00
  • 4. Phase-III, Report dated 23rd Sep-02 Rs. 71,53,037.00
  • 5. Phase-IV, Report dated 26th Oct-02 Rs. 5,97,000.00
  • Special Report on Rice Mills dated 29th Sep-02 Rs. 21,60,000.00

————————————————— ———————-
Total Rs. 1,48,24,425.00

Besides other observations within a period of 4 months audit in BED, Bargarh loss to the company due to mismanagement came to Rs. 1.48 Crores. The irregularities at Corporate Level so also at Division level reflected in revenue loss, the core area of the Company. Loss was shown in the head of Transformer Loss, wrong multiplying factor, classification and reclassification of the consumer, bill revision, new connection and regularisation of illegal connection of consumers.

             10. During that time it was surprising fact for the auditor that the Officers working at field had not exercised their prudency about different regulations of OERC including OERC Distribution (Condition of Supply) Code-1998 from which one can imagine in which style the distribution business of electricity was running. Multiplying Factor (MF) is a factor in which the advanced meter reading is multiplied to find out the consumption of the consumer, applicable to the Industrial/Commercial consumers where CT-PT Meters were installed. Suppose if ones MF is 40 and it is shown in billing as 20, then the consumption of the consumer is under-billed by 20 times, from which one can easily imagine how the company was loosing money. Several cases of wrong MF were reported and billed to the consumer on intervention of the then EE who is now VP WESCO and he had taken adequate steps to realise the arrear money. If this was the situation of Bargarh Division, then one can imagine what was going on in other 10 divisions of WESCO, because if one tests single rice from a full pot of boiled rice, then that single rice speaks about the level/position of the rice boiled in the pot. This is the natural law of nature. Huge money was recovered in the process.

Later on somebody reported the matter to OERC and vide OERCs Letter dated 3rd March-03, OERC expressed their view that in case of wrong billing to consumer due to wrong Multiplying Factor, or due to defective meter, maximum 6 months period will be considered for billing, but neither any responsibility was fixed nor any action was taken against any one. This is very pathetic state of affairs for a DISCOM and went against the vision of power sector reform process of Odisha. Lack of seriousness in the approach in discharging duty in the part of the professionals working for power distribution sector has imposed huge cost on the sector so also people of Odisha which can not be denied.

          11. During the said period, the premises of several consumers were checked in spite of unauthorised barring of some senior electrical engineers of WESCO and reported that PMU/PMGY/SI funded materials including Transformers have been utilised for Industrial consumers without any payment received from that consumer. More Clearly, for HT Supply Industrial consumer they are supposed to construct their lines and sub-station at their own cost and they will utilise it singularly. But it was reported with a number of evidences along with consumer wise cases where Company money including funded money provided by Govt of India so also State Govt had been mis-utilised, imposed heavy cost on the line network of Odisha. WESCOs Transformers have been sold to private consumer, even cases have been reported that the lines and sub-stations have been made for individual industrial consumer by diverting the purpose of PMU/PMGY/SI funding work. From this one can easily imagine the level of approach and responsibility of the DISCOM for building strong line network for western Odisha. I do not know why govt of Odisha and Govt of India did not prefer to provide funds to DISCOMs Odisha for electrification work under the Scheme Biju Gramya Jyoti and Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyut Karan Yojana then. From above one can easily imagine in what quantity of displeasure is earned by the reporting officer.

Coming to another point of wrong permission to new consumer w r t voltage of Supply. As per Distribution Code of OERC 1998, consumers with demand of 70 KVA and more should be provided with HT Supply, but this regulation of OERC was not at all implemented in WESCO as evident from his observations at Bargarh. Generally 70 KVA and more demand consumers are industrial and commercial consumers and they are solvent to pay but WESCO EE/SE failed to implement the regulations. During Bargarh audit, this matter of wrong permissions after 1998 were reported again and again to the Executive Director and to the Managing Director of WESCO and the matter was discussed in monthly review meeting made a consciousness in WESCO about to strengthen the lines and sub-stations. Later on vide his letter no. WESCO/Com-311 (14) dated 3rd Dec-2002, Executive Director of WESCO directed to implement the above regulation of OERC while giving permission to 70 KVA and more demand consumer so also advised the division head to sell the WESCO’s Transformer to consumers where it had wrongly installed. This problem of WESCO lied in the permission letter issued to the new consumers. Even today the said permission letters to industrial consumers have not yet been streamlined, even at the development of IT Network Technology is a very sorry state of affairs for Odisha DISCOM.

              12. Later on one report was prepared by the auditor on dated 22nd Jan-03, taking the 70 KVA and more contract Demand consumer of WESCO as a whole consumer wise and stated before the management of WESCO that due to the non-implementation of the above regulation of OERC, a sum of Rs. 4.73 Crores per Year is lost by WESCO and actions were taken then to regularise it but this poor man again attracted displeasure from the division head and circle head. After March-03, the poor auditor felt strong hostility in WESCO Family, being a family where majority are electrical engineers and made up his mind to jump to a division.

Further during the period of Audit at Baragarh, one report was prepared by him taking into account the rice mills of that area along with their monthly consumption and contract demand after merging into, the data taken from Civil Supply Deptt of Govt of Odisha w r t allocation of monthly quota of Paddy to Rice Millers and rice delivered by them to FCI for the period Feb-02 to June-02 and the report submitted to the Management on dated 27th Sep-02. In the said report it was justified the low consumption cases of Rice Mills needs immediate attention of management to take steps to control the theft of power by the rice millers. Secondly, though the rice mills had load more than 110 KVA but they were billed under Medium Industrial Tariff, as if their load is below 110 KVA. I may further clarify here that the Demand Charges which is @ Rs. 200/- Per KVA applicable to the industrial consumers having load of > 110 KVA is only Rs. 50/- per KVA for consumers with load 50% = 60% 170 p/u 150 p/u
7.15.1 Demand Charges as applicable would be chargeable in addition to the above.

In the above Tariff order at Clause No. 7.14.1 it was mentioned that “Incentive shall be available to those consumers who will not reduce their contract demand during the next three financial years starting from FY2005-06.”, but in the permission letter for reduction of demand issued to M/S Omkar Steels Pvt. Ltd, the clause has been mentioned reversely at point no.3 as “the amount of Incentive due to higher consumption if availed by the consumer during last three years, is to be withdrawn”. I do not know from where Er. P K Pradhan knew the clause, but it was not there in the tariff order.

Later on I moved note sheet to him, then he became surprised to see the clause and discussed the matter in the second half with Sri Anil K Borha, Chief of Billing WESCO, Sri A K Sahu, GM-Finance and with Sri S K Mahalik Company Secretary WESCO in my presence. Then it was decided that the permission is wrong but at that time the esteemed consumer has already got permission. Then what would be the case?

Not only the consumer lost the incentive allowed by WESCO but also to bear cost of non-receipt of Incentive for next 2.5 years and the financial loss to consumer is more than Rs.1.00 Crore. The bill revision proposal was returned to consumer and the consumer was disallowed Incentive for higher load factor consumption. Later on I came to know that the premises of the consumer has been fired and then I do not know how SE Rourkela, EE Rajgangpur and GM-Com Burla compensated the consumer? But in the process, the esteemed Industrial consumer M/S Omkar Steels Pvt. Ltd was harassed severely and this is equivalent to closure of Industry.

Further in this connection I would like to add one more points about the logic of implementing and allowing Incentive tariff to HT/EHT consumer for higher load factor consumption. This incentive tariff came with the first tariff order made by Hon’ble Commission after the formation of WESCO. We may depict below some relevant para’s of the RST Order of OERC dated 19th Jan-2001 follows:-

Para No.
“The Commission in its last Tariff Order dt. 30/12/99 in para had discussed the issue of an Incentive Tariff for HT and EHT Consumers. The Commission being conscious of the revenue requirement of the Licensee designed a tariff with the objective of incentivising the consumers for a higher consumption of the licensee’s purchased power and dissuade them from switching over to captive generation. The existing Incentive tariff was examined.”

Para No.
“The Commission also take a broader view of the power situation in the country and has to take into account the possible impact after introduction of ABT which will require payment of fixed charges by GRIDCO to the central generating stations requiring optimum utilisation of energy received from these facilities.”

Para No.
“The Tariff structure of various categories of power intensive industries prevailing else where in the country and impact of switching over of these industries to CPPs in yielding lesser revenue for cross subsidising have been examined”.

Under the heading Method of Determination of Incentive at Para 1 it was mentioned that:
Para No.
“Incentive shall be available to those consumers who will not reduce their contract demand during the next three financial year.”

In my knowledge, the above four paras are self explanatory to speak about the logic of implementing incentive tariff for HT/EHT consumer for higher load factor consumption starting from 50%. Three relevant points have been mentioned such as, 1) Cross-Subsidising 2) Dissuade consumers from installing CPP and 3) To meet the revenue requirement of the distribution licensee.

The third point is obvious, because at the time what was the cash position of Licensee is known to all. In order to survive, revenue was giving top priority at that time. Regarding second point of dissuading consumer from installation of CPP, the concept/theory has become old now. During last 10 years a number of CPPs have been established in Odisha and Govt of Odisha have executed a number of MOUs for setting up Power Plants, may be CPP or IPP. So second point has less relevance today, but it is not believed due to the reason of continuance implementation of the theory, even in current tariff order. The first point of cross-subsiding is not yet measured. What is gap in Tariff has not yet been calculated, may be for suitable reasons. So the first point is cited taking into consideration upcoming several years which can not be forecasted.

38. Incidentally and surprisingly, in the Tariff Order issued by Hon’ble OERC for FY 2008-09, the clause of “Method of Determination of Incentive” was deleted and substituted with “Graded Slab Tariff for HT/EHT Consumers” where there was no methods of calculation. However, we read then that the name “Method” has been changed to “Condition”. By renaming the “method” into “condition”, Hon’ble OERC deleted the restrictive clause of 3 years of non-incentive period for demand reduction case. After amendment of clause, in the FY 2008-09 and then, many consumers reduced their demand without any care and distribution Licensee WESCO was duty bound to give him permission for which it became difficult in the part of DISCOM to forecast demand. The demand supply management as has been propagated today lost regulatory support. The petition for power regulation order by OPTCL, its registration, the Order of Hon’ble OERC on it and then its cancellation are all man made due to malpractice in the system. Sir, I may be excused for stating this para, because this is an allegation and I am writing it for the interest of Odisha Power sector because we are to select first, the area where our Policy and Procedure is to be suitably implemented. We can not enforce our plans and policies, where there is starvation and unbearable. Better give load to them who are capable to bear. Without proceed further, I may stop here to write on the case of M/S Omkar Steels Pvt. Ltd of Rajgangpur Electrical Division, Rajgangpur.

On dated 11th Apr-06, CEO of WESCO arranged a Brain Storming Session at MSTC Burla with the subject “Need to Carry out Introspection and chart out a road map to meet futuristic challenges” where I was a invitee to the brain storming session along with others. In the sessions several discussions took place and finally CEO Saheb traced on the “Rough and tough behaviour” in the part of field Officers while performing official duties. The presentations of Dutta Saheb was very good in the Session.

39. On dated 10th June-2006, with kind advice over phone of Mankad Sir and REL, mailed him my observations in billing to mini-steel plant consumers during FY 2005-06, where WESCO lost directly Rs.3.9 crores in billing to aforesaid consumers and some crores paid to GRIDCO due to excess drawl of energy over it’s approved drawl as allowed by Hon’ble OERC. The report shows the poor functioning of the Commerce deptt of WESCO, and how liability is created for the Company. The report is as follows:-

That in the tariff Order for the FY 2005-06, Hon’ble OERC granted special discount to the mini-steel plant consumers with several conditions as laid down in Para 8.27 to 8.30. In the said order it was mentioned that new industries with contract demand of 5MVA and above coming into operation on or after 01-04-2005 fulfilling the conditions laid down in Para 8.27 will be allowed a discount of 25 % on the energy charge up to 50 % load factor consumption.

Secondly, the existing or upcoming industries with contract demand of 5 MVA and above as on 01-04-2005 will also avail discount of 20 % in the manner as stated above.

In the above context, I would like to take to your notice how illegal relief has been granted to seven mini-steel plant consumers under the area of operation of WESCO in the following lines. The detail calculation of relief (special discount of 20 % up to 50 % LF Consumption) has been shown in Annexure-I, as shown below.
1. As per the OERC Distribution (Condition of Supply) Code,2004, the detail procedure has been prescribed by OERC for enhancement of Contract Demand of a consumer (From Regulations 72 to 74), which has not at all been considered during the time of enhancement of Contract demand. We may look into these provisions below:
Regulation No. 73 (1) of OERC Distribution (Condition of Supply) Code’ 2004 reads as follows:

An application for enhancement of Contract Demand may be rejected if
(1) “ the additional power can not be supplied at the existing voltage of supply of the licensee and the consumer is not willing to avail the power at the higher voltage at which the licensee is able to supply in accordance with regulation 76 of this Code,”

Regulation No. 76 reads as follows:
The voltage of supply shall be determined by the engineer depending on the contract demand of the consumer. The supply voltage for the contract demands shall normally be as follows:

76 (4) For Contract Demand of 5000 KVA and above, supply shall be at 3 Phase 3 Wires EHT.
Provided that licensee, at its discretion, may also supply at any other voltage depending on system availability or condition.

During the time of enhancement of contract Demand, the supply volt as laid down in Regulation 76 should be considered and accordingly, the consumer should be allowed enhanced demand. But all the 7 Industries whose demand has been enhanced to 5 MVA and above are all allowed to continue in supply volt 33 KV (HT), instead of 132 KV(EHT) line. The provisions of regulation no. 73 (1) and 76(4) has not been observed during the time of enhancement of Contract Demand. This is established that the commerce deptt. of WESCO did not honour the regulations of OERC w r t Supply volt and neglected to the line infrastructure of western Odisha and imposed huge cost on the development of power sector.

Secondly, some argument may be raised in relation to the last para of regulation no.76, where it has been mentioned that “ the licensee , at its discretion, may also supply at any other voltage depending on system availability or condition”.

But while exercising this discretionary power by the licensee WESCO, which is reserved, the net result of the decision taken should not go against the interest of the company. Rather this power should be exercised for the interest of the company. But in WESCO, by using this discretionary power, has lost a sum of Rs. 3.9 crores of revenue (in the way of allowing 20 % discount) by preferring to supply at 33 KV in the year 2005-06 instead of 132 KV as follows:

a. Had the consumers been insisted to take EHT supply, then this is a time consuming process. There is more and more delay, then company could earn more and more revenue. The demand can not be enhanced immediately at supply volt of 132 KV, due to the reason that there would an estimate, approval from OPTCL, line construction, erection, approval of commission and etc. The beneficiary consumer has to deposit the estimated money to get supply at 132 KV. That means minimum 6 months to 12 months time period is required to complete the job. ( Here we may take a note that this discount scheme was effective for the year 2005-06, from Apr’06 this discontinued.) Then as a result of this, special discount, so also relief to consumers, could be avoided in the delayed process of supply at voltage of 132 KV.

b. But this has not been done in case of WESCO, and it not understood, what made them to prefer to enhanced the demand immediately at the existing supply volt of 33 KV instead of impressing the consumer to avail the supply at 132 KV line, just after the tariff order i.e. April’05 and onwards. The intention of the man taking the instantly decision for supply at existing volt of 33 KV is not good and is detrimental to the interest of the company.

c. Again this is a fact that as supply voltage is more and more, then the technical loss is less and less. Then using the discretionary power, and allowing the consumer at supply volt 33 KV, no doubt the technical loss has increased. The technical loss is 4% in 33 KV line and is almost negligible or nil in 132 KV line.

2. That if we look into the billing to the above 7 consumers as shown in the enclosed Annexure-I, then we find that (except one or two consumers, whose actual consumption is 80 % or slight more for one two months) they have not achieved 80 % Minimum guaranteed consumption through out the billing made in the year 2005-06 and the difference between actual consumption and 80 % consumption is very less. But they have been billed at 80 % LF consumption and giving discount @ 20 % up to 50 % LF Consumption, the net result is that loss of Rs. 3.9 crores to company. This is like a foolish man activity, i.e., giving a man Rs. 200.00 and taking from him Rs. 100.00.

However, WESCO has also failed (which could be done) to bill to these consumers on actual consumption basis, in case they failed to take off 80 % LF minimum guaranteed consumption, which would be for the interest of the company and revenue may rise to the extent of Rs. 3.9 crores.

3. In the enclosed Annexure-I, calculation has been done in detail in order to find out 20% discount allowed to consumer, excess billed to consumer at 80 % LF and the net loss to company is shown, consumer-wise and month wise. Net result has been calculated at the last column (i.e. 20 % Discount up 50 % LF – Excess billed for 80 % guaranteed consumption). Further due to non-availability of data, Feb’06 billing have been assumed as Mar’06 billing.

4. As per record, as on 31st Mar, 2005, the contract demand Six industries out of Seven (who have been allowed discount of 20 % on energy charge up to 50 % LF consumption) was below 5 MVA as shown in Annexure-I (The month of enhancement of CD has shown against the name of the consumer). These Industries are not categorized under 5 MVA existing industries as per the tariff order of OERC for the year 2005-06. But by calling upon the consumers, their demand have been enhanced to 5 MVA or above during the year 2005-06 and they were allowed 20 % discount on the energy charge up to 50 % Load Factor consumption and also billed at 80 % minimum guaranteed consumption without observing the OERC Distribution (condition of Supply) Code’ 2004.

5. During the FY 2005-06, WESCO has drawn 35 MU excess from GRIDCO over the approved purchase of OERC in ARR 2005-06, which is yet to be billed by GRIDCO at very high rate @ year end adjustment Formulae.

To conclude the observations, I would like say on the logic of insertion of the said provisions in Tariff order for FY 2005-06, applicable to mini-steel plant consumers. This new provision was inserted in the tariff order by Hon’ble Commission for the greatest interest of the State as follows:
I) To encourage industrialization in the State.
II) To minimize transmission loss
III) Incentivise the existing consumers for high load factor consumption.
IV) Making paths for steady demand of electricity in the State for which it will be easy in the part of DISCOMs to fore cast demand.
V) & steady stream of revenue to DISCOMs.

But due to poor management in the area of commerce, Hon’ble OERC was forced to cease the above new provisions in the tariff order then.
The above submissions shows how revenue is not cared at DISCOM level and we are crying for funds, begging for funds for improvement of the Sector. In my view, if this type of approach and style of functioning is not changed, then whatever be the amounts of funds for Investment into the sector, the people of western Odisha so also Odisha will not get the result. A situation will come with only one option left, which is to hike tariff.

40. After the above observations mailed to REL Mr. Prasant Choudhury came for investigation into the case. I had discussion with him at Hotel Sheela Tower and told him about my observations. For reporting the matter to REL, Senior Officers of corporate office made up their mind to keep me away from the billing data base and I was not allowed to access the commercial records of the Company. During the period Feb-06 to July-06, I was not required to be involved in the commercial activities, though I was posted for the said work. Whatever I asked them, they referred the matter to CEO. One day I reported the matter to Dutta Saheb and asked for his intervention in providing me the billing data of industrial consumer. Dutta Saheb questioned me why you require all these things, I told him that billing is not properly made to industrial consumers as has been reported citing the case of M/S Omkar Steel and mini-steel plant consumer case. He listened and told me that you need not exercise your brain on it. GM-Finance, GM-Commerce and even Dutta Saheb, once upon a time who had dropped me from promotion to Dy. Finance Manager after the completion of Titilagarh audit, tried to give me promotion after 9 months and my promotion order was issued on dated 26th May-2006 with retrospective effect from 12th May-2006. As I was a Member in a statutory Body like GRF Burla, then approval of Hon’ble OERC is required for and another member is to be selected for the same post in order to remove me from corporate office.

In the month of July-06, CEO WESCO wrote to OERC about the replacement of Finance Member of Burla GRF, even before the completion of three years term. OERC did not ask me and approved the name of Sri B K Babu DFM in my place. In the meantime two Special Officers were appointed by APTEL to look after the activities of Reliance managed DISCOMs and they sat at CSO Office BBSR in the month of June-06. My transfer was order issued by WESCO surprisingly on dated 14th Aug-06 and I was then called by GM-HRD to his room in the eve of Independence Day and handed over me the Transfer Order. I got astonished to receive the order because as on date I was thinking that I will continue at Burla as a Member of GRF, which term is three years. My term is supposed to complete on Aug-2007 and naturally I reacted on the order. Told the matter to Major General Saheb but he did not listen anything.

41. On dated 16th Aug-06, I represented against my transfer order to CEO with copy to Special Officers-I & II. Dutta sir wrote me that your transfer has been made after your promotion, but at that time many officers of the company have not been transferred even after promotion. On 21st Aug-06, went to CSO Office to meet the Special Officers, but as Dutta Saheb briefed him my case, they did not listen me properly. I backed to home and joined at KEED, Bhawanipatana, around 230 KM away from Burla. The EE of KEED, Bhawanipatana at that time was Sri Bimal Padhi, who was a charge-sheeted Officer on my Special Audit report of Titilagarh. Joined at Kalahandi East Electrical Division (KEED) Bhawanipatana on dated 25th Aug-06. From the above one can easily assess how I was put into trouble for working for the development of the Company. I was caught with the trap of that selfish group who had never thought about the improvement of the Company, rather grew up their wealth and resources in the cost of Company so also in the cost of the people of western Odisha, this need not require to be elaborated. Later on I was able to know their conspiring movement against me.

There were two charge-sheeted Officers working in KEED, Bhawanipatana, one is Sri B P Padhi, EE and the other is Sri P C Behera, Divisional Estimator. Sri B P Padhi was transferred to SED, Sonepur within one month of my joining and Sri P K Sahu was posted at Bhawanipatana in his place. I worked for KEED, Bhawanipatana for around NINE months. During this period, the ranking of this division came to no. 2 or three among other divisions of WESCO as is evident from the monthly review meeting data. At that time the AFM/DFM (Commerce) of the division were attending the monthly review meeting held at MSTC Burla, chaired by CEO WESCO. Further these commerce people were provided with vehicle for discharging their duties.

42. During Sept-06, Mr. Vashist, ED NESCO removed from his post by REL and left NESCO so also Odisha. There were severe allegations of financial irregularities against him in WESCO so also in NESCO. In Bhawanipatana, a conspiring plan was made against me due to my open disclosure of irregularities made by Sri P C Behera and Sri B P Padhi in special audit report of TED, Titilagarh. Later on they were Charge-Sheeted and were stationed at Bhawanipatana, so after my joining they found an opportunity to teach me a lesson. They utilised worker Union office bearers Sri Sanyasi Prusty of KWED, Bhawanipatana and Sri Das, dealing Assistance of ESO-I, KEED, Bhawanipatana and instigated them against me. In oct-06, when I was working in the division in a strike day with Mr. Krupasindhu Padhi, Jr. Manager (F) of the division by closing the door of Office, they got information and came to office. In the presence of Sri K S Padi, Jr. Manager (F), they pulled my hand to outside of office, pushed from my back and stolen my mobile. I fell down on the ground in the presence of Sri Padhi. I was very much shocked on their arrogant behaviour and reported the matter to EE and then CEO WESCO over telephone. EE told me that you are new so also myself in this place, so better not to lodge FIR against them. CEO told me that you manage the situation with your EE, similarly Mr. Sanatan Das, SE Bolangir told me same thing. I had not any other option, rather to go with EE’s proposal to keep silence. But they were not excused in the door of God, one day within one month of my accident, Sri K S Padhi told me that the daughter of Mr. Das who had manhandled me, has faced an accident on road and her leg has broken in the accident. Then I prayed god to give her relief. Then continued at Bhawanipatana until 5th May-2007.

During my incumbency at Bhawanipatana I was enjoying the work with EE Sri P K Sahu. Sri Sahu is a nice man and was supporting me in my area of commercial work. Sri Sahu, EE was a new man in the distribution and I explained him the rules and regulations of Commerce as and when he calls for. After the review meeting at corporate office, we used to call a meeting of ESO/SDO at our division. Every thing was discussed in the presence of all. No conspiracy and hiding of facts and figures. I was working there from morning to night. We used to work in office till 9.00 PM. This is well known to Sri Sahu and the employees of KEED, Bhawanipatana for which the performance of KEED, Bhawanipatana improved continuously and became top ranked after Rajgangpur and Deogarh. I have mailed the performance of the division for FY 2006-07 to the ID of WESCO wescoorissa@wescoorissa.com on dated 4th May-07, where one can see the quality of our presentation. I think this type of report is only prepared by KEED, Bhawanipatana in WESCO.

43. During our incumbency at KEED, Bhawanipatana, we restructured some procedures in the field of issue of MR Books, Issue and Test Reports and its accounts, new connection regularisation, line disconnection and reconnection, vigilance checking, monitoring activities, generation and delivery of energy bill in times, sample checking, bill revision works etc. There was synergy effect in the functioning of KEED, Bhawanipatana. Our work become more real due to section wise allocation of Input by Sri P K Sahu which helped very much to me to calculate section-wise ATC Loss and it wa accepted by all ESOs/SDOs of KEED, Bhawanipatana. We had maintained very good cordial relationship with ESO/SDO working in the division.

During this time I was in touch with Srj. Mankad Sir, Pandya Sir and Sri Kulkarni Sir of REL. I forgot my all worries of past of my removal from corporate office and learnt many things about consumer behaviour in the field and the responsiveness of our field officers to discharge their assigned duties. However, at that time face value of Mr. Dutta Saheb was reflecting in the field. Further Mr. Sanatan Das, SE-Bolangir was another capable man to mange the situation in the interest of the Company. So the team was very good for which the division improved continuously. In Bhawanipatana, I designed a JANAMPATRI (Billing & Collection details of consumer since 2001) in excel sheet, where in some seconds we can take print out about everything of a consumer including CD, MD, all billing details, all collection details, all arrear details, Security deposits etc which was very much required on spot to manage consumers and recovery of arrears. Bill revision matter was very expedious after the induction of Janampatri. Though it is communicated to corporate for implementing the same in all divisions of WESCO, so that a standardisation Format will be developed in all division and in case of transfer from one division to other division, it will be not required in the part of Commerce man to start the work from beginning for which there will be quality work and huge time will be saved, but due to careless approach of Commerce department, the same has not yet been implemented in WESCO. Further the format of performance report as has been prepared in Bhawanipatana also sent to corporate office for its standardisation, but the same has not yet been implemented, imposed huge cost on the way of improvement of WESCO.

44. As cited in the suspension letter, the effectiveness and implementation of WESCO Office circular no. WESCO/HR. Estt./208 dated 02/08/2004 of CEO, WESCO, Burla, where duties and responsibilities were assigned to AFM/DFM Commerce working in Division. I would like to clarify some plus and minus of the order. However, the order no. mentioned in the Suspension order is wrong, it is not 208 but it is 2080.

Prima-facily, it can be say that the man who framed it had no past experiences in working for Division. It was framed when the Finance men inducted in the division to work for the commercial activities. Most of the provisions of the order are general in nature and was carried on regularly by the commerce men sitting in the division but some points of the order have not yet cleared due to the negligence of monitoring by corporate commercial department which can be enumerated below:

I think since the issue of the order, this has been for the first time cited to me in the last six years of the circulars. I have been working for division since last 4 years, never I have been listened about the observance of the order. Corporate Commerce department became busy always in giving permission, signing agreements, load enhancement and reduction and bill revision cases. It has never viewed the said order in the past so also present. However, we have raised several queries at different forums about the implementation of the order.

In the last but one less para of the order, it is being mentioned that the Assistant Manager (Finance-Commerce)/ Dy. Manager (Finance-Commerce) will be under the administratively control of Head of Division/Executive Engineer and shall be functionally responsible to the head of Commerce at Corporate office. This clause of the order has not yet understood neither by the division head/Executive Engineer no by the SE of Circle or by the commerce head of Corporate Office. The head of Commerce of corporate office, may I be reiterated again does not use to talk with us in the matter of commercial activities. We have provided mobile phones since 2004 and the phone call can be examined now, that how many times he has talked with us. In my case once on dated 10th Dec-08 at SED Sonepur, SE-Com Sri G C Mohanty talked with me and asked me to comply some thing surprisingly. I became very happy and complied his queries as the head of commerce instructed me. This was his first liaisoning with me after he takes over the charge of commerce. Then I sent him a thankful message for contacting us, the copy of message is sent to DGM-F for his information. In the other hand while we were encountering any problem in discharging official duties, I called him over his mobile phone, but I was getting very less response from him. Sometimes he did not receive the call or he was not using to call me back. So being the functional head of mine, he was totally silent on my functioning.

Secondly, he did not think it right to call for meeting of commerce people working in division at corporate level. During Dutta Saheb’ s period i.e., prior to March-2007, he used to call us to the monthly review meeting but Dutta Saheb discontinued the old tradition of calling these commerce men to monthly review meeting due to the conspiring plan and policies of a selfish group in WESCO. In an embarrassment situation and in clash of ego Sri Sanatan Das SE, Bolangir regularly told to Dutta Saheb to withdraw the vehicles allowed to these Commerce man. From Apr-07, the vehicles which was allowed to these professionals after a prolonged discussion was withdrawn in WESCO. If one read and understood the essence of the said Circulars, he will find that these commerce people is to visit field, consumer premises, section office, sdo-office in order to discharge his duties as per the said delegations. After discontinuance of vehicle from these people since Apr-07, their area of work was constricted and they were not able to discharge his duty as per the said order. However, I may state here that we are Finance people working for commerce, many new men are coming to work for commerce, if they are not allowed to visit field then how they will learn the situation of field. Hence, the Vehicles were withdrawn blindly. Even I have taken the matter to the notice of some senior engineer of WESCO like Sri Sanatan Das, Sri Girish Mohanty and Sri P K Pradhan, they replied it is not required in the part of you to visit field and in traditional style they directly refused to obey the said circulars.

On this matter of reporting style, it has been questioned by SE-Burla so also EE, SED, Sambalpur to me vide his Office Memo during the month of March-10, I clearly mentioned in my reply about the above provisions of Circular and communicated the matter to all. Not only here at Sambalpur, so also at Bolangir and Sonepur I have replied the same thing against the Memo letter of then EEs of these divisions. Some electrical engineering professionals have set up their mind that they will take us to their control at division level. The way and connectivity which has allowed us to access head of commerce corporate office is to be discontinued. Against their strategy, I am the first man in WESCO wrote for implementation of the said circulars for which I have earned a lot of displeasures from these selfish group.
45. On dated 5th Aug-08, MD (WESCO, NESCO) and Director SOUTHCO called for a meeting at CSO Office BBSR, when I was on EL due to an embarrassment situation at Bolangir and attended the same meeting. I had prepared a draft on our problems of functioning at Division level and handed over the same to Sood Sir and our CEO Pradhan Sir. Also I mailed the same to Mankad sir and Sood Sir on dated 3rd Aug-08. The extracts of my submission is given below for your reference.

1. The office order w.r.t. reporting system of AFM/DFM(comm.) is not followed strictly i.e. SE (Com) of Corporate office is the functional Boss of these people but he is expressing his inability to listen/monitor/control them due to more work pressure, resulting into poor monitoring so also interaction from corporate office side.

2. The Executive Engineers (EEs) who are the chief Executives of the divisions are not taking AFM/DFM(comm.) into confidence. Very weak team spirit is felt at division level. EEs are hardly taking any action on the proposal/note moved by AFM/DFM(Com). AFM/DFM(Com) are not allowed to write something directly to the distribution SDOs or ESOs working under the division.

3. Whenever, the AFM/DFM (Com) of divisions ask any thing to SDOs/ESOs for compliance w.r.t. revenue collection, disconnection of line, reconnection of line, billing, meter status, Input, etc. they do not show any seriousness. Moreover, any directives/advises given by AFM/DFM (Com) to SDOs/ESOs does not carry any weightage and are quite often ignored. Even, the ESOs/SDOs expressly state that they are not accountable to us and sometimes they reply that they can not do the work desired by us. This matter has become great fence in the way of functioning of AFM/DFM (Com), particularly for those who wants to add value for the Company.

4. AFM/DFM (Com) of divisions are not allowed to review the ESOs/SDOs working in Division level. The matter, on being represented, has not been taken with any seriousness by the EE. AFM/DFM (Com) are being forced to remain silent to sit in the division office, working only on the task assigned by the EE, the head of the division.

5. EEs often by-pass the AFM/DFM (Com) in the area of commercial activities. One can found many instances where important letters, office orders etc. issued in the area of commercial activities are not brought to the knowledge of AFM/DFM (Com). Even, I have corrected the contents of such letters, when they come to my notice even after the issue of such letters.

6. It will not be out of place to mention here that the attrition rate in case of Finance-Commerce professionals is due to the above reasons. If the situation or working atmosphere is not changed, then the above rate shall rise further.
7. Incidentally, I seek your leave to state the problem currently faced by me. In my endeavour to improve the performance of the division so also WESCO and because of my tough approach, I earned the displeasure of all constituents. This displeasure was capitalized in a small incident in the division by making an issue of it and presenting the same to higher authorities demanding my transfer. And the result is that I am on leave for last 21 days looking for a justice. The point of writing this is that we should have the protection from higher management to take out the best of us.

1. Opportunities may be allowed to Finance-Commerce professionals to come forward. That means Finance-Commerce professionals are to be taken into confidence by higher authorities. There should be atmosphere of belief and trust so also team spirit. AFM/DFM (Com) should not be discouraged for coming forward to do some improvement work for the Company. I have experienced in many occasion in the last 8 years that due to my aggressiveness in revenue activities, some of my higher authorities are commented not to take me to their control.
I felt very sorry on these type of comment and while I ask the reason of such adverse comment, then the gentle man diverts the subject amicably. For a small mistake of mine, Today I am on leave (EL).

To improve WESCO, at first the attitude of my higher authorities towards AFM/DFM (Com) should be changed. Finance-Commerce professionals should be taken into confidence by higher authorities.

2. At corporate level one Commerce team headed by a Finance man, at least in the rank of DGM (Finance) or above may be placed to monitor the function of AFM/DFM (Com) working at division level. At least, the Corporate Commerce team should do the following works monthly which has not been done since the formation of WESCO.

i) To design different types of MIS for the divisions to comply and to monitor feedback. MIS may be for current month revenue collection & billing presented with category wise, voltage-wise, phase wise, section wise, sdo-wise, division wise. Further MIS for meter status, low consumption/nil consumption, bill revision and realization, Input allocation may be designed and presented with voltage wise and section wise etc. Debtors analysis may be done age wise, category wise where disconnection of line is shown side by side. MIS shall be prepared from the monthly payment file, where disconnection, reconnection or new connection of line is shown. Besides above other related MIS may be prepared to have a better control over the AFM/DFM (Commerce) working in division.

ii) Monthly review of AFM/DFM (Com) by the corporate commerce team with the chairmanship of Chief Executive Officer.

iii) Analysis of billing and collection voltage wise and division-wise. Any under-billed or un-billed is found in the process, may be rectified immediately, earning revenue for the company.

iv) May be in special cases, the team shall be permitted to verify the data or inspect division, sub-division or section level as and when the situation demands.

3. Inter office communication system may be allowed at division level, where one AFM/DFM(Com) can communicate his views, suggestions, observations to EE with copy to corporate team or the persons concerned. AFM/DFM (Com) may be allowed to write letters to SDO/ESO working under the division. Finance-Commerce professionals should not be debarred to do this activities.

4. The SDOs/ESOs may have the accountability to AFM/DFM (Com) in the area of revenue collection, disconnection, re-connection, new connection, billing, meter status, meter reading and Input control.

5. Suitable authority may be delegated to AFM/DFM (Com) to review monthly the performance of ESOs/SDOs working in the division under the chairmanship of Executive Engineer.

6. The EE, the chief executive of the division may be required to take aid and advice in the area of commercial activities of the division. As far as possible by-passing to AFM/DFM (com) in the area of commercial activities may be tried to minimize. The AFM/DFM (Com) may be treated as a part of the team for all strategic decisions relating to commercial issues.
7. The above submission is indicative but not exhaustive

I am very much confident that with the above changes, if effected, then the working atmosphere shall improve to a great extent, resulting into improvement of real performance and the ATC Loss of WESCO shall be reduced gradually.

The views expressed above are purely my personal views, without any intention of accusing or alleging to any of my fellow colleagues or my higher authorities. My intention is to streamline the activities, roles and responsibilities of the AFM/DFM (Com) which are perceived to be essential ingredient in improving their performance with the ultimate objective is improving WESCO’s performance, resulting reduction of ATC Loss gradually.
After the above submissions to Sri Sood Sir, the meeting started on 11.30 PM on dated 5th Aug-08, where the above point of reporting came. In the meeting all EEs and SEs of WESCO were sitting and they all told that the functioning of these people should be restricted at Division level and their order should be changed, they told duality in reporting should be changed and they should be wholly responsible to Division head like ESO/SDO. I had some interaction in the meeting and I expressed in the matter of reporting that no standardisation of MIS is not implemented citing my Performance reporting Format as has been mailed to all is not applicable in any division. Sri J K Panigarhi, SE-Planning and Works by showing his BOSSISM overruled my submission and told that Billing Centre is providing data to all division but I had known what was the usefulness of the huge MIS sent by Burla to all division and what our people are doing with all these MIS report. Our people just bring the report and keep it in filthy places and they treated it useless report except some pages. However, the meeting was ended with the order of Sood Sir that the AFM/DFM Commerce working in division is wholly responsible to EE of the Division. We returned to home.

46. But when I transferred from Bolangir to Sonepur on 5th Sep-08, again the same thing mentioned in the transfer order that I am administratively responsible to EE and functionally responsible to SE-Commerce of corporate office, where I convinced that the statement of Sood Sir in the Meeting has of no use.

Regarding other clause of the order and its implementation, Corporate Commerce Deppt has not yet made any modulation for which most of the finance people working in division do not what to check and where to start. In the point no. 1 it is mentioned that “ Responsible for 100% HT and EHT Billing with proper checking and scrutiny in respect of all Parameters”. Here they have mentioned that checking and scrutiny will be done in respect of all parameters, but what are the parameters, this has not yet been defined. Parameters in the area of billing are too many but this has not been defined and left upon the AFM posted at division working for commerce. If a new man joins in WESCO, then what he know about meter reading, what he knows about configuration of meter and transformer, what he knows about power factor, load factor etc. No training class has been taken then to educate these people in the matter of some fundamental principles of electrical engineering. If a man do not know about some fundamental principles of electrical engineering, then he can not work for reduction of loss and he is to work like Clerks, as is being going on WESCO. These Commerce people have not been utilised yet, Had they been utilised properly, then the power regulation order, unreliable power supply problems could be avoided.

Coming to another point of mentioned at point “F” that “ Finance concurrence for sanction of estimates for new three phase/ HT/EHT connections”. During my incumbency at Kalahandi and Bolangir, I have taken to the notice of GM-Commerce and SE-Bolangir several times, but they told me that this not required and showed their BOSSISM by telling me that do not make up your mind in the said issue. But later on vide his letter no. CSO/IA/1659 dated 23/07/2009, MD WESCO circulated an order to all divisions citing the above clause in a different elaborative style. After receipt of order in WESCO, many politics were borne and that selfish group of WESCO tried to not implement that order. I had several discussions with EE of Sonepur and told him that if you will not obtain my concurrence in the file of new connection, then I will not sign the agreement papers. I became stick up on my submission and did not sign agreement papers for months. Some embarrassment situation took place at Sonepur which I will mention latter on the issue and after two months of the order, it was implemented in Sonepur. Sonepur Electrical Division is the first division in WESCO, who implemented the order of Hon’ble MD in the area of finance concurrence. But till now proper modulation has not been prepared for carrying out the job effectively. I have discussed the issue with DGM-Finance several times and told him that some training is required in the part of commerce men to carry out the job of financial concurrence. But till today no steps have been taken in the regard.

Regarding demand enhancement and reduction proposals and its processing all the division head of WESCO do not like that these papers will be routed through commerce. By using the estimators of Division, the Division heads are doing that work ignoring commerce people.

47. In case of monitoring of mete installation and replacement and disconnection and reconnection works, I use to talk with ESOs and SDOs working for division. While I asked them to do the said duty, then directly told me that “I am not their reporting Boss to direct him or to advice him to perform”. I have listened the aforesaid statement several times from many ESOs-SDOs in the field starting from Bhawanipatana to Sambalpur. Very hopeless situation. We have been given all commercial work vide that circulars but no authority and man power is provided for that purpose.

Many provisions of the said circular are not implemented in the division and who is responsible for it. Naturally the answer is Division head i.e. Executive Enginner of the division. Then question come, what action is been taken against the EE of division for non-implementing the said circular? Then Answer is nothing, till date even no EE has been show-caused for non-implementation of circular. Why no actions for inactions have been taken?, if some body asks, then I do not know the reply or I can not give the reply. And this is known to CEO,MD and VP of WESCO. But it is very easy to ask this poor man again and again for non-implementation of the order. Though I have answered the questions several times in the past, even in records but care has not been taken to redress the issue, even in the cost of Company. Very pathetic scene for WESCO so also for people of western Odisha.

To implement the said Circulars, the role of Corporate Office is very important. But the commerce department is doing its role as stated above after omitting us from the line of Commerce. The said department has totally forget us that we are working in the Company in the area of Commerce. Let us commerce department to Speak on the issue and they should be suspended first, but answer is No. You can not suspend them because they are the Officers of your profession. But now this will not be tolerated, we can not allow WESCO to impose cost further on the mother land for which I am reporting now.

48. Leaving Srj. P K Sahu EE, KEED in the Division, I joined at BED, Bolangir on dated 5th May-2007, consequent upon my transfer order issued by Srj Dutta Saheb and my EE was Srj. P C Behera, the great man of WESCO who once upon a time at Bolangir was used to speak that “I am the EE of the Division, and EE is all in all of the Division”. I was not digesting his statement easily, being a man believe in GURUISM. One day I asked him Sir, You are regularly speaking the aforesaid statement in front of all, today you tell me “whether you are above the almighty”, he answered “no”. Then I told him as per our office order, I am administratively responsible to EE and functionally responsible to SE-Com, then do you speak that you are all in all above me. You are partially all in all on me. He understood my submissions and from that day he controlled his statement of “all in all”. My intention to communicate this is that how the division head is being behaved in the division, even after forgetting every thing, which has become a curse on power sector of Odisha.

49. Srj. Sanatan Das was SE, Bolangir during my joining time at Bolangir. In the division office of Bolangir sit arrangement of DFM-Com was not suitable. My predecessor Sri Arta Behera, AFM-Com, a new man in commerce joined just before 3 years in the division was used to sit in a filthy place which did not suit me. I proposed SE Bolangir for arrangement of sit, he replied that you first work to improve revenue to Rs. 90.00 lakhs, then I will take necessary steps. I did not sit in the allotted sit of Sri Arta Behera and after the interference of EE, I used to sit in the room of AFM (Accounts), though it was tight. I spent summer season there. In the meantime SE-Bolangir failed to take steps for a sit arrangement of the Commerce head of Division. In an organisation, where a SE level man failed to provide a suitable sit to a division commerce head, then what he will work and what will be performance of the division. However, I managed with the old sit of Sri Arta Behera after re-fixing the furniture inside the broiler farm. My EE Sri P C Behera did not interfere in the process of my sit arrangement. They were always busy with Sr. Sanatan Das but why he was busy I do not know.

Later on I started my work in style of KEED, Bhawanipatana but I was not able to reach the desired result due to the inefficiency of the EE. At KEED, Srj. P K Sahu himself was allocated Section wise LT Inputs after collecting the division LT Input from Corporate Office for which no ESO/SDO was taking any chance to speak against Input allocation. But in Bolangir during 4-5 months of repeated telling to EE, then he was not able to allocate the total Inputs Section-wise. As per his allocation, again 4 MU left unallocated and when I asked him, he told me that you manage in it. But the cost of 4 MU is around Rs. 75.00 Lakhs, then how I would manage. In the absence of Input allocation section wise, I was not able to prepare the monthly performance report of ESO/SDO, because without LT Input, the section wise LT ATC Loss can not be calculated. If is not calculated, then how will one fix responsibility of ESOs/SDOs. Today I think, EE and SE were in strategy of non-improvement of Sections and divisions. If they are not interested for the improvement of Division, how this small man will be improve the division. What ever the case may be, being working in division, I then changed my style of functioning and then what I worked, it did not give me satisfaction.

Before my joining at Division Bolangir, SE Bolangir had given the collection work of SDO-I & SDO-II to a Franchise Sri Amarish Dash on Collection Basis. After my joining I worked with him but did not able to measure his performance due to paucity of Input allocation. It was just like the relationship of Crab to muddy water, because if the water is muddy then Crab could easily hide her, so that he will move un-noticed. Threrefore, the plan and strategy of EE and SE was very much suited to Sri. Amrish Das, the Franchise. Then he grew his area in Bolangir and time came when he did not respond to our ESO and SDO, so also to me. However, I managed the situation amicably. Even today he does not respond our ESO/SDO.

50. In an important break through Mr. Dutta Saheb was removed from WESCO surprisingly and unfortunately on dated 27th July-07, just after the attack on SE-Bolangir by Hira GTD Worker Union. And on 28th July-07, Srj. Prasanta Kumar Pradhan took over the charge of WESCO as CEO in Charge. Later on SE Bolangir went on leave due to an attack on his office by Hira GTD Worker Union and Srj. Tikeswar Patel functioned as SE in Charge of Bolangir Circle. Sri P C Behera spent around 4 months with me, and during this period of 4 months he came to office maximum 15 days. Though, it was reported to Corporate office by all around, but Srj. Pradhan did not take any steps. Later on in an embarrassment situation he was transferred from the Division and joined at KWED Bhawanipata and late Ashok Kumar Samantaray joined as EE Bolangir. Then Srj. Sanatan Das was posted at GRF Rourkela in the month of Sep-07 and Srj. Jayakrushna Panigrahi posted as SE in Bolangir Electrical Circle.

I worked with Late Mr. Samantaray at Bolangir, I know him very well from Bhawanipatana, so I was not expecting the work which was not become possible, after considering his personality. He was a simple man and always had the strategy to satisfy all. But Bolangir was a different place. In my knowledge, one can not satisfy to a man who has no limitation on his wants. However, we can say that human wants are unlimited, the starting theory of Economics. I had some written communications with Late Mr. Samantaray which may be referred, because I had given every copy to corporate office. During the month of Nov-Dec 2007 I had taken some important steps to improve the performance of division, but it showed negative results. I would like to request, kindly refer my reply dated 15th Dec-07 addressed to EE, Bolangir, copy marked to CEO WESCO Burla.

51. WESCO lost another good man Srj. Anil Kumar Bohra, Chief Manager (Billing) of REL, he was moved to SOUTHCO as CEO. After the transfer of Bohra Saheb to SOUTHCO, the position of WESCO further declined. Because what was going on at corporate level, I have already mentioned above. After the removal of Mr. Bohra from WESCO, the selfish group grew more and more. The billing system, then started to decline. Now you can find in WESCO, bills have not been generated in time but previously, all bills were generated before 5th or 6th of the month. If we delivered bill lately to consumer, then how to collect money within a short period. Now a days revenue collection of the month is being extended to 5th and 6th of the next month. Even at customer care Sambalpur, Money receipts are issued in 2-3 back date, giving an opportunity to Cash Collector to roll over the money. But at that time it was restricted. Srj. Amrish Dash, the Franchise of Bolangir deposited revenue collection lately at Division then. The matter took to the notice of EE and SE several times, but they did not take any steps, rather allowed him to deposit the collected revenue once in a month at division office. I wrote and wrote to him with copy to corporate office, but no result.

On dated 16th and 17th Nov-07, I had some e-mail communication with REL over the issue of improvement of Odisha Discoms and for consideration of my candidature to promotion in comparing the case of Srj. Khirod Nanda, who got promotion to Manager (Finance) within two years of his last promotion. On 21st Dec-07, I had some e-mail communication with Srj. Mankad Sir of REL in connection with fundamental problems of WESCO. Then WESCO advertised some posts of AGM-Finance and I applied for the post on dated 21st Dec-2007, but it was not suited to Srj. Alok Behera, the then Manager (F) of WESCO. However, other colleagues applied for the post. Further attended the Interview at CESU on dated 10th Jan’ 2008 at IDCO Tower CESU office for the post of AGM(Finance). In the Interview while answering the questions successfully, one of the Board Members objected me while I spoke that Hon’ble Commission, he immediately interacted and told me that the word Hon’ble will not be prefixed to the word Commission, what I till today did not understand. Further on dated 23rd Jan-08, attended interview for the post of AGM(F) of reliance managed DISCOM at our Central Service Office (CSO) at Mancheswar, BBSR, where Sri Sabat Sir, Sri Kulkarni Sir, Sri Sood Sir and Sri Debraj Biswal Sir were the Members of Interview Board. As per the advice of Board we attended one written test Exam, and then attended the oral Interview. Answered very well to the questions put by the Members of Interview Board.

52. My beloved mother expired on dated 10th Feb-08, I went to village to attend her post death works by staying at village. Later on I came to know that during this period CEO, WESCO wrote a letter to SE-Bolangir to investigate into my behaviour at Bolangir as reported by EE Bolangir to him. I do not know what Mr. Panigrahi, SE-Bolangir reported to CEO. But it was conspiracy made by CEO WESCO against me to keep me away from selection to the post of AGM-Finance of CESU or WESCO. On dated 25th Feb-08, I got the news that Sri Khirod Nanda is being selected for the post of AGM-Finance of CESU. Later on with this offer letter Sri Nanda approached to MD along with our CEO and succeeded to get the offer letter for the post of AGM-F from MD, WESCO. Sri Nanda did not join in CESU and then joined in WESCO without giving any resignation. This bargaining was carried on by Sri Nanda along with our CEO during Mid March- 2008.

53. On dated 18th March-08, I wrote around FOUR pages on the subject as asked by CEO, WESCO Burla i.e., Ways and means for improvement of WESCO. On dated 23rd March 2008 RST & BST Order was issued by OERC. On dated 24th March-08, I applied for the post of Sr. Economic Analyst to OERC against the advertisement of former. On dated 28th Mar-08, I mailed to wescoorissa@wescoorissa.com about the amendment provisions of Sec. 126 and Sec.135 of Electricity Act-2003. As desired by CEO, WESCO, I wrote on about my plans and work done for FY 2007-08 and actions plans for FY 2008-09 on dated 5th April 2008. This was 56 pages submission along with annexures. The self appraisal report submitted to CEO WESCO is as follows:-
Self-appraisal Report for the FY 2007-08 and plans for the FY 2008-09
During the FY 2007-08, I have worked for two divisions in the rank of Dy. Finance Manager (Com), with no delegation of powers & authority i.e. in KEED, Bhawanipatana up to 5th May 2007 and from 7th May’2007 to till date in the present division with kind favor of four Executive Engineers. With kind permission, I am submitting below my un-recorded plans and recorded achievements during the FY 2007-08.
1. For revenue earning division my plan is very simple like my colleagues i.e. to control Input, improve billing, collection and consumer service with the co-operation and favor from seniors and subordinates. To achieve the aforesaid goal, with the kind favor of EE, I had designed one Annual LT Performance report as enclosed herewith marked as Annexure-I at KEED, Bhawanipatana, where each ESO/SDOs were communicated in detail w.r.t where they are stand up, basing on the LT Input, billing and collection figure for FY 2006-07.The said report speaks about each one’s contribution for the improvement of KEED, Bhawanipatana. (Improvement means reduction of ATC Loss).
2. Monthly LT Performance Report as enclosed herewith at Annexure-II had generated & provided along with Targets to each ESO/SDO within 15th of the following month with the favor of EE.
3. I use to examine so also to rectify billing and collection, citing regulatory provisions. Different notices had been designed to show cause, classification & reclassification, load enhancement, disconnection, etc. to/for consumer. During the FY 2006-07, KEED, Bhawanipatana has continuously improved. The annual performance report as enclosed herewith at Annexure-I is self explanatory.
4. At BED, Bolangir, the situation was different & it was really a challenge to me. I had started my work with positive attitude. The LT performance of the division for the FY 2007-08 is enclosed herewith at Annexure-III, may kindly be viewed. The report speaks no improvement of the division i.e. 81% ATC Loss as was during the FY 2006-07, repeated in FY 2008-09. However, total billing (in MU), total billing (Rs. In Lakh), total collection, & total consumer in the FY 2007-08 have been increased over the previous FY 2006-07 to the extent of 9.337 MU, Rs. 2.17 Cr, Rs. 1.35 Cr & 2241 nos respectively. I have worked here with kind favor of two Executive Engineers i.e. Sri P.C. Behera and present EE Sri A.K.Samantaray. To have a micro view of the aforesaid report, it may be seen that the division has continuously improved in the first half of FY 2007-08 but the trend start decreased in the second half of the FY 2007-08.
5. At BED, Bolangir, after working Four months, it was believed that it is easy to achieve Rs. One Crore monthly LT Collection. But my confidence got shattered during the month Aug’07 & Sep’07, which forced me to submit my views through Inter Office Communications before EE for his kind favor, but the same was not favored positively and with displeasure from EE’s chair, I have been show-caused/charged sheeted. I had submitted my replies before EE so also to higher authorities as enclosed herewith at Annexure-IV with enclosures (13 pages), where I have tried to explain the reason of the said communications (IOCs) for kind favor. Later on I came to know that higher authorities are very much displeased on my reply for which I beg pardon now for such reply. In spite of such communications (as enclosed herewith), the subject matter was not touched/repaired by the commercial executives under this division then, may be for their constraints.
6. I have generated monthly LT performance report as marked at Anx-II and the same has been issued to ESO/SDOs under this division. Here at Bolangir my views, my action plans have not been duly taken care, even after recorded communication, forced me to keep silence. Had the same being taken up positively, then the worsen situation as happened in the second half of the FY 2007-08 might not be happened and the negative improvement could be avoided.
7. I have analyzed the monthly billing/commercial data and several reports have been submitted for kind favor but those are not viewed or reviewed in right way, may be due to constraints in the part of others. Some of the reports have been enclosed at Annexure-V (12 Pages) may be kindly viewed. During this period with kind co-operation of seniors/subordinates, KVA (MD) reading of around 150 3-phase consumers were added in the billing database, where further co-operation of corporate office is required to go ahead.
8. This is a part of my job, at BED, Bolangir, the bill revision/complain redressal process was reviewed and restructured and implemented both at division level so also at Sub-division level. For this purpose individual Consumer’s JANAMPATRI as enclosed herewith at Annexure-VI (Billing & Collection history since Mar’01) has been developed and implemented even at Sub-division level for 1-Phase Consumer, has become possible with the extended co-operation of SDO-I & SDO-II of Bolangir. Now-a-days the bill revision jobs have become easier for ledger clerks & Jr. Accountants and for which they have shown their interest to learn computer.
9. At division level, Consumer Complain Register was opened newly and the same has been maintained by RDA, is being reviewed duly at the beginning of every month. SE, EC, Bolangir has also reviewed the same and has expressed his satisfaction.
10. Data entry system of DC Sheets was very poor during the time of my joining for which consumer discontentment was very frequent due to mis-posting or non-posting of payments received from the consumer. I have implemented a sophisticated data entry package (very better than former) taken from SED, Sambalpur, after educating the data entry operator and placing a new data entry operator with the kind favor of EE. In the new system, CCR wise data entry, cross checking of consumer details, CCV wise data entry and many other different facilities are there. This new system has helped me a lot to streamline revenue collection. A number of daily and monthly reports are being generated which are yet required to be viewed by higher authorities & for comments.
11. Now-a-days the CCRs/Franchise people are well aware of the time limit to deposit the collected revenue at Division office after a number of communications made to them.
12. Arrear outstanding energy bills (Four 3-phase bills + Five 1-Phase Bills) with East Coast Railway, SBP w.e.f. Apr’1999, have been reconciled and due adjustment sundries have been raised in Mar’08 billing to make arrear outstanding balance “0”. For this exercise E.C. Railway has cleared their arrear dues by paying Rs. 3.48 lakhs to WESCO (inclusive of one un-recorded bill since Apr’04 to the tune of 2.25 lakhs- In the month of Mar’08 it was recorded). In Apr’08, they will pay another Rs. 1 Lakh (Appx.) after submission of Janampatri, where further co-operation of SDO-Tusra and Loisingha are required.
13. Live 3-Phase RWSS consumers along with some others had been billed with “0” unit consumption prior to Mar’01.The same was reported to EE, seeking favor to install meter, but at the end of Feb’08 the matter was not solved which forced/constrained me to record the unbilled amount of Rs. 32.47 Cr., un-assessed units of 1.015 MU in the account of 13 numbers of consumers in the month of Mar’08 provisionally for which ATC Loss has been reduced in the month of Mar’08 in comparison to previous months.
14. Arrear was outstanding in the name of EE, EHT (M), OPTCL for Rs. 1.54 lakh and Rs. 0.92 lakh has been realized in the month of Mar’08. During the time of discussion with one Jr. Accountant Sri Susil Behera about the above arrear, another unrecorded and unbilled/under-billed energy bill to the tune of around Rs. 2.00 Cr. (Appx.), for station/colony consumption of M/S OPTCL had come to my notice. The same has been enquired by me at Corporate office and I may confidently say that if I shall be permitted to handle the above work then I will be able to recover Rs. 2.00 Cr.(Appx.) from M/S OPTCL Ltd.
15. In my area of activities, I have tried lot to educate ESOs/SDOs in line of regulatory provisions to control input and to improve billing & Collection and give to consumer better service. I may confidently say that the ESOs/SDOs under this division shall not have poor knowledge in regulatory provisions in my presence.
16. Last but not least I may request you Sir, kindly to review my submission to you on dated 17/11/07 with subject matter of “self performance for kind consideration” which was duly acknowledged by your good office.
17. I may please be excused for my absence from the division office on leave for attaining two Interviews each for CESU and M/S WESCO Ltd. during the month of Jan-08 and in the month of Feb’08, due to sudden demise of my beloved mother.
Action Plans for FY 2008-09
1. I have already completed my work, i.e. a brief note of the relevant sections of The Electricity Act-2003 & Supply Code of OERC, applicable for distribution of power with the objective to gain some more fundamental idea. I may seek your kind permission to submit before you for approval to circulate among ESOs/SDOs.
2. As asked for, with observing due process I had submitted a note (i.e. Ways and means to control Input and to improve billing and collection) before you on dated 18/03/08, (a copy of which was handed over to you at your good office on dated 19/03/08) the same was forwarded by EE to your good office vide Memo No. 1452 dated 04/04/08. This may please be treated as my action plans for the FY 2008-09.
This self appraisal report was mailed to Sri Sood Sir on dated 11th Apr-08 and to REL on dated 16th Apr-08. On 3rd May-08, OERC approved the Incentive Scheme applicable to WESCO and it was circulated in divisions, where I had asked for some clarifications on the Scheme to Corporate Office then.

54. On dated 11th May-08, I had been to the residence of MD WESCO for giving him a document for reduction of ATC Loss of WESCO. I had personally handed over him the papers and returned to Cuttack and reached at home by 00.30 hours. In the report the report, I had mentioned about un-billed revenue to OPTCL for station consumption, OPTCL is a separate entity and can not be mixed with GRIDCO, being a transmission licensee OPTCL can not distribute power, starting point of energy audit and to carry it from this point of sale and loss to WESCO and requested MD WESCO to interfere into the matter for the development of WESCO. Later on hon’ble MD WESCO has raised the matter in different Forum but I do not know what is status of the case is?.

Energy audit was taken seriously during the period of Dutta Saheb and a dedicated wing was started to function at corporate level. This cell also functioned at Circle level. But now, there is no seriousness in carrying on the job of energy audit. Had the work been carried on successfully, then we would now able to allocate Input Section wise, so that we could able to calculate ATC Loss section wise and responsibility on ESO/SDO could be fixed easily.

After screening of application by OERC, I was selected to appear the interview at OERC, I got the Interview Call Letter, then on dated 3rd June-08, attended the interview at OERC for the post of Sr. Economic Analyst in the hearing hall of OERC and answered the questions put by Hon’ble Commissioners OERC.

55. On dated a note was prepared by me with heading “Professionalism, Competition, Commercial Viability and consumer service and mailed the same to REL, OERC and Govt of Odisha, where I had mentioned some points of our theory of development. During the month of May-2008, basing on the clarification as seek by Govt of UP, Power Secretary, Govt. of India clarified the applicability of Sec. 126 and Sec.135 of Electricity Act-2003 very well and pasted it in the good web site of Power ministry Govt. of India. I had the occasion to download it and mailed it to the senior functionaries of WESCO on dated 15th June-08 with a request to circulate it among divisions. Later on Company Secretary, WESCO circulated the said clarifications among all divisions under WESCO. This clarification on applicability of the above relevant penal provisions of Act became very useful for ESO/SDO so also for us. On the same day I mailed to deptt. Of energy Govt of Odisha some of my suggestions for improvement of DISCOMs Odisha.

56. On 25th June-08, Madam Patnaik joined as Junior Accountant in BED, Bolangir and she was given the work of commerce. I had discussion with him and advised him to carry the assigned office work. Any doubt with her in discharging her duty, she can asked to RDA or Ledger Clerks or to me. She worked in our commerce Cell. One Day on dated 5th July-08, Mr. Samanta, Cl-B of accounts section came to my Cell at 6.00 PM while I was busy in explaining about the rules and regulations of electricity sector to Madam Patnaik, he told me to relieve Madam Patnaik, then I asked him how are you related with Madam Patnaik, he told me that she is her sister. Then after 5 minutes I relieved Madam Patnaik and she left Office immediately. On dated 9th July-08, while I returned from Lunch to office, saw that one USB Modem out of three purchased for official work was missed, though my room was locked. I queried the matter in the office and asked to relevant persons who were in office but did not trace out. These modems were purchased for SDOs and one for self use for implementation of IT in the functioning of office. It shocked me a lot. In the next day, I also searched it but did not find any clue. Then talked with EE who was away from Office and he queried the matter and I told him that the cost of One Modem if Rs. 3000/-. Then we decided to lodge FIR as it is office equipment. On dated 11th July-08, I lodged a FIR in the Bolangir Town Police Station along with Sri Susil Behera, an office bearer of Hirakhand Worker Union and returned to office in the second half. The news of lodging FIR did spread over Bolangir and the worker union People alleged me that I have committed a severe mistake. Then at 4.00 PM, when I had stood in front of Office, around 25 employees including office bearers of Bijuli Union of Bolangir Sri Bindhani, Sri Gadtia, Sri Samanta, Sri Jhinu, Sri Sandh etc came to me and scoled me in smutty languages and alleaged me that you are no more required at this office. I quietly listened all their allegations and preferred to proceed on leave after the discussion with EE. Then I remained on leave till my transfer to Sonepur on dated 5th Sep-08. During the leave period some people of Bolangir telephoned me and alleged that I had affairs with Junior Accountants, they did not tell me the name of junior Accountants. In BED, Bolangir two lady junior accountants were working, one for Accounts Madam Mohapatra and another for commerce Madam Patnaik. I listened all these things and did not give my reaction on the issue. I communicated the incident of Bolangir to corporate office immediately and requested him to transfer me from that place as the subordinate staffs are not interested to co-operate me in my work. I have taken the matter to the knowledge of Sri Mankad Sir vide my mail to him on dated 19th Aug-2008 and requested him for my transfer. I had disclosed him in detail about the incident held at Bolangir. Later on I was transferred to Sonepur on dated 5th Sep-08 and joined at Sonepur on dated 10th Sep-08.

57. In the meantime Hon’ble Commission reviewed the performance of WESCO on dated 29th July-08 for the period Apr-07 to Jun-08 and expressed serious concern over the performance of WESCO and viewed about the role of Finance wing in the billing and collection matter of DISCOM. After the above performance review meeting, MD WESCO called for a meeting of EE/SE and AFM/DFM(Commerce) on dated 5th Aug-08 and we attended the same which I have mentioned above. As stated earlier this meeting was failure. As desired by REL, I mailed to Mr. Prasanta Choudhury of REL about the role of Billing Cell in DISCOM and restructuring of Odisha DISCOMs on dated 10th Aug-08 and 11th Aug-08.

58. Vide letter dated 12th Aug-08, Hon’ble OERC communicated their opinion to all DISCOM Odisha that 100% responsibility is given to Finance wing of DISCOMs in the area of Billing and Collection. I became very happy, as OERC lastly admitted the real fact and recognised our role in the area of Billing and Collection and continued my writing and work for the development of WESCO so also for reduction of ATC Loss. But the negative approach of the senior Officers of the Company towards us did not show any change in spite of the order of Commission. In spite of our submissions and discussions in various Forums, even today our side has neither been restructured non adequate man power was provided for which the downward trend of DISCOMs is being continued even today.

59. On dated 11th Aug-08, while Srj. Rajeswar Mishra EE, Sambalpur East Electrical Division was working along with ESO-Padiabahal Sri Mohapatra, One ITI man rushed into his chamber and manhandled to Mr. Mohapatra in front of Executive Engineer. The poor EE could not take any action on the ITI boy. After the incidence the FOUR Officers Associations of WESCO i.e Two Diploma Engineering, One Degree Engineering and one Officer Association of WESCO assembled together in front of the office of CEO WESCO Burla and made demonstration in protest against the said incidence. I was present there in the demonstration. They demanded disciplinary action against that ITI employee and demanded the resignation of CEO. Later on CEO resigned from his post on dated 16th Aug-08, but then it was not effected. This marked again a poor precedent in the functioning of WESCO. However, in WESCO this type of misbehaviour, manhandle etc have become very common. Later on even today management of WESCO was not able to take any action against the accused.

60. Took over the charges from AFM-Commerce, Sonepur on dated 15th Sep-08 and worked for Sonepur. While I left Bolangir, the conspiring effect of some senior officers (Selfish Group) of the Company against the Finance-commerce men working in WESCO was well known to me. I convinced at Bolangir that they are doing double role with us. In the one hand pressing us to work for improvement of commerce, in the other hand telling others to non-cooperate us. Further they have decided in their mind not to provide us any facility for which we will be harassed and leave Company. Even I have listened several times from senior Engineers of the Company in public that the finance people have abundant job facilities in the market, then why they do not leave WESCO. They are in favour of brain drainage. They have never taken us into confidence.

On dated 18th Sep-08, Times of India published a news on Page no. 6 of heading “Promotions: SC favors merit over seniority” as follows:

New Delhi: Pitching strongly in favour of the meritorious, the Supreme Court has ruled that for promotional posts to be filled on “merit alone” basis, the seniority of an aspirant is of no avails the no. of years of service loses its weight completely in the face of merit.
This means if two govt. servants holding the same post – one junior and the other senior – aspiring for promotion through the “merit only” cannel to the next rank having one vacancy, then the junior could be promoted is he is found more meritorious.

Ayodhya Prasad Mishra had claimed that though he secured more marks in the test conducted by departmental promotion committee of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) and was placed in the Executive Engineer-I category, he was not promoted as Superintending Engineer. A senior got the post despite securing fewer marks and placed in the Executive Engineer-II category.

Dismissing UPPCL’s appeal against an Allahabad HC order, a bench said: “There is no doubt in our mind that if any executive engineer who has been placed in category-I and is available for the promotional post of Superintending Engineer, no executive engineer who is included in category-II can be considered for such promotion even if the latter is senior.”

The bench said it was well settled that Article-14, which guaranteed right to equality, prohibited a person or a class of persons from being singled out from others similarly situated for discrimination.

Terming executive engineer-I and executive engineer-II as two separate classes and “unequals”, the bench said “It is equally well settled that unequals can not be treated equally. Treating unequals as equals would as well offend the doctrine of equality enshrined in Articles 14 and 16.” If an executive engineer-II was promoted over an executive engineer-I, the scheme allowing such discrimination should be declared un-constitutional, it added.

I distributed the above news clip in corporate office including DGM-F, CS, GM-HRD, SE-Com on the next day dated 19th Sep-08.

61. Sonepur Electrical Division was not new to me. I was posted here as temporarily on stop gap arrangement basis as per my office order. I had worked for the division for around 7 months when it started, so the place was well known to me. But after a period of 3 years, I marked some differences in functioning of Division. The office building was changed and PCs were same. Mr. Jena my predecessor was used to sit in the room where it is not at all suitable to a commerce man. Mr. Jena was new man in WESCO and he joined directly in this division. So being a new man, he preferred to sit in the place as allocated to him without any objection. From the sit arrangement, I knew that what Mr. Jena was doing in the division. Mr. B P Padhee was the Executive Engineer of the Division, who was transferred from KEED, Bhawanipatana after my joining there. Again we met here. I told to EE, that sit is not suitable to me and changed my sit to the room of AFM (Accounts). Later on when I entered into my area of work and searched for past records as has been stored by me, I failed to notice it. Within one month of my joining, I convinced that the infrastructure made by me in the past for Commerce was not there. The billing data base as designed by me earlier was not there. Further I did not file any text files of billing data base, even the current billing. As I am a temporary man in the division as per the office order, I did not prefer to again re-build the consumer data base in the division and performed the regular official work. This time I got convinced that I should not go forward because there is no back up support from any corner.

While I was working at Bolangir, on dated 24th Oct-08, EE, BED, Bolangir baselessly alleged me vide his letter no. 4266 dated 24/10/08, that I have been lately deposited revenue collection to the tune of Rs. 1.20 lakh at division office, late by more than 15 days during leave period (EL-from 14th july to 8th Sep-08) and charged me Rs. 597.10 paisa which shall be recover from my salary. I did not understand the letter. However, I queried the matter by asking RDA Bolangir, he told me that EE Bolangir is signing the letter blindly & baselessly. On dated 1st Nov-08, worker union people agitated in division office with the instigation of AFM (Accounts) Mr. Das against me, at the evening at around 7.30 PM Mr. Rath of Ulunda conciliated the incidence with Mr. Das. In the above incident I thought it proper that unless my LPC has come from Bolangir, I will not receive my Salary. But Mr. Das AFM-Accounts without asking me passed my salary bill with no deduction. On dated 3rd Nov-08, a cancellation letter no. 4419 dated 03/11/08 signed by EE, BED, Bolangir, received by me. The subject of the letter was “the content of letter issued vide this office letter no. 4266 dated 24/10/08 is hereby treated as cancelled. Hence you need not pay amounting to Rs. 597.10 towards penal interest charged for delayed payment of revenue”.

On dated 11th Nov-08, I was charge sheeted by CEO, WESCO, Burla vide his letter no. WESCO/HR.Estt/Conf./2380 (9) dated 11/11/08 for misconduct for the incidence taken place on dated 29th Oct-08 and 1st Nov-08 at SED, Sonepur. On dated 21/11/08, Hon’ble OERC has kindly reviewed the performance of WESCO for the 2nd quarter of the FY 2008-09, and the same has been published in the TOI dated 23rd Nov-08. On dated 25th Nov-08, I submitted my reply against the above charge sheet letter at SED, Sonepur and the copies are sent to different functionaries of WESCO in the evening. In the present Suspension letter, you have referred the matter of Sonepur for which I have written my reply as stated above. Therefore, I may request, kindly refer my reply dated 25th Nov-08. Further regarding misbehaviour and consumption of wine, I would like to state here about the nature of area. If one will visit the area from Bargarh to Bhawanipatana, these areas are full of country wine Bhati. People are used to drink wine generally and behaviour is very rough. However, I do not use wine in any time. My behaviour is courteous and never harms to anybody. It is needless to mention what is the behaviour going on in WESCO is known to all.

62. On dated 12th Dec-08 (FRIDAY), Hon’ble OERC issued letter to all concerned for the Workshop scheduled to be held on dated 24th Dec-08. on dated 15th Dec-08 (Monday), came to understand from Sri Gobind Sir, Member SAC that the said work shop is being held on 24th Dec-08. On dated 19th Dec-09 FRIDAY, wrote on the role of finance wing in the billing and collection management of DISCOMs. I had written 13 pages on the subject for the proposed workshop scheduled to be held on dated 24th Dec-09 hosted by OERC. I suggested several courses of action to strengthen the Finance wing of DISCOM and proposed a re-structuring model and perused the same before Hon’ble OERC but did not like to disclose my name. This submission was sent to Hon’ble Chairman OERC on dated 20th Dec-08 to OERC on behalf of Usakiran and Co.

On 22nd Dec-08 (Monday) Hon’ble OERC selected Srj. Bibhu Prasad Mohapatra as CFO of CESU and he joined in the same day as CFO of CESU. On dated 22nd Dec-08, CEO, WESCO issued letter inviting us to attend the workshop. On dated 22nd Dec-08 (Monday), Govt. of India issued guide lines for restructuring of APDRP during XI plan. I was at Home. Gobind sir informed me in the afternoon about my writings, on his road to Bhubaneswar. He told me that he has suggested to OERC to call these Finance people to the workshop. He queried about my writings on the subject of proposed workshop. On 23rd day of Dec-08 (Tuesday), I came to understand at about 4.00 PM from EE that a workshop is being hosted by OERC and instructed me to attend the same tomorrow, and then I immediately departed to Sambalpur happily in order to attend the same. At night I went to Cuttack to attend the same. On dated 23rd Dec-08, SAC meeting was held at OERC.

On dated 24th Dec-08 (Wednesday), the workshop was held. It was hosted by OERC very nicely. Really it was a very good platform for finance people to learn. It had given me very good experiences to attend the same. At evening I spared some times with Sri Gobind Sir and left him at railway station. Some observations by the eminent persons may be noted below.

Srj. P K Jena, Hon’ble Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Energy Dept.,
Guest of Honour. I noted some parts of his good speech.
 Though reform process has not given expected results, but loss has been reduced over the last 12 years of post reform period.
 He traced on infusion of technology to reduce losses.
 He also traced on the enforcement and implementation aspect of different plans, policies and regulations.
 He cited the psychic nature of human beings & nobody loves to pay.
 He cited the example of the raid conducted by CESU at Khurda electrical area, where 1.48 cr. has been imposed as penalty to an industry, where CESU’s SDO is involved.
 He expressed his concern and displeasure over the happening of rampant theft of power and maladministration in the functioning of DISCOMs.
 Citing the reference of SAC meeting which was held yesterday, he argued in favour of infusion of technology, CESU has taken good advantage by infusing the same in its area of operation.
 He expressed his displeasure over the present scenario of bitter relationship of the consumers with the DISCOMs.
 He advised for to start selective actions without further loss of time.

Srj. R N Senapati, Hon’ble Principal Secretary, Finance Dept., Guest of Honour.
 He said this is a very important workshop and very educative.
 He stated that Billing & Collection is purely financial, though technical in nature. Finance people should learn about the law of electricity.
 He stated that reform process is now old as it is now running 12th years of post reform period. Advised the DISCOM people that this is the high time to perform for success of Odisha power sector.
 Now time has come to introspect into the matter of past and actions should be taken without further loss of time.
 He cited some figures of Odisha side by side India as follows:
All India Figure Odisha Name of the Loss
31% 37.5% Overall T&D Loss
35.4% 40.9% Overall ATC Loss.
Further he stated that in case of AP & WB, the ATC Loss is 30% or below. These are the frontier states of Odisha.
 He argued that power sector plays a very vital role in the economic development of Odisha. Here he supported our theory of development.
 He advised DISCOM management that the active involvement of employees of DISCOM is required in the theft reduction program which is the call of day.
 Deficiency in manpower should be filled up.
 He stated that proper orientation of the manpower and restructuring of commerce side of DISCOMs are necessary to achieve the desired results.
 REL to take sufficient steps to improve. They should be proactive.
 He said that Govt. of Odisha has taken adequate steps to improve the performances of DISCOMs.
 He further stated that govt. to induct more capital into the sector with proper modulation and in the same time DISCOMs to play meaningful role.

Srj. Surjya Narayan Parto, Hon’ble Minister of Energy, IT & Culture. Chief Guest.
 Today is the National Consumer day& he has been the minister of energy for the last 08 years.
 He reiterated the economic reform started by Mr. Manmohan Singh during 1990, when he was the then Finance Minister.
 He stated that non other states than Odisha has totally privatized.
 Govt. has planned to supply electricity to every door.
 During 1999, the consumer strength of Orissa was 900000 but now it is 2700000.
 T&D Loss was 47 % during pre-reform period as calculated by OERC.
 BPL consumers to be taken to billing fold.
 He stated that the consultancy firm (PWC) had submitted to govt. a vivid picture, where he viewed that within 3/4 years the sector shall turn around.
 The traced the role of regulatory body (OERC) which is very important to achieve the desired result.
 He expressed his displeasure over DISCOMs management, where he stated that without improving their performances, DISCOMs are generally approaching to Court.
 He cited the reference of Visakhapatanam, who is a frontier area of Odisha having same culture as in south Odisha, where T&D Loss has been reduced by 20%.
 Speaking the name of Sri Mankad Sir, Director (Finance), he expressed that while we discuss with him about the improvement of consumer service, he told me Yes-No-Yes-No.
 He presented a comparative picture of Loss, he stated that 19% Loss is due to technical and 21% is due to theft of power.
 He stated that billing & collection has improved by induction of technology of Cubicle metering. Traced on implementation of IT
 REL is doing right thing as a business man by not investing money in a loss sector.
 CM has talked with PM w r t infusion of more capital into the sector.
 He stated the importance & the role of I E Act-2003 and the amendments of 2007, particularly tracing the enforcement and penalty provisions linked with the improvement of the sector.
 DISCOMs are not keen to register cases in the police station.
 DISCOMs employees are supporting theft of power, citing the Khurda case.
 Though distribution is privatized but acting like govt., even worst than govt.
 DISCOM should come forward to do energy audit.
 He expressed his displeasure over the status of feeder/DTR metering and energy audit. Energy audit is to be expedited.
 He requested OERC to restrict GRIDCO to sell power to outside states.
 Diploma holders are promoted frequently during privatization period, they are to perform.

The above workshop was very nice and educative for us.
As per the Notification dated 31/12/2008, of Deptt. of Energy Govt. of Odisha, Sri Bijoy Kumar Mishra selected as Member-OERC on deputation basis. On 2nd Jan-2009 came to know from the web site of OERC that the book released by Hon’ble Minister Energy on power sector Review is ready to sale at OERC office. Requisitioned for the same on web site with acknowledged No. OR04. Sent DD worth Rs. 750/- in the name of Secy. OERC, Vidyut Niyamak Bhawan, Unit-VIII, BBSR.

63. The last date of receipt of objections and suggestions on ARR and Tariff applications of DISCOMs/GRIDCO/OPTCL/SLDC/OHPC was 10th Jan-09 as per the public notice issued by OERC. My self and Gobind Sir were very much busy in preparing the same. We have worked for around 10 days to post our suggestions and objections to OERC. At last on dated 7th Jan-09, Sri Gobind Sir posted his observations on the ARR and Tariff hearing of above. As per the advice of Sri Gobind Sir, Member SAC, I mailed from his ID the above note to OERC, Govt. of Odisha, REL, GRIDCO/OPTCL and to some eminent persons of Odisha power sector. This may be mentioned here that besides doing my regular office works at Sonepur, I used to work at night, morning or in holiday time for our submissions, writing, notes and special observations in consultation with Sri Gobind Narayan Agrawal, Advocate Sambalpur for the improvement of power sector of Odisha so also economy of Odisha. However, he had told me that if required he will talk with CEO, VP and will requisition me for his holy work.

During the year 2009 and this year 2010, we have mailed our observations in support of our theory of development where power distribution sector has been taken as basic Infrastructure next to agriculture to Govt. of Odisha, Govt. of India, OERC, CERC, CEA, GRIDCO, OPTCL, DISCOMs, Consumer Activist, eminent persons of power sector of Odisha and medial people for their kind information and suitable comments. We have sent all our communications vide e-mail or mobile message or hard copy to the above functionaries from time to time vide his e-mail ID/Mobile or my ID/Mobile by sparing our valuable time for the interest of the State without neglecting my regular official work and we have found positive responses from the above authorities which had inspired us a lot to proceed further. The above communications sent by us is known to the above authorities and I am ready to provide the same to any one including you Sir, if the copy of the said communications of preceeding date as and when asked for. It is not possible at this stage to present below the extracts of all our communications as I have been restricted on my time petition dated 17th June-10. Our theory of development has been well appreciated by Govt. of Odisha so also Govt. of India publicly in media and new management concepts/approaches /programs have been implemented then for the interest of the nation is known to the people of Odisha. This is very well known to the relevant functionaries of both Union Govt and State Govt. However, all our above works are done for greatest interest of WESCO, so also for western Odisha as its area of operation. Unfortunately till today due to our low profile approach, I could not communicate properly for which we remained un-assessed at our cost. So, I am privileged by receipt of this Suspension Order, even in my cost and communicated you some part of our theory of development for the greatest interest of WESCO and Odisha.

64. After the above submissions against the ARR and Tariff applications for FY 2010-11 of Sr. G N Agarwal, Sr. Advocate, Sambalpur, four directors of WESCO management Board including Sri Mankad Sir, Sood Sir, K D Kulkarni Sir visited WESCO corporate office Burla on dated 14th Jan-09 and reviewed the activities of Company. On 16th Jan-09, Govt. of Odisha directed to Secretary, Energy to investigate into the matter of Price water house cooper who was appointed as a consultant to prepare the model of power sector reform process of Odisha during the period of 1995 to 1999 of GRIDCO after citing the case of Satyam’s corruption case. On 20th Jan-09. Srj. Barack Obama sworn as President of United States of America on dated 20th Jan-09 created record in the history of federal democracy of United States of America. It was a breakthrough incident happened in world economic & political scene. On 22nd Jan-09, Sri Chandan Patra, ESO-Bijepur was trapped by Vigilance deptt., while he was taking Rs.3500/- as illegal gratification from a new consumer against actual charges of Rs. 917/-. The new consumer was Sri Biswamitra Sahu of village Sadhupali under Bijepur Block. DSP-Vigilance Sri Jadunath Hansda conducted the raid as per the direction of SP-Vigilance as published in the next days news paper. On dated 9th May-09, Sri Prasant Mishra, Dy. Electrical Inspector working under Deptt. of Energy, Govt. of Odisha posted for Angul-Dhenkanal area was trapped by state Vigilance and Rs.100000.00 cash was seized from his pocket while he was receiving bribe from a contractor of Angul. This news telecasted in 7.00 PM, 9.00 PM and 11.00 PM in OTV. On 31st Dec-09, One SDO of SOUTHCO was caught by State Vigilance department while he was taking bribe. On dated 16th Feb-10, Sri Sarathi Mahananda of Padiabahal electrical section under SEED, Sambalpur was caught by State Vigilance department. In the next day on 17th Feb-10, Sri Tusar Kanta Mishra, ESO- Electrical Section Rengali was caught by vigilance people while he was taking bribe from a consumer. The aforesaid incidents were a shame to WESCO in front of public. The image of WESCO was being scratched. On dated 11th May-09, citing the vigilance trap case of Dy. Electrical Inspector, I had some observations and same maild to Govt. of Odisha and other eminent persons of Odisha power sector.

Gobind Sir informed me that one SAC meeting will be held on dated 12th Feb-09 in connection with Tariff matters in the office of Hon’ble OERC. So after 3-4 days of exercises we prepared our submissions for the said meeting and mailed it to OERC and all concerned including relevant departments of Govt. of Odisha, DISCOMs, REL, CSO Office, GRIDCO/OPTCL and OHPC. During the month of Feb-09, I was busy in office work in the area of IT implementation in the different functions of the Company. At that time I had several talks with Sri Arora Saheb of CSO, Sri Guala Ji, Sri Ketan Anand Ji and requested them to rectify the system. I was closely associated with them. Later on, the matter was not properly taken by corporate office, resulted non-rectification in the system. I preferred to keep silence due to inaction of corporate office. Tariff hearings conducted at OERC and Gobind Sir was present there in the first week of Feb-09. Vide letter No. 1793 dated 18/02/09, Additional Secretary, Dept. of Energy, Sri B B Mohanty stated to Secretary OERC that “ the govt of Odisha is continuing its subsidy withdrawl policy since initiation of power sector reforms in the state. Govt does not propose to give grant/subsidy to any of the utilities or to any consumer or to any class of consumer. It is the responsibility of DISCOMs to bring down the distribution loss, ATC Loss and improve their collection efficiency to bridge-up their revenue gap for the year 2009-10. Hon’ble Commission may consider those facts while determining the tariff.”

65. As per the new postings of MT-Finance, Sri Mukesh Chaubey, MT-F joined at SED, Sonepur on dated 25th Feb-09. On dated 22nd Feb-09, after getting call of discussion with GM-HRD, I had on discussion with GM-HRD WESCO in connection of my temporary stop gap arrangement posting at Sonepur, he told me to give an undertaking for moving my transfer order file to CEO. As per him I am a non-sense man, so to give undertaking for coming to Sambalpur. I told him that neither I am a nonsense man nor I am interested to come to Sambalpur. The matter ended there. Further on dated 2nd March-09, Cma Sameer Swain of CSO posted as GM-Com of SOUTHCO. In the next day I downloaded the minutes of last SAC meeting from the good web site of OERC and read it all. Some SAC members have expressed their serious concern over the alarming ATC Loss of DISCOM Odisha and commented that the power sector team is in the process of de-electrify the State. it was General and Assembly Election time. The month of March, April and May were election months. In spite of general election, Sonepur electrical division performed better collection in the month of Mar-09. The LT Input allocation to sections could not be done in spite of my repeated request to EE. Most of the 11 KV feeders under SED, Sonepur was running without meter and there is connectivity of Sonepur Division’s 11 KV Feeder in the area of Bolangir electrical division which had not been separated then. Vide letter dated 13/03/2009 Hon’ble OERC expressed serious displeasure over the poor collection performance, rise of energy input and ordered for fixing accountability on employees for dismal performances. The Copy of the letter marked to Secretary, Energy and CMD, GRIDCO. Then OERC started monitoring of new connection and asked for data to DISCOMs.

66. Shoe throwing concept came to India on dated 7th Apr-09, when Srj. P Chidambaram, Union Cabinet Minister was addressing to a meeting. Vide letter no SED/Tech/854 (7) dated 10/04/2009, EE, SED-Sonepur communicated to GM-Tech I/C SE,EC Bolangir, referring the letter of DGM-MRT, Bolangir that: “ it is to inform you that , most of the 11 KV metering unit are not functioning at different 33/11 KV S/S under Sonepur Electrical Division, and 33 KV feeders are functioning without 33 KV metering unit along with HT TV Meter. So it is difficult to evaluate the input energy to a particular 33/11 KV S/S. Hence it is highly essential to replace the defective meter 33/11 KV metering unit as well as install the new 11 KV/33 KV metering unit with HT/TV Meter, along with installation of LT CT Meter at station transformer of different 33/11 KV S/S as mentioned below. – One Table for 11 KV Feeders and second for 33 KV site and third for Station transformers. Along with this letter around 08 other letters are enclosed about Input. This part of the letter of EE shows how Input energy has not been accounted for. Later on dated 29th April-09, I moved a Inter Office Communication and requested for providing Input section-wise so that I will be able to prepare the performance report of ESO/SDO for the FY 2008-09 in my own format. But neither he supplied me the Input figure nor I prepared the performance report of Division, SDO and Section. On dated 23rd Apr-09, I had been to Cuttack along with Family to cast our votes in the eve of General and Assembly Election.

On 28th Apr-09, in the eve of Birth Day of Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das, one report was prepared by me by spending 1.5 hours with respect to development of power sector so also the economy of Odisha. Mailed the report to Sri Mankad, Sri Kulkarni and Sri Pandya Sir. Further the same was forwarded to Govt. of Odisha and the eminent persons of power sector. At the evening Mumbai office of REL called GM HRD to Mumbai for discussion. In the first week of May-09, GM-HRD went to Mumbai on official tour. On dated 4th May-09, with the help of CEO and EE of Division we regularised 16 numbers of irrigation consumer who had not billed since long. In an important move, Vide his DO Letter No. CHP/2009/994 dated 06/05/09, Hon’ble Chairman OERC wrote to Chief Secretary and Chief Development Commissioner, Govt. of Odisha for effective and Pro-active participation by the state govt for ensuring sustainable development of power sector in the state in the area of funding and administrative support. Copy forwarded to Srj. T K Mishra, DC, Srj. B K Patnaik PS to CM, Srj. R N Senapati, Principal Secretary Finance Deptt and Srj. P K Jene, Energy Secretary. After this move, Sri P K Pradhan, CEO WESCO moved forward by writing the letter referred at serial no.1, where he mentioned about applicability of Abetment section 151 of Electricity Act-2003. This is a very good letter requires its implementation in letter and spirit. Citing the above letter of CEO, WESCO, vide his letter no. as referred in sl. No. 2, CVO WESCO, Burla wrote to all EE and SE, where he has presented the scenario of theft of energy in WESCO citing the regulatory provisions.

The circulation of above two letters referred at top at Serial No. 1 & 2, encouraged “Whistle Blower” to report to WESCO about the theft of power, leakages of revenue and corruption in the system. The fundamentals and logic of “Whistle Blowing” is coming from Sec.151 of the Act, expressed in heading “ABETMENT”. Later on the essence of the provision was reflected in the corporate governance manual issued by Govt. of Odisha.

Further, in connection with Input allocation to Section-wise and metering of Feeders there on, WESCO and our head functionaries sitting at Circle and Division level , did not take action, even after reporting the matter as stated above, rather preferred to appoint Franchises for billing and collection of different areas of Bolangir electrical Circle in the module of Input Base and expedited theft of energy and corruption in the system. Now question arises, if there was no Meters in the Feeders, then how the proposal of Input based franchise got through and how agreement was executed with Franchise. This is inform you sir, in the process of appointment of franchises and agreement made with them for Bolangir and sonepur electrical division, I have not involved, though I was working as commerce head of the division. These are shame things for WESCO. Later on I came to understand, on the basis of provisional or adhoc meter reading the same has been thoroughed. But being a man of the profession of Accountancy, I can not favour this practice in the cost of the Company which is unending and unsolved, because money matters are related with it. The Franchise of Bolangir and Sonepur has been paid crores of rupees on account of fees and charges without any real basis and without any performance review, and without any scope to review his performances. If this is the style of functioning of Senior Officers of the Company, then what this poor man will do? However I have already reported the mater to the higher authorities as and when required for. These type of works are done by our senior officers of the Company and will speak for impressing us to do work, which is double role in their part as mentioned above. Today’s position of WESCO so also Odisha, and concern of OERC/Govt. of Odisha on high ATC LOss is mainly due to these factors.

67. On dated 21st May-09, the day of distribution of portfolios and appointment of Council of Ministers after Srj. Naveen Patnaik sworn as Chief Minister of the Govt. of Odisha for the third consecutive times, we marked a breakthrough in the system of functioning. Srj. Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, a young man with huge experiences in social service and journalism of un-divided Cuttack district was selected to lead the Department of Energy and took oath as Minister, Energy Deptt., Govt. of Odisha. This was a breaking news for us then. Hon’ble OERC on that day communicated the detail agenda for 8th SAC Meeting Scheduled to be held on dated 1st June-2009. After selection of date and receipt of agenda, we had several exercises on loss reduction program and at last we completed our Submission. On dated 24th May-09, as per the good advice of Sri Gobind Sir, I mailed the submission from his ID to Hon’ble OERC, relevant functionaries of Govt. of Odisha, REL, DISCOMs, OPTCL, GRIDCO, OHPC and to some eminent persons of power sector. The hard copies of our Submission after signing were sent to relevant persons for their kind perusal. In an important event Hon’ble OERC reviewed the Performance of DISCOM, particularly WESCO on dated 27th May-09 and again expressed their true concern over the functioning of DISCOMs and alarming high ATC Loss. In the next day CEO WESCO Burla by going a step ahead, signed a letter of specification, and directed the AM/JM (Vigilance) to open Registers at their end for taking action u/s 126 and 135 of Electricity Act-2003. Later on, due to mal-administration and lack of care-ness & hospitality, loss of faith and belief in the system these good directions of CEO WESCO did not find suitable place in the system. Everybody took these letters casually.

68. Sri Gobind Sir attended the SAC Meeting held on 1st June-09 and after the completion of meeting he talked with me and was looking very happy for working for the improvement of Odisha. On dated 6th June-09, in an important move, SE-Burla Circle was posted as GM-Com in corporate office, marked a change in the style of functioning in WESCO. I had certain reservations on the order of transfer and appreciated it before Sri Mankad Sir then on dated 7th Jun-09, who on dated 8th June-09 telephoned me from his land line number of Mumbai Office and talked with me for 5 minutes about the functioning of the system and advised me again to continue my writing to him. In the next day on dated 9th June-09, I mailed him my observations and some comments on the last transfer order. Later on he took up the matter at Board Meeting held on then on dated 25th and 26th of the month by calling to CVO WESCO Burla.

Further in an important move, on dated 13th Jun-09, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha called a meeting of all Secretaries and directed that you are to visit one village area once in a month. Our action should be pro-people. In the meeting he admittedly expressed on three basic infrastructures, i.e., Electricity, Roads and Irrigation and directed it functionaries to work for these areas and it should not be neglected. He also asked to all secretaries about their plan for upcoming 5 years. He said to all that within 15 days of the meeting, they are to submit the action plans before appropriate authority. Hon’ble CM also stated before all Secretaries, Ministers and MLAs that you are all SEBAKS of the people of Odisha and work suitably for the People. This was a brain storming meeting chaired by Srj. Naveen Patnaik. However, we have also impressed on that meeting for which the concept of social responsibility besides working in the sector entered then in our theory of development without which this was not supposed to be completed. Later on in the morning of dated 6th Aug-09, I circulated a message to all stake holder of power sector and asked for their kind comment. The message was “ Sir, Besides working in power sector, have we have any social responsibility to discharge ? kindly comment, possibly in YES or No. This message is sent to JM/AM/DM/Mgr/AGM/DGM/GM/SGM/CEOs, Copy marked to Govt., OERC, OPTCL, RINFRA, CSO of DISCOMs. Anand. This message also sent to some eminent persons of power sector. Later on I found positive responses came from Sri Panigrahi Sir Director-Tariff OERC, Sri J Mohanty, Jt. Director(IT) of OERC, EE-SBP Sri Hota Sir, Sanjiv, Rana Babu, DFMA Sonepur & Tgh, Sri Debraj Biswal Sir, Ex-CEO CESU, Manoj Panda of Enzen, CESU CCO, DFMC SEED Bisi, Hari Behera, Himadri Sahu ESO, P Mohapatra Worker Union Leader, Sri Prasant Choudhury,REL SDO-I-Bgh, Mukesh Chaubey, ESO2 Bhpt, JP Das of Chipilima, SDO-Koel Nagar Anupam Silabhadra Das. Sri Debaraj Biswal the Ex-CEO of CESU appreciated our initiation for improvement of power sector. He talked with me for around 15 minutes. I gave him thankful for calling me. I also asked his blessing further. Cma Khirod Nanda of WESCO Burla telephoned me at around 1.00 PM of the same day and told me that you can not send me this type of message and he expressed his displeasure over the message. Later on, I did not mind on his expressions as it was supported massively from all stake holders of power sector then.
69. On dated 17th June-09, Sri Gobind Sir mailed from his ID about the functioning of CESU to OERC, Govt. of Odisha, REL, OPTCL, GRIDCO and eminent persons of power sector. He stated some of the weakness of CESU and advised for remedial measures, being a consumer activist. Later on it was sent to Sri Sarat Mohanty, one of the important worker union leader of power sector Odisha. On dated 22nd June-09, I talked with Hon’ble Minister of Energy, Srj.Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak and seek for time to discuss the issues and concerns of the sector along with Srj. Gobind Narayan Agrawal, Consumer Activist. He kindly consented on my proposal and allowed us to come on dated 26th Jun-09. I also communicated him our thankfulness vide email in the next day. I was invited by Srj. Gobardhan Pradhan of GRAM VIKASH to attend a workshop scheduled to be held on 25th and 26th of the month as per the desire of Prof. D V Ramana, Member SAC and Guru of the profession of Accountancy. Later on proceeded to Cuttack along with Sri Gobind Sir and attended the workshop on consumer service at CYSD, BBSR on dated 25th Jun-09. The work shop was chaired by Hon’ble Member, OERC Sri B K Mishra Sir and other dignitaries and stake holders of the sector were present there. Sri Mishra Sir is a practical man as he has served the sector at Union Govt. level and noted his observations by critically asking the consumers about their issues and concerns. Srj. D K Roy, Ex-Member of OERC also attended the workshop and clarified the issues of consumers citing different regulatory norms. In the second half of meeting Madam Purabi Das, chaired in the workshop and explained regulatory provisions by showing her good slides in the LCD projector. She cleared the doubts of consumer and encourage them to come forward. The work shop was very educative for us. In the second day after the ending of workshop, we went to the residence of Hon’ble Minister Energy and talked with him. He listened submissions and saved our observations. We gave him thankful and then we returned back to Sambalpur by evening Intercity Express.

70. On dated 7th July-09, ICWAI Kolkotta invited me to a Conference scheduled to be held on dated 9th July-09 and I put up the matter before GM-Com, he approved my tour Program, the as CEO was not at head-quarter, I took his approval over phone and the same submitted to GM-HRD, who marked to DGM-Finance for needful. I put up the note before DGM-Finance, who withhold my paper and did not take action. He also did not give me any advance to proceed to Kolkotta to attend the conference on Budget discussion for FY 2009-10. It was discouraging from Finance side, later on the adivice of Gobind Sir, I proceeded to Kolkotta along with Family and attended the conference. Returned back to Sambalpur and reached here on dated 11th July-09. CEO, WESCO approved my note later on. I put up my tour Program, but AFM(Accounts) Sonepur Electrical Division did not reimburse me my expenses on the said tour. I had taken the matter to the knowledge of DGM-F, then but he did not respond the matter. Till today I have not been paid that amount. This is needless to mention here that in our organisation, TA Bills are paid to non-executive staffs for around 25 days in a month. I have seen the case at Bolangir electrical division.

On dated 18th July-09, worker Union demanded to pay him Incentive on revenue collection. I put the matter before EE and accordingly sent the letter to corporate office for sanction of funds on above account. Later on corporate office deducted around Rs. 50000/- from the bill which was not accepted by Worker Union People. The matter was communicated to corporate office over phone. Further on scrutiny of Incentive order, we marked some problems in the order and asked for clarification from corporate office which failed then to clarify us, but sanctioned again Rs. 40000/- on the previous requisition. We then understood, the casual approach of corporate office in issuing the Incentive order to Divisions and payment there on. In that order the calculation of arrear of consumer was stated wrongly without going into the case. But till date that has not been cleared.

71. In the last week of July-09, I mailed some observations to CEO and REL about the defectiveness of the order of Incentive and corruption in providing the anti-virus package and LCD monitor to Sonepur Electrical Division. On dated 1st Aug-09, CBI forwarded a message to me and wrote “ If Central Govt./PSU employees demands bribe for official work anywhere in Odisha, Please call SP CBI on 0674-2561189 or email to spacbbsr@cbi.gov.in. This was saved and not utilised then. CTC-BBSR Chapter of ICWAI arranged the AGM on dated 9th Aug-09 at its office building at Unit-VIII BBSR. I attended the same with due approval from office and met with different dignitaries of power sector. After the end of the meeting CFO CESU wanted my observations on the roles and responsibilities of AFM/DFM (Com) working in division and circles and handed over me a note and requested to mention any observations from my side. I took up the note and returned to Sambalpur. On dated 16th Aug-09, after discussion with Gobind Sir, we finalised the note and mailed him in the same evening and could not find any response from his side, even after my query.

On dated 22nd Aud-09, Hon’ble OERC heard the Case no. 35/2006, the revocation of the Licence of REL and asked govt. and GRIDCO/OPTCL for their views as on before 30th Sep-09, if the licence of REL is revoked: Some questions raised by OERC as is downloaded from his good web site is presented below:
1) in Case the Commission decides to suspend the license of REL managed DISCOMs , which can also result in revocation of License, what will be the plan of action of the Govt., having regard to the fact that a situation like that of CESU needs to be avoided?
2) Whether Govt. is prepared to infuse capital by way of additional equity in cash and not by any conversion of debt into equity , there by obligating REL to bring in an equal amount of equity into the DISCOMs for a comprehensive distribution network up gradation plan and improvements in efficiency and management ?
3) What are the other alternatives that can be implemented to ensure continuous and steady supply of power to the consumers in the event of suspension or final revocation under section 24 (3) of the EA 2003.
After submission of the above by the GRIDCO and DOE, GOO, the DISCOMs are directed to file their written note of submission on the above within 2 weeks i.e., on or before 15/10/2009. The submission may comprehensibly cover their proposal/plan of action as to what firm steps they would take to improve their performance in the quality of supply of power, at affordable prices, reduce the ATC Losses and generally attain efficiency gains within a set of time schedule.

The Commission would issue appropriate order after receipt of written reply as indicated in Para 2 & 3 above.
The month of Aug-09 was a very good month. During this month, I developed a procedure to concur the service connection estimate papers. On dated 19th Aug-09, Srj. S Mohapatra, division estimator put an estimate to give power supply to a new rice mill consumer. I had several observations on the procedure and filing which I used to note in most of the files because the procedure was defective and very difficult to concur. But in this case of permission to power supply to a HT consumer, Mr. Mohapatra has already obtained the approval of SE-Bolangir and then put up the file to me. In the file he had mentioned that 80 mm2 conductor has been proposed to be replaced with the existing 55mm2 conductor and the replacement work has not been effected. I asked to Mr. Mohapatra how do you put up the case in this style, conductor has not yet been replaced and you are putting the case for pass and SE-Bolangir has already approved it. Then I talked with SE-Bolangir and cited the case because I had confidence on him, being one of the good engineer of WESCO. He denied and told me that this is not possible. Then I gave him the details of proposal and later on he told me that corporate office is passing in this type of case. We have not specific size of conductor at field, but by proposing bigger size of conductor in Voltage Regulation Calculation Formulae, we are making the proposal feasible. I did not pass the proposal and noted clearly in the file. Later on internal auditor noted these observations. But the concern is that, if we are doing this type of work which is commonly going on WESCO, what would be the position of line network of WESCO. Today’s line network of WESCO have been depleted due to adoption of these type of nuisance procedure. Then I was transferred to Sambalpur and knew from a reliable source that power supply has been effected to that new HT consumer without changing the size of conductor.

72. On 28th Aug-08, when I had been to corporate office on official work, wanted to talk with CEO, WESCO Burla on my personal issue. Entered into his chamber and wished him. He immediately noticed me and asked “why you are sending such type of messages by citing his Mobile Phone, immediately I did not understand, then he showed me the message two messages, 1) my 6th Aug-09 message on social responsibility as stated above and the other message was sent on dated 26th Aug-09 as follows: “Sir, in the matter of payment of ADVANCE for NUAKHAI, WESCO may be advised to celebrate the same within the stipulated time considering the performances of “PRINCE DANCE GROUP”. My Odisha is very beautiful. Anand.” I then admitted the same and he asked me what the purpose of sending this type of message is, I replied him that in order to improve the team spirit and develop the concept of “WESCO Family”, the above message was sent and then asked why did you write “My Odisha is beautiful”, I told him that this will strengthen the concept of belongingness to Motherland. He appreciated and asked me my problems and listened all. Later on within 4-5 Days, we marked the statement of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha in the TV news where he also stated “My Odisha”. It was a very good occasion for us.

73. In the last week of Aug-09, I took an important step after last 6-7 months of continuous monitoring work, w r t to re-organise binders section wise. During 2005, In WESCO many new Sections and SDOs were created and new men posted there after reorganisation of Binders. In Sonepur Division, there were Sections like Subalaya, Mahadevpali, Rampur for which Section Officers were appointed but without any consumers. In the billing database no consumers were allotted to them and they worked at their sweet will. This case was astonished me and submitted to the then EE Srj. B P Padhi that how the division is working without allocating consumers to Section Officer, even after 4 years of re-organisation of Sections and Binders. He told me that let us we allocate them. At last in the last week of Aug-09, we succeeded to allocate consumers to ESO-Subalaya by reorganising the consumers under SDO-Biramaharajpur. Later on similarly, we allocated consumers to ESO-Rampur and ESO-Mahadevpali by reorganising the consumers under SDO-Binka. The last 4 years of arrear work got settled.

74. On dated 29th Aug-09, Srj. R P Mohapatra, Retired Chief Engineer of GRIDCO appealed before OERC against the implementation of OTS (One Time Settlement) Scheme of CESU, where we had some observations. I had several discussions with Gobind Sir about the implementation of the Scheme and once upon a time we made up our mind to write on it. Later on Gobind Sir communicated some of his good observations in the Paper prepared for the Purpose of Workshop held on dated 11th Dec-09 and is well known to the dignitaries of power sector.

75. On dated 30th Aug-09, CMD, ADA Group of Companies Srj. Anil Ambani reached at BBSR along with family and Mother Kokilaben and went to Puri for DARSAN of Lord Jagannath. The Times of India wrote in the next day that while they had been to Puri, on road at Pipili, they took green Cocoanuts and drank it on road. He distributed around Rs. 40000/- to the Sellers of cocoanuts in the area. This matter was discussed with Gobind Sir, and he told that ADAG has decided to spend money for poor people but can not invest in a loss making Company citing the reliance managed DISCOMs of Odisha. I appreciated his observations on the issue.

76. The first week of Sep-09 was very important. Hon’ble Speaker of OLA Srj. Pradeep Amat’s program, Program of Srj. Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Hon’ble Minister Energy, Program of Srj. Tathagata Satpathy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, program of Secy. OERC Srj. Prabhakar Swain Sir & review meeting of CEO WESCO Burla were arranged at Sonepur. I was very busy in preparing MIS in connection with Collection, Billing and Input utilisation and prepared different type of reports for the purpose of review. On dated 3rd Sep-09, Hon’ble Minister Energy along with MLAs of the area reviewed the power supply situation of Sonepur at DRDA conference hall of Sonepur in the 1st half of Day. After the meeting I had the occasion of wishing Hon’ble minister Energy. In the second half of the day, CEO, WESCO, Burla reviewed the Division’s performance at that DRDA Hall, where I was present. In the next day Srj. Prabhakar Swain, Secy. OERC came to Sonepur for the purpose of a consumer meet and chaired in the meeting. I complied the problems of consumer as stated by them in front of Secy. OERC. The consumer meet was very good. Later on dated 16th Oct-09, I complied the observations of Secretary OERC in connection with the minutes of foresaid meeting and mailed to him with copy to CEO, WESCO and SEEC, Bolangir.

77. The power situation of the State of Odisha came to Media and then from Sep-09 onwards this has been found place in print media so also electronic media regularly in different modes. On dated 6th Sep-09, SAMAJ wrote “ Govt. of Odisha is worry about the revocation of Licence of Reliance Energy Ltd. As per the order of OERC”. During the first week of Sep-09, a BBSR based Newspaper “KHABARA BHASKAR” wrote in its front page about the involvement of CEO and GM-HRD WESCO in corruption case citing the last Interview for selection of GET and DET. On dated 7th Sep-09, NUAKHAI was observed at Cuttack in the presence of Hon’ble Minister, Health Srj. Prasanna Acharya and Hon’ble Speaker of OLA Srj. Pradeep Amat. This was a very good news for us. On dated 9th Sep-09, I attended a GRF Case at Bolangir and cited the regulatory provisions of Hon’ble OERC in the matter of demand reduction and demand enhancement before GRF arguing in favour of WESCO in case of Shree Shyamji Rice Mill of Cherupali. On 11th Sep-09, OERC created a separate category in its distribution code “Agro Based Industry” and redressed the issue of Cold Storage consumers.

78. On dated 14th Sep-09, talked with Division estimator of Sonepur Srj. Mohapatra, while asking him about the concurrence papers, he expressed his inability of submitting the papers for finance concurrence, and then tried to assault me, then misbehaved severely by expressing vulgar languages and the matter reported to CEO, WESCO, GM-Com and GM-HRD. DRUM Training was held at MSTC Burla and without redressing my petition of misbehaviour, Madam Nitipriya told me on dated 14th Sep-09, for attending the Training Program. I attended the same and we had very good discussion in the meeting. In the concluding part of the meeting on dated 16th Sep-09, I stated before the Chairman of the meeting that the Franchise modules as we discussed for last two days have not designed suitably considering the ground realities of WESCO. My comments were then saved by them. In the occasion of celebration of festival of Lord Biswakarma, OERC issued notice notes on agenda of 9th SAC Meeting scheduled to be held on dated 30th Sep-09. Gobind Sir prepared his observations for the said meeting and communicated to OERC.

79. On dated 19th Sep-09 was the first day of Navaratra Puja , I had been to corporate office for enquiring my matter of above misbehaviour and entered into the rook of GM-HRD. He was busy in gossiping with Madam Nitipriya. After my arrival, Nitipriya went away. I wished him, he responded. I asked him what the status of my case is as you have given me time of 17th Sep-09. Then he diverted the topic. He wanted to know from me that how my hands are moving now a days. I told him that as per the requirement my hands are moving, though slow, but I am very happy now. With Sri Mukesh, MT-F, who is now working with me since last 8 months is well trained up and office is running successfully. Then expressed his feeling on Women. In his expression, I did not find any respect to women society. I can not write here his nasty statements on women. I felt very sorry on his behaviour and reacted my protest immediately before him by telling that today is the beginning day Durga Puja and this Puja is celebrated all over India to respect the women class. He got angry then threatened me that he has built up a great file against me by showing his hands. I told him then why do you delay to charge me or to remove me, reminding him my past statement to him “You need favour me in official work” and challenged him If you have power then you remove me. Then I came out of his room and went to DGM-F. I told him every thing. While talking with him, the messenger of GM-HRD came to me and told that sir is calling you. I told him that I will not go. Then after sometime, DGM-F told me that you go. Then I again went to his room, where Madam Nitipriya and Sri Panda were there but he was not in a position to respect women. Then went to GM-Com room, briefed him the matter.

80. As on Sep-09, our theory of development had attracted the kind attention of different dignitaries of power sector. On dated 22nd Sep-09, along with Gobind Sir, I was busy in writing observations for 9th SAC Meeting. On this day we publicly expressed in front of Contractors of WESCO that, you are all getting licenses from Govt. of Odisha to carry out electrical works, so you are all govt. people and requested them to lessen the gratification money which they are paying to WESCO employees. WESCO Contractors are paying huge gratification money to its employees for which the lines and sub-station work of WESCO is not executed properly & there is sub-standard work. So advised him please cut your gratification Money to 50%. Mr. Panda who is a degree electrical engineer and doing his electrical construction and erection work under WESCO appreciated our proposal and we requested him for communication of our message to all contractors of WESCO. I have also told this 50% cut of bribe to Mr. Padhi, another contractor of WESCO doing his business in WESCO. The same message have been communicated to around 5-7 contractors of WESCO. But till date no WESCO employees ask us about the message. Later on we completed our writing on 9th SAC meeting at GRF Burla.

81. On 23rd Sep-09, I went to Sonepur without resolving the incidence took place with Mr. Mohapatra, Division estimator of date 14th Sep-09. I had on planning not the sign the agreement papers of consumers if the permission papers of the said consumer have not been concurred with Finance. EE Sonepur Sri S K Thakur called a meeting at division office and discussed the order of MD WESCO of date 23rd July-09 in the presence of Division Estimator. I read and noted the order line and line and discussed with them. At the end of discussion, we found that every papers of division estimator will be routed through Finance. EE instructed to Division Estimator that every papers of estimate branch will be routed through Finance-Commerce. But in the process this poor man was misbehaved and earned lot of displeasure. Sonepur Electrical Division is the first division to implement the order of MD WESCO of date 23rd July-09. But later on I thought for a procedure for uniformity applicability in WESCO and talked the matter with DGM-F. he listened and did not take any action, even today. On this day OPTCL/GRIDCO submitted a contingent plan of Load Management Program before Hon’ble OERC for power regulation in the State of Odisha.

82. On dated 24th Sep-09, one breaking news was published in Sambad. That the private Investors are coming to Odisha for the purpose of setting up Industry with Captive Power Plant. But they are more interested to set up their power plant than their Industry with the reason that power is a hot commodity and this is sold at a very high rate during the period of crisis. On 26th Sep-09, Dharitri wrote a news that “it is ridiculous in the part of OERC asking State Govt on the issue of revocation of Licence of Reliance managed DISCOMs”. On 30th Sep-09, SAC Meeting was held at OERC, Gobind Sir attended the same and talked with me after the end of meeting. Power crisis scenario of Odisha came in newspaper.

83. On dated 1st Oct-09, in an important move Sri Hansda, one JE who was terminated from the service of WESCO as per the Special Audit Report of Titilagarh Electrical Division, was ordered to be reinstated by WESCO. The management Board of WESCO heard his issue and approved his reinstate. In our view the Management Board of WESCO so also NESCO and SOUTHCO believed that what has happened in Titilagarh is a general case and it is going on in Odisha DISCOMs, so why would we punish a tribal man, rather better to take remedial measures to prevent the corruption in the system. But no significant steps have not been taken then to prevent corruption in the system.

84. In the eve of celebration of the Birth Day of the Father of Nation, I sent a message to different authorities of Govt of Odisha, REL, GRIDCO/OPTCL and some eminent persons of power sector. The message was “Sir, please have a comment on the difference between Commission & Government, in the context of OERC seeking opinions/views of Govt in the matter of revocation of licence of REL. Your kind comment on the purpose of appointment of Commission shall change the fate of Odisha. Thanks. Anand.” After sometimes Sri Mishra Saheb, OSD to Hon’ble Chief Secretary of Odisha contacted me and wanted to know the subject. Told him the details of the Subject and he commented that some deliberations and debates are required in the topic. I gave him warm thankful for calling me. Briefed the matter to Gobind Sir and he appreciated the subject.

85. On dated 6th Oct-09, I had been to corporate office for billing work along with Sri. Mukesh, MT-Finance. As told by Mukesh, we had not stock of Master Data form at Sonepur, so we went to Purchase deptt of WESCO and found that Srj. T B Mishra is out of Station for official work. The AM in charge of printing and stationeries came forward to listen us. We told him that we are to be provided Master data Forms. He got astonished by listening master data form as if he listened the term for the first time. But his behaviour astonished us. This is a general form and our each dealing assistant, ESO, SDO, EE and SE all know about it and without this form no new consumer will be regularised and you do not know it. I took the matter to CEO and told him about the issue. I told him that if one Assistant Manager rank person of purchase section does not have any idea about the said form, then how the new connections are to be regularised. He expressed his serious concern and advised to wait till the joining of Sri. T B Mishra, AGM-Purchase.

86. On dated 10th Oct-09, Srj. Barack Obama, Hon’ble President of United States of America was selected for Nobel Prize for Peace. The news came across the world and then many discussion took place in course of time in connection with his selection for Nobel Peace Prize. The doubt of all got cleared on dated 10th Dec-09, when he received the prize and donated it to Nation. During the Prize giving ceremony, he expressed his theory of “War for Peace”. He told in media that for establishing the peace in the world war is required. We understood his theory. This theory of Srj. Obama is nothing but a copy version of Indian culture and religion. In Srimad Bhagabata Gita Lord Srikrishna has told “Yada Yada hi Dhrmatsya, Glani Bhabati Bharata, ……………….. ……….. ………. Dharma Sanstanpanarthaya Sambhabami Yuge Yuge”. The English version of his lords theory is “ When the earth is full of Offence (Adharma), and there is rise of dishonest people in the cost of honest people, I come to earth to save the honest people so also to earth from the burden of sin and prefer to declare war against dishonest people in order to establish peace (Dharma) in Earth.” In the said theory there are two terms Dharma & Adharma. As per our view “Work is worship” is the theory of Dharma. Now question arises about the types of work. Every human being is doing work. Work is meant for earning, and a man works for his and for his family’s survival, but if one earns in the cost of others, then that is not good work (Adharma), in the other hand if one earns without harming to others, then this is good work (Dharma). As per Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, Dharma means self existence and growth as stated above.

I had been to Dharmasala, the residence of Gobind Sir on the same day and we discussed on the above topic. He showed me the minutes of 9th SAC Meeting, where we found that our theory of development has been reflected in the said Minutes. The word like “Cross Checking” and others have been inserted in the said minutes.

87. On dated 12th Oct-09, OERC issued “Consultative Staff Paper on Power Regulation in the State” to 55 dignitaries of Odisha power sector for their valuable comment. We made on several exercises on the issue and communicated to OERC then. Dipabali, the festival of Light celebrated in the World on dated 17th Oct-09 and we sent message to many authorities in connection with electricity sector, a sector of light. Our message was “Happy Diwali. In this lighting festive occasion the light/economy of riched Odisha is going towards darkness due to favoritism—poor mindset of its CARETAKER. Submitting to reduce T&D Loss of DISCOMs. Anand.” This message was sent to Commissioners of OERC, Ministers and Secretaries of Govt of Odisha, REL, DISCOM authorities and many eminent persons of Odisha power sector. Reply came from Hon’ble Sri B K Mishra, Member OERC as follows: “ Many happy return on the occasion of Diwali glad to receive suggestion on T&D Loss.” Sri B K Mishra Saheb of OERC contacted me at 4.03 PM, miss call recorded. I then called to Sri Mishra Saheb at 4.04 Pm for around 15 minutes. We also got too many good reciprocation from REL, Govt. of Odisha, eminent persons of power sector, DISCOMs, OPTCL/GRIDCO. Srj. Barack Obama celebrated Dipabali in his white house, the news came then.

88. In an important statement CMD of ADA Group of Companies Srj. Anil Ambani expressed in media that If RIL will raise the price of Gas, then electricity tariff will be hiked and this is not good for the Indian economy. Another good news came in this day that Union Cabinet approved the proposal of change of name of our motherland “Orissa” to “Odisha” & “Oriya” to “Odiya”. Actually in our severally writings in the past we were using to write Odisha instead of Orissa for which we celebrated the event. During 2-3 days from from 26th Oct-09 to 28th Oct-09, one the article on power sector of Srj. Janaki Ballbh Patnaik, Ex-Chief Minister of Odisha was published in all leading odiya news papers. As per the advice of Sri Gobind Sir, we translated it into English and mailed it from the ID of Gobind Sir to Govt. of Odisha, OERC, REL, DISCOMs, OPTCL,GRIDCO, OHPC, OPGC and many eminent persons of Odisha power sector. The English version of the article written by Srj. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik is mentioned below:

“ The heading of the news item is “ Deepabali Gift- Power Cut”.

In the occasion of Deepabali, this year, state govt. has gifted power cut to the people of Odisha. It is stated that the reason is less monsoon. The reservoirs of the state did not swallow with full water, so power crisis came instantly. This is a bureaucratic argument. This situation of less monsoon is not a new thing. Had it been sufficient generation of power, this scarcity may not felt. For the last NINE years state govt. has slept calmly by pouring oil in their belly. Up to the year 2000 what ever was the quantity of generation, by taking the same it was declared that Odisha is a power surplus state them. Neither state govt. took initiative nor asked the help of centre.

In the past during the régime of Congress Govt., one super thermal power project had been set up at Talcher, Kaniha. In the first phase 1000 MW of power was generated from which Odisha received & utilized it’s share of 300 MW. Now from this Plant another 2000 MW of power is being generated, but State Govt. do not take 600 MW of power as it’s share, resulting the same is transmitted to other states and how far it is possible to supply power to Odisha by creating crisis in other states, is yet to judge.

For the last nine years govt. run by Srj. Nabin Patnaik, did neither set up new power plants nor renewed the existing old plants nor created scope for new ensuing projects. In the past govt. had planned and finalized many hydro and thermal power projects. Among the hydro projects Hirakud B- 4×52=208 MW, Chipilima 4×50=200 MW, Sindhol 1, 2 & 3 Unit = 340 MW and from other small and mini projects 500 MW, sum total of these hydro projects was 1200 MW (appx) had yet to be carried on. Besides these, among the thermal plants, state owned IB power station did not generate 420 MW as was planned. Neither the State govt. settled the dispute created with AES, the major stakeholder of IB nor the plant has been expanded during the last NINE years. A great laughing fact is that Chipilima did not generate 72 MW of power by just clearing the grass, in spite of my submission about the said fact on the floor of Assembly three years back but Govt. of Odisha is not interested to take up this simple work of clearing the grass.

During 2005, the then power secretary of Govt. of India Sri R V Sahi had proposed to state govt. to set up a ultra mega power plant of capacity of 4000 MW in Odisha. For this purpose central- power Finance Corporation has to finance the project but State govt. neither provided land nor shown any interest for the project for which the project shifted to other state. State had aimed to, by constituting OTPCL (Odisha Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.) to procure 2000 MW of power, by joint venture of OHPC and OMC, for which OMC has to provide all capital requirement, central govt. has to provide required coal mines. Then Central Govt. deed it’s duty & responsibility by providing coal mines. But again state govt. neither find nor provide land for the purpose for which the allotted mines to Odisha could not be utilized. Now Central Coal Ministry has show caused to OMC through State Govt. and asked for explanation as why the said coal mines shall not be withdrawn?

Besides, in the personal level many of the thermal power plants could have been set up. Among these Hirma Power Project is one of them. The installed capacity in the first phase of the said project was estimated at 6x660MW=3960MW and in the second phase the same quantity of power could have been generated. Had this project been started, in the first phase it would have already produced 1320 MW of power to meet the scared demand. For this purpose there was no scarcity of Companies at that time but State govt. did not show any interest for the people. Secondly, Kalinga Power Project at Duburi could not set up due to non-availability of required help from State Govt. side. Had this project been set up, then Odisha could procure more 500 MW of power and being that an industrial area with load growth, this power could have been better utilized. But Govt. of Odisha only said and run only said and run by telling and telling again and again that Odisha is a power surplus state and kept busy in signing agreement with big Steel Plants to attain false thankful from public from which no one a single agreement is being capitalized. Now, In the State of Odisha if the generation of power is not increased continuously, then there will be neither the development of agriculture nor the growth of Industry.

During 1980’s when Congress came to power, I have been told that Odisha is a power surplus state. How much surplus? 3 MW surpluses. Previously, with only 373 MW of firm power, It was propagated being proudly that Odisha is a power surplus state. Within a few days that surplus vanished because this was nothing sufficient with the state requirement. For this at that time many plans were made. Took up the reform process of TTPS and it was started. Horakud Power station was limited with Unit-I and Unit-II, that has been modernized. Steps were taken up to complete all the 5 units of Rengali Power Station (Hydro) in order to commissioning the units without further loss of time. In Upper Kolab, steps were also taken to complete all the four units for commissioning purposes and started the work of 2×75 MW Balimela Power Stations. During 1984, as a major step we constitutes OPGC. The purpose of these works are to increase our generation in order to reach the possible growth of state economy. IB power station was set up by OPGC in order to utilize the huge coal reserve of the state which can provide electricity to whole of India and then Odisha will be the power house for whole of India. This is a strong measure taken by State Govt. at that time and then we started the work of IB power station. We had not money at that time. In West Bengal, Jyoti Basu had initiated to start a similar project at Bakreswar but the said project did not set up. In Odisha we set up our own IB Power Plant. For this purpose we took the help of newly constituted Central- Power Finance Corporation. At that time Sri Basanta Sathe was the Centre Minister. By prevailing upon him, we arranged the funds for IB power plant. We also deployed our own funds to some extent. The entire plant has 4 Units, each of 210 MW and the installed capacity had 840 MW. First two units completed and 420 MW power commissioned. Then AES was sold 49% of share for Rs. 603 crores, the rate was too high and received Rs. 603.00 crores. For Indian companies may give us maximum Rs. 300.00 crores. The entire selling process was conducted through bids. AES was allowed the 49 % share due to his highest bidding rate. In that factory we have 51% of Share and Chairman post is our’s. It is very sorry state of affairs that we have not established our rights in that plant.
During Janata Govt. power cut was a continuous process. During 1995 when Congress came to power, I had declared that power cut will be no more and from the very first day it was stopped. However, this is not a magic but good management. Whatever was generated at that time that was not properly transmitted and distributed. During 1980 to 1990, many steps have been taken for the power sector. Govt. of India decided to set up 5 mega power plants or Super power projects in India each of installed capacity of 3000 MW. Out of them, by prevailing upon govt. of India one of the project came to Odisha. This Super Thermal Power Plant constructed at Talcher, Kaniha. The foundation stone of this 3000 MW mega power plant was laid by the then Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi at Talcher, Kaniha. In one day TSTPP and IB power station which is state owned was set up. Presently, the contribution of these two plants to meet the requirement of Odisha is not a small thing.

Besides above, power sector reform program. What we have gained dur to reform process, I want to cite an example. There was Electricity Board (SEB) and it was running with Loss always. It is the responsibility of the govt. to bridge the loss gap. Govt. was compensating the loss from State Budget. After the Formation of GRIDCO, govt. escaped from bridging the loss gap then. On this head state govt. has escaped to bridge the gap of loss of Rs. 4000.00 crores. But reform does not mean to sit silent without adding any generation to the existing level. Odisha’s huge coal and water reservoir is attracting many industrialists from home and abroad. Without reform, they may not never come to Odisha or they will not come.

During the period 1995-2000, Odisha become a surplus power state. I have stated earlier that whatever power surplus is on date, that will be lessen and lessen day by day due to increase in demand and will find deficit if additional generation is not made. Therefore, Govt. of Odisha to speak what action they have taken to increase the generation of electricity during the period 2000-2009. This should be replied by the Govt.

Power Cut is a cruel chit to the public of Odisha. Due to serious inefficient approach of State govt., now the 27 lakh of consumer of the state is going to be affected. In town 4 hours power cut and rural 6 hours and this is not ending in this year. In every year 5% to 7% of additional consumer have been added to the consumer data base. There is no new Industry. It is apprehended that this crisis shall increase but no possibility of decrease. Work has already been started to escape from this crisis by shifting the responsibility on Central Govt. because for rise of the prices of patato and brinjal it is propagated that central govt. is responsible for rise of the prices of vegetable. Really, this govt. is being another name of wonder, by involving itself in corruption and doing nothing for the development of the State.

Ex-Chief Minister of Odisha.
Janaki Ballabh Pattnaik.
Later on dated 21st Nov-09, as per the press release from Rastrapati Bhawan Srj. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik, Ex-Chief Minister of Odisha was appointed as the Governor of Assam. We have read the above article of Srj. Patnaik and marked some deficiencies in the article. Srj. Patnaik has traced on more generation of Power failing to comment on its impact on environment of Odisha. In the entire article, he did not mention about the effect and impact of operation of more and more Power plants in Odisha on the good environment of Odisha.

89. In an important move on date 29th Oct-09, Srj. Bhupendra Kumar Patnaik, General Manager (Commerce), WESCO Burla was selected for the Vice President of Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. He retired from the services of WESCO on dated 31st Oct-09 and Reliance appointed him as the Vice President of WESCO on dated 1st Nove-09. Vide letter no. Secy/2418 dated 29th Oct-09 of Secy OERC, he wrote to Director General Police (Law and Order) Cuttack as follows: “reports have been received from field engineers all over the state i.e., OPTCL, CESU, WESCO, NESCO & SOUTHCO that most of the police stations in the state are not accepting the FIRs lodged with regards to theft of electricity and line materials. A few are accepting at their sweet will. In view of above, I am directed to request you to kindly look into the matter personally and issue appropriate instructions to SPs of all districts to take care of it so that FIRs lodged are accepted by concerned police stations. This is badly required to meet the power crisis. Immediate action in the matter is requested.” Copy of the letter was marked to Principal Secretary, Home Deptt and Commissioner Cum Secretary Department of Energy.

90. Vide Letter No. ADM/70/2494 dated 7th Nov-09, OERC issued Annual Report for the FY 2008-09 and concluded with some real comments:
“ In view of the important lesson and from the experience gained from power sector working in the state it may be stated that while there is certainly the need to take aggressive administrative and financial measures to reduce the present unsustainable levels of ATC Losses there is also the imperative need for govt to participate actively in the day to day development of the power sector of the state. After experimenting with the private distribution companies for almost one decade, we can no longer carry on with a “business as usual” approach. A serious rethinking and reorientation of our approach is essential. The present system of managing or treating the power sector in the state on an ‘arms-Length’ basis needs to be changed to a hand-shake basis. The state would be missing a great opportunity in fostering the rapid economic development of the state if not done now. It is a robust power sector which is the key to attracting investments to the state. Therefore, the state govt must come forward readily and work alongside the DISCOMs, the STU and the generators in the day to day development of the power sector, rather than take a “distance and aloof” approach.”

On the same day dated 5th Nov-09, in the afternoon hour, Hon’ble MD WESCO Srj. V K Sood called me over my Cell Phone and told me to come to his office for discussion and advised me to come to my office after getting the approval of your Vice-President. I gave him my consent to go. I put a note before EE for forwarding it to VP and talked with VP in this matter. VP told me to come to his office. Then EE was not available at that time in office. I waited to the next day. In the next day morning EE, came to office, CVO, WESCO Burla was at office. I put up the note and asked him for signature. He showed foul play behaviour on the note. Then I sent a message to VP and mentioned about delay in process. Then he forwarded the letter to VP. In the mean time I reserved the Train Ticket to go to BBSR. In the afternoon, I reached at Burla and submitted the note before VP for approval. VP was busy in meeting, he took some time. After the meeting I went to him again, told him that I have reserved tickets for tomorrow morning to go to BBSR by Intercity Express. He allowed me. Then I returned to Home after collecting my tickets from the man to whom I told to reserve the Tickets. In the next morning along with family I went to Railway Station to catch the Intercity Express. Unfortunately, I failed to catch the train. Returned to Home and decided to go to BBSR tomorrow morning. At 7:19 PM of date 7th Nov-09, MD again called me and told me that why did you send message to Sri Badu Sir of OERC etc etc and scolded me in language like Bloody and Rascal etc. he did not listen me and told me that you are not required to come to my office. Here question arises, If MD had dis-satisfaction on me then he can communicate his feeling on dated 5th Nov-09, while he invited me to his office. After a long exercises and loss of time and money, what made them to express his anger on me? This is not yet understood. I communicated the matter to Gobind Sir, he did not speak anything. Told the matter to Mr B K Patnaik, VP WESCO, he advised me to keep silence. Then I maintained silence till evening of date 10th May-2010.

91. TOI dated 8th Nov-09, on its front page it published an anti-corruption news as follows: “The Vigilance Boss Sri Anup Pattnaik said the State Govt. has asked all secretaries , head of the departments and PSUs to prepare a list of “Officers with doubtful integrity” and also an “agreed-list” between the departments and the vigilance to keep watch on them. All departments and PSUs are now taking departmental promotions only after vigilance clearance and also for posting in important assignments.” He added.
On dated 9th Nov-09, transfer order of Finance Cadre Officers was issued, where I found myself transferred from Sonepur to Sambalpur Electrical Division. Promotion order of Finance Cadre Officers was also issued, my seniority basing on my joining was not considered by WESCO. I shocked too much because the officers who joined in front of me, became senior to me is just due to nasty HRD policy of WESCO. Then decided to write to Directors of WESCO. On dated 11th Nov-09, I completed my writings and mailed my representation of 13 pages to Srj. Krishna Mankad and Srj. K D Kulkarni of REL, Director of WESCO. Also sent message to them for submitting my representation through email. Then I waited for positive responses from Board of Directors. On dated 12th Nov-09, as per my commitment in the yesterday’s representation, I completed my observations on Spot Bill and mailed it to Srj. Krishna Mankad, Srj. K D Kulkarni, Director WESCO, Vice President of WESCO and SEEC, Bolangir. I found no positive responses from the side of Company and lastly handed over my charge of Commerce to Mr. Das, AFM-Accounts of Sonepur Electrical Division on dated 17th Nov-09. On dated 20th Nov-09 joined at Sambalpur Electrical Division.

92. Sambalpur electrical division was well known to me, because in the past I had done my audit works at this division. On dated 26th Nov-09, I collected the list of consumers whose grievances have not been redressed by WESCO. In this day, sent one IOC (Inter Office Communication) to SDO-I & SDO-II, requesting them to expedite the consumer service. Later on the customer care In Charge Mr. Sashikant informed me that they have taken steps to redress the grievances of the consumer. During the course of working at Sambalpur Electrical Division I was giving maximum priority on consumer service and within a month I used to come 10-12 times to the customer care centre for observing the customer behaviour. Hon’ble Chairman OERC came to WESCO for a 2 days visit program on dated 28th Nov-09. He visited and reviewed WESCO on 29th and 30th Nov-09.

93. In the first week of Dec-09, I decided to jump to Accounts, because the system has already been collapsed. In our functioning, there is no adherence to rules, regulations, orders of OERC, directions of Govt, directions of REL, directions of MD. Nothing is implemented in the system. The HRD Deptt is already failure. I had communicated my feelings of jumping to Accounts to the senior officers of the Company then. They told me that they have communicated their views and my submission to VP WESCO, Burla. I had also met to VP WESCO and submitted him for changing me to Accounts because he had not considered my candidature of seniority while he signed the order of Promotion of Finance Cadre Officers of date 9th Nov-09. During the period Dec-09 to Apr-10, I have seen various estimate papers of new connections and noted my observations in the file. But I observed then that my notes have become useless to EE. I felt very sorry. EE allowed to customer care to issue Money Receipt in back date which I was not favoured. These are anti-finance activities but I did not appreciate, but he continued in his style without any change. He was massively supported by SE Burla Circle.

94. On dated 1st Dec-09, OERC issued letter to Gobind Sir for the ensuing Seminar “Issues and Challenges in protecting consumer Interest in power sector” to be held at Hotel Crown, BBSR on dated 11th Dec-09. Madam Purabi Das invited to Gobind Sir for the Seminar with the presentation of Sri Badu Sir, Member OERC. We were also in the process of writing our submissions for the Seminar. On this day Srj. Anil Bohra CEO SOUTHCO moved to CSO Office at BBSR and became the head of Commerce of Reliance managed DISCOMs. On this day I handed over the letter of Pheonix, where they tendered their inability to continue the online collection module at customer care Sambalpur to Sri Swagata Rath, of PRO PEOPLE, the principal employer of which is RINFRA and advised him to take steps for continuance of online collection module at Customer Care Sambalpur. He took the letter from me with acknowledgement and I kept silence on the issue. Later on he was transferred to SOUTHCO and no new man was posted in his place by RINFRA and the post is laying vacant since then. Phonix is escorted free since that date, though the matter is reported to VP in writing for his knowledge but no action is taken then. The implementation of IT in the area of collection is very poor.

95. On dated 5th Dec-09, we completed our observations on the proposed Seminar, 8 pages of Paper, two pages of presentation and a forwarding letter and mailed it to OERC and copy marked to Govt. of Odisha, DISCOMs, REL, OPTCL/GRIDCO and to some eminent persons of power sector. On dated 8th Dec-09, Madam Purabi Das again mailed us a Power Point Presentation file on our 8 pages paper and requested us to certify the points. The first point of the said presentation format was a blunder. She mentioned OER Act-2003, but it was OER Act-1995 (Odisha Electricity Reform Act-1995) or Electricity Act-2003. we rectified it in the said presentation and added 6-7 points in the said presentation and mailed to Madam Purabi Das on dated 9th Dec-09. But in the Souvenir released then on 5th Jan-10, it was not corrected. The scheduled workshop held on dated 11th Dec-09 and attended by Hon’ Minister Energy, Chairman OERC, Hon’ble Chairperson APTEL Ex-Justice M. Karpaga, Hon’ble Justice M M Das, Judge, Odisha High Court, Hon’ble Shri H L Bajaj, Technical Member, APTEL, Shri K Sahay, Registrar, APTEL, Hon’ble Chairman Shri B K Das & Hon’ble Member Shri B K Mishra, OERC, Hon’ble Commissioner Cum Secretary Shri P K Jena, Hon’ble CMD GRIDCO, Representatives of Consumer Activist, MD of Relianced Managed DISCOMs, CEOs of DISCOMs, Hon’ble Members of State Advisory Committee, Ex-Chairpersons and Members of OERC, other dignitaries and representatives of print and electronic media, where Gobind Sir presented his papers on Issues & Challenges in protecting interest of consumer in power sector and was appreciated by all stake holders. I have gone through the speech papers of above dignitaries as presented in the Souvenir and convinced that our theory of development of power sector so also economy of Odisha has been properly appreciated. Further I have gone through the messages given by different authorities of Govt. of Odisha in the occasion of release of said Souvenir and found the same. At the end of Seminar, Gobind Sir was very happy, he was so happy that after reaching at Sambalpur Railway station in the next morning by Tapaswani Express, he preferred to come to my Home first. In the early morning at about 5.30 AM of date my calling bell rang, we did not leave bed by that time because it was winter morning. I left bed and came to corridor by opening my front door and became very surprise to see Gobind Sir was standing in front of my Home. I welcomed him and took him to home. Mrs. Mohapatra gave him tea and we marked a sign of happiness in his face. We became very happy and he briefed us about all the proceedings of Seminar and then went away to Dharmasala.

96. In an breaking event on dated 10th Dec-09, the preceding day of Seminar, Govt. of Odisha uploaded the “Corporate Governance Manual for PSUs” and the news came in the electronic media during evening hours. I downloaded the same immediately and copied it to my Pen drive. In the said manual Govt. of Odisha recognised “Whistle Blower Policy” in it’s manual of corporate governance, which helped to our theory of development. Later on I have mailed it to the Directors of Reliance managed DISCOMs for its implementation and necessary actions with copy to Govt pf Odisha and OERC.

97. On dated 11th Dec-09, a review meeting was held at Division level in the room of EE SED, Sambalpur. In the meeting Sri. Tanu Behera assaulted me in front of senior officers and my colleagues. EE SED, Sambalpur did not stop him. Communicated the matter to SE-Burla and he advised me to talk with EE. EE did not take any action and tried to manage it. Due to the inaction of EE, Sri Behera again and again assaulted me and I preferred to not to talk with him. I became totally fade off with the behaviour of Sri Behera and he is supported by all, then decided to leave job. Gobind Sir restricted me to resign from Service. Then I maintained distance from official work. However, later on I have prepared performance report of ESO/SDO for the month of Dec-09 and Jan-09 and issued then to ESOs/SDOs with copy to corporate office but neither any review was made on that report nor marked any sincerity in the part of ESO/SDOs. Corporate office did not take any interest on the report. As I stated above all the officers of WESCO are escorted free. There is no difference between Average, Good, Better and Best in assessing the Officers of WESCO. In the same day Srj. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik, Ex-CM of Odisha sworn as Governor of Assam.

98. On dated 16th Dec-09, I completed the performance report of ESO/SDOs of SED, Sambalpur and issued to all concerned in the next day. EE SED, Sambalpur brought this report to corporate office and attended the Monthly Review Meeting. On 18th Dec-09, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Barack Obama attended the workshop at Kopenhagen on the issue of climate change. As published in the next day news paper, on 19th Dec-09, Srj. Bharat Singh Solanki, Union State Power Minister came to Odisha and reviewed the power sector of Odisha in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha and stated that though Odisha is the pioneer state to implement power sector reform but still unable to reach the target reduction of TD Loss. He told to media persons that presently Odisha is incurring TD Loss of 39%, needs to reduce to 15% by 2012. The R-APDRP grant is not allowed to Odisha due to high TD Loss of Odisha DISCOMs. Hon’ble Minister Energy Sri A S Nayak told that if Odisha cuts 1% reduction of TD loss per year then we could earn Rs.35 crores per year.

On 21st Dec-09, I wrote to VP WESCO about the discontinuance of online collection module at customer care centre and brief him every thing in that communication. On dated 22nd Dec-09, TOI published a very good news on power sector of India. The news is as follows: Stung by criticism over slow pace of work to ramp up generation capacity that is threatening the target set for the 11th plan, Power Minister Sri Susil Kumar Sindhe has cracked the whip on the brass of central utilities and said he wants to fix responsibility for projects running behind schedule. At a meeting called last week to take stock of the village electrification plan, Sindhe asked all central Uttility Bosses to give in writing the reasons for delays in their projects. He also asked CEA Chairman Rakesh Nath to send in writing his comments on the situation. Sindhe told the executives and his ministry officials he wants to fix responsibility.

Sindhe’s strong reaction came when he was told that major slippages have been noticed in projects being implemented by central utilities. Nath said many central sector projects are lagging due to delay in placing orders for equipment and problems with contractors.

The Minutes of Meeting record Nath as saying that based on assessment of the situation at present, an addition of only about 62000 MW generation capacities has a “high degree” of certainity, while approximately 12000 MW is being attempted with “best efforts” during the 11th Plan period against a Target of 78700 MW set originally. Sindhe also asked the heads of central sector utilities to personally visit project sites routinely and delegates more decision making powers to General Manager-rank officials. Such officials play lead roles in supervising contracts and implementing projects.

Power Secretary H S Brahma said no slip-ups will be tolerated in the target of electrifying One Lakh villages by 2011 and providing 1.75 lakh connections to BPL by March 2012. “These Targets have to be met without fail,” the Minutes note Brahma as saying. Brahma also advised flagship hydel utility NHPC to finalise DPRs (Detailed Project Reports) quickly for 10 projects that are to be built in Bhutan.

99. In the last week of Dec-09, I decided to write on customer care and a proposal is to be given for opening of Customer care centres at Khetrarajpur and Burla. According I had discussion with SDO concerned and EE, so also with SE, but did not receive any positive responses. Then I maintained silence on the issue. Dharitri news dated 29th Dec-09, We knew that Govt of Odisha have expressed its view on the options put forth by OERC in connection of revocation of the licence of REL. Govt. of Odisha has stated that 1) Time has not come for govt to speak on the issue. 2) Commission is a quasi judicial body is competent enough to order to govt. for further course of action 3) Govt will obey the order of Commission.
100. In the end of Dec-09, on 31st Day of Dec-09 WESCO executed one agreement with OCAC, Govt. of Odisha for revenue collection activities.

101. On 5th Jan-10, OERC hosted the Workshop with subject of “Tariff Setting Vis-à-vis Sustainable Development of Power Sector Odisha at Hotel Swosti Plaza and issued the much awaited Souvenir titled “Odisha Power Sector at a glance 2009”. I collected a copy. Then it was uploaded in the good web sites of OERC for the information of the people. I sent a new year message in the occasion of celebration of English new year. Later on Srj. B K Mishra, Hon’ble Member OERC reciprocated very well in the 8th day of sending message. We had many exercises on power regulation papers of GRIDCO and OPTCL and observed silently till the cancellation of order.

102. During the period Jan-10 to June-10, we have communicated/submitted and mailed our theory of development taking power distribution sector as the basic Infrastructure to different authorities of Govt. of Odisha and Govt. of India. In our theory of development we have traced on implementation of the concept of Professionalism in our sector so also in other SIX sectors. Our communications in the above period is known to all and needs no further submission. However, I am to provide again, if it is called for. It is not possible here to mention all these things. We have raised several questions in the functioning of Power sector of Odisha and have requested for solutions in the greatest interest of the State. The depleting situation of power sector of Odisha has viewed by OERC again and again but the authorities functioning under it is not responding to the satisfaction of Commission for which Odisha is loosing huge money and resources, which could have been utilised for the welfare of People. On dated 28th April-10, I mailed to different Govt. of Odisha in furtherance to our communications on our theory of development. On 3rd May 2010, again we have added some more inputs to our theory of development and communicated it to the relevant authorities. We have also requested to Govt. of India to review the Electricity Act-2003, citing sufficient reasons.

103. On dated 12th Jan-10, I mailed my observations in connection of billing data base of WESCO. The meter no. so also meter installation process which is bread and butter for DISCOMs have been taken casually and reported the matter to higher authorities citing my exercises on the issue. On dated 16th Jan-10, I replied against the show cause letter of EE of SED, Sambalpur and mailed my observations to all. The said show cause letter was a conspiracy against me as replied then. I have communicated my reply to the higher authorities. Later on dated 6th May-10, again EE show caused me for baseless reason, I have replied it then and sent it to higher authorities. But my reply has not been duly considered by your good office. Again on dated 19th March-10, I mailed observations in connection with by-passing of DFM-Com in the area of selection of Disconnection agent and other area in connection to commercial activities. SE, Burla Circle and EE SED, Sambalpur joined hand and tried to harass me due to the reason their course of action which was detrimental to the interest of company, was not properly carried on. I have cited a number of examples in the above submission.

104. On 29th Day of Jan-10, mailed to Directors of WESCO about the implementations corporate governance manual as issued by Govt. of Odisha on dated 10th Dec-09. On dated 1st March-10, mailed some observations in connection with Interview & appointment of Data Entry Operators in WESCO to higher authorities. On dated 23rd Feb-10, Cabinet Sub-Committee of Govt. of Odisha discussed in a meeting chaired by Hon’ ble CM of Odisha about the concept of Professionalism. We communicated our thankful to Govt. of Odisha in this occasion. On dated 24th April-10, I circulated a message to the dignitaries of Power sector and showed the importance of distribution sector for rebuilding Odisha. The message was “Sir, as per a study % of ATC Loss of DISCOMs is directly related with the degree of Pollution and warming of environment. Is it?”. After circulation of this message, we found a number of positive responses in favour of the message. Govt. of India vide his press release allowed free electricity to the inhabitants residing within 5 KM radius of power plant then, though it was under consideration of Govt. Srj. Nabin Patnaik, Hon’ble CM of Odisha released draft report on climate issue and asked for peoples comment in the first week of Jun-10 is known to all.

Lastly I would like to request senior authorities of WESCO and REL kindly view the above works & submissions and seeking cooperation further for the development of the distribution sector.
Sl Billing
MONTH DIV Name S VOLT CD PF LF MD REC MD BILL KWH RECORD KWH BILLED 20% Discount up to 50% LF Cons. Excess billed (diff. of 80% guaranteed cons & actual cons) Net Relief
allowed to
Jharsuguda Consumer No. 4130 56 SMC POWER LTD. (Demand enhanced in Jun’05)
1 DEC_05 33 5000 0.99 0.8 5358 5358 2771460 2870173.44 -1076315.04 167812.85 -908502.19
2 JAN_06 33 5000 0.98 0.8 5142 5142 2716080 2754466.56 -1032924.97 65257.15 -967667.82
3 FEB_06 33 5000 0.98 0.8 5070 5070 2457720 2457720.00 -919900.80 0.00 -919900.80
4 MAR_06 33 5000 0.98 0.8 5070 5070 2457720 2457720.00 -919900.80 0.00 -919900.80
TOTAL -3949041.61 233070.00 -3715971.61
Consumer No. 8130 58 219 Scan Steel(Demand enhanced in April’05)
1 APR_05 Rajgangpur 33 5500 0.93 0.8 5994 5994 2822280 3107289.60 -1165233.60 484516.32 -680717.28
2 MAY_05 33 5500 0.96 0.8 5958 5958 2736540 3191581.44 -1196843.04 773570.45 -423272.59
3 JUN_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5736 5736 2531220 2973542.40 -1115078.40 751948.08 -363130.32
4 JUL_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5970 5970 2680560 3198009.60 -1199253.60 879664.32 -319589.28
5 AUG_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5802 5802 2783640 3108015.36 -1165505.77 551438.11 -614067.66
6 SEP_05 33 5500 0.97 0.8 6054 6054 2756460 3138393.60 -1176897.60 649287.12 -527610.48
7 OCT_05 33 5500 0.93 0.8 6060 6060 3023580 3246220.80 -1217332.80 378489.36 -838843.44
8 NOV_05 33 5500 0.93 0.8 6108 6108 2782620 3166387.20 -1187395.20 652404.24 -534990.96
9 DEC_05 33 5500 0.93 0.8 5934 5934 2344260 3178725.12 -1192021.93 1418590.70 226568.78
10 JAN_06 33 5500 0.94 0.8 6000 6000 3140280 3214080.00 -1205280.00 125460.00 -1079820.00
11 FEB_06 33 5500 0.96 0.8 6072 6072 2726820 2937876.48 -1101703.68 358796.02 -742907.67
12 MAR_06 33 5500 0.96 0.8 6072 6072 2726820 2937876.48 -1101703.68 358796.02 -742907.67
TOTAL -14024249.30 7382960.74 -6641288.57
Consumer No. 8130 78 245 BAJRANG STEEL &Alloys (Demand enhanced in Nov’ 04)
1 AUG_05 Rajgangpur 33 5500 1 0.8 5616 5616 2593260 3008378.88 -1128142.08 705702.10 -422439.99
2 SEP_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5604 5604 2637900 2905113.60 -1089417.60 454263.12 -635154.48
3 OCT_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5676 5676 2990220 3040519.68 -1140194.88 85509.46 -1054685.43
4 NOV_05 33 5500 1 0.8 5694 5694 2803320 2951769.60 -1106913.60 252364.32 -854549.28
5 DEC_05 33 5500 0.99 0.8 5928 5928 3045540 3175511.04 -1190816.64 220950.77 -969865.87
6 JAN_06 33 5500 0.95 0.8 5700 5700 2984400 3053376.00 -1145016.00 117259.20 -1027756.80
7 FEB_06 33 5500 0.98 0.85 5514 5514 2833860 2833860.00 -1000460.17 0.00 -1000460.17
8 MAR_06 33 5500 0.98 0.85 5514 5514 2833860 2833860.00 -1000460.17 0.00 -1000460.17
TOTAL -8801421.14 1836048.96 -6965372.18
Consumer No. 8130 79 246-PII M/S SHRISHTI ISPAT Ltd. (Demand enhanced in April’ 05)
1 APR_05 Rajgangpur 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5340 5340 2737800 2851200.00 -1069200.00 192780.00 -876420.00
2 MAY_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5460 5460 2577000 2946240.00 -1104840.00 627708.00 -477132.00
3 JUN_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5592 5592 2335920 2898892.80 -1087084.80 957053.76 -130031.04
4 JUL_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5556 5556 2688480 2976238.08 -1116089.28 489188.74 -626900.55
5 AUG_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5700 5700 2843520 3053376.00 -1145016.00 356755.20 -788260.80
6 SEP_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5484 5484 2337360 2851200.00 -1069200.00 873528.00 -195672.00
7 OCT_05 33 5500 0.94 0.8 5748 5748 2740440 3079088.64 -1154658.24 575702.69 -578955.55
8 NOV_05 33 5500 0.92 0.8 5880 5880 2794680 3048192.00 -1143072.00 430970.40 -712101.60
9 DEC_05 33 5500 0.9 0.8 5976 5976 2878920 3201223.68 -1200458.88 547916.26 -652542.63
10 JAN_06 33 5500 0.92 0.8 5748 5748 2948400 3079088.64 -1154658.24 222170.69 -932487.55
11 FEB_06 33 5500 0.92 0.8 5820 5820 2541240 2815948.80 -1055980.80 467004.96 -588975.84
12 MAR_06 33 5500 0.92 0.8 5820 5820 2541240 2815948.80 -1055980.80 467004.96 -588975.84
TOTAL -13356239.05 6207783.65 -7148455.40
Consumer No. 82 249(L) SHREERAM SPONGE & STEELS(P)LTD (Demand enhanced in Jan’ 06)
1 JAN_06 RGP 33 5000 1 0.92 5895 5895 3629385 3629385.00 -1184187.60 0.00 -1184187.60
2 FEB_06 33 5000 1 0.85 5532 5532 2829450 2829450.00 -1003726.09 0.00 -1003726.09
3 MAR_06 33 5000 1 0.85 5532 5532 2829450 2829450.00 -1003726.09 0.00 -1003726.09
TOTAL -3191639.78 0.00 -3191639.78
Consumer No. 94 261(PII) SHREE SALASAR CASTIN. (Demand enhanced in May ’05)
1 MAY_05 Rajgangpur 33 5300 0.94 0.8 5148 5148 2755260 2839104.00 -1064664.00 142534.80 -922129.20
2 JUN_05 33 5300 0.96 0.8 5280 5280 2234340 2747520.00 -1030320.00 872406.00 -157914.00
3 JUL_05 33 5300 0.9 0.8 5400 5400 2695380 2892672.00 -1084752.00 335396.40 -749355.60
4 AUG_05 33 5300 0.93 0.8 5232 5232 2673600 2839104.00 -1064664.00 281356.80 -783307.20
5 SEP_05 33 5300 0.92 0.8 5166 5166 2670720 2747520.00 -1030320.00 130560.00 -899760.00
6 OCT_05 33 5300 0.96 0.81 5358 5358 2909160 2909160.00 -1076315.04 0.00 -1076315.04
7 NOV_05 33 5300 0.99 0.83 5190 5190 2856120 2856120.00 -1030320.00 0.00 -1030320.00
8 DEC_05 33 5300 0.94 0.82 5274 5274 2912220 2912220.00 -1064664.00 0.00 -1064664.00
9 JAN_06 33 5300 0.95 0.8 5406 5406 2893140 2895886.08 -1085957.28 4668.34 -1081288.95
10 FEB_06 33 5300 0.95 0.8 5142 5142 2521320 2564352.00 -961632.00 73154.40 -888477.60
11 MAR_06 33 5300 0.95 0.8 5142 5142 2521320 2564352.00 -961632.00 73154.40 -888477.60
TOTAL -11455240.33 1913231.14 -9542009.19
Consumer No. 101 268(L) M/S SCAN SPONGIRON LIMITED. (Demand enhanced in Aug ’05)
1 AUG_05 Rajgangpur 33 5300 0.9 0.8 5571 5571 2441520 2984273.28 -1119102.48 922680.58 -196421.91
2 SEP_05 33 5300 0.91 0.8 5355 5355 1999170 2776032.00 -1041012.00 1320665.40 279653.40
3 OCT_05 33 5300 0.92 0.8 5346 5346 2574840 2863745.28 -1073904.48 491138.98 -582765.51
4 NOV_05 33 5300 0.91 0.8 5622 5622 2268000 2914444.80 -1092916.80 1098956.16 6039.36
5 DEC_05 33 5300 0.91 0.8 5550 5550 2477160 2973024.00 -1114884.00 842968.80 -271915.20
6 JAN_06 33 5300 0.91 0.8 5448 5448 2392920 2918384.64 -1094394.24 893289.89 -201104.35
7 FEB_06 33 5300 0.92 0.8 5214 5214 2245380 2564352.00 -961632.00 542252.40 -419379.60
8 MAR_06 33 5300 0.92 0.8 5214 5214 2245380 2564352.00 -961632.00 542252.40 -419379.60
TOTAL -8459478.01 6654204.60 -1805273.41

GRAND TOTAL -63237309.22 24227299.08 -39010010.14
The queries and reply of the Charge Sheet cum Suspension Order:
With this back ground my answers to be charges are as under:

Your Charge No.1: “It has been noticed that you have mailed the distorted facts with false allegation to the different higher authorities on 20/03/2010 for not involving you in selection of outsourced agencies of Line disconnection of defaulting consumers undermining the local authorities & without understanding the present procedures and policy of the Company. Further as reported, you are not carrying out your assignments as entrusted upon you in connection with engagement of outsourcing agencies.”

My Reply:
The allegations raised above against me are false and fabricated. However, this is a fact that I have reported the matter of by-passing me in the commercial activities of the Company to higher authorities. The details of by-passing and harassment as done by higher authorities are mentioned in detail in the above observations. This is again harassment to me. I have carried out the work delegated to me successfully, leaving no scope to anybody to comment. Further I may request kindly refer my above submissions.

Your Charge No.2: “It has also been reported by the Superintending Engineer, Electrical Circle, Burla that you are found irregular in attending duty, not getting involved in revenue collection and other allied works as entrusted upon you from time to time. The Sambalpur Electrical Division being Headquarters division, having quite large number of Govt consumers, your lackadaisical attitude and non-cooperation results in non-realisation of arrears and current dues from the consumers.”
My Reply:
This allegation is also false and fabricated and this has been framed again to harass me. I am doing my work sincerely and in time, even without getting any co-operation from EE SED Sambalpur and SE Burla Circle. The matter of non-cooperation is presented in detail above. I use to go to office in time, even before time and left office beyond office hours for the interest of WESCO. As presented above I also work for office beyond office hours but it has not been properly assessed.
Your Charge No.3: “Further it has been reported by him that you have failed to approach the consumers concerned to collect revenue dues including arrears and not providing the details of arrears, wherever necessary. Instead of monitoring and guiding the subordinate employees, you are remaining absent in office most of the times. You are thus shirking your responsibilities and reaching office at your sweet will. You are also not caring to attend the meetings convened at division/circle level which clearly indicates that you have failed to discharge your responsibility as per the need of the organisation.”
My Reply:
The above charge is not specific; kindly make it specific so that I will be able to reply it in detail. However, I have served to company and to consumer to the best satisfaction of higher authorities in facts and figures. I have attended the meeting as mentioned in the detail presentation as noted above and may request kindly to refer. The above allegations are truly false and indicative without any base.

Your Charge No.4: “It has also been reported by executive Engineer, SED Sambalpur you are attending the office late, leaving the office much before the schedule time, leaving the headquarter without any information and often, you are found absent at your place of duty. Further, you are failing to furnish required information and other revenue related data to Division office in time. You are also failing to attend consumer camps carried at the Sub-Division level for redressal of consumer complains relating to billing and collection. As and when you are instructed to remain vigilant and act according to rules and instructions, you are giving desultory remarks that, you are not under the control of the Executive Engineer. This clearly indicates that you are deliberately avoiding your responsibilities in breach of guidelines contained in circular No. WESCO/HR. Estt./208 dated 02/08/2004 of CEO, WESCO, Burla.”
My Reply:
I have submitted above in detail against this para and may request you kindly refer into. However, the above allegations are purely intentional and fabricated. As against the noting of the circular no. as above, the number of circular is wrong, kindly correct it. It was not 208, however it was 2080. I have replied in detail above about the implementation of the Circular, kindly refer it.

Your Charge No.5: “Further it has been reported that during your incumbency as Assistant Manager (Finance) & Deputy Manager (F) during 2007-08, you created several indiscipline activities, misbehaved with Executive Engineers as well as subordinate staff. During your incumbency as Dy. Manager (Finance) under BED, Bolangir, it has also been reported by one female junior accountant duly forwarded by Executive Engineer that you intentionally harassed her and asked to remain in your office chamber after office hours and misbehaved with her using slam language. At times, you were calling her over mobile phone to work beyond office hours. Further during such period, you failed to generate and submit the section subdivision wise MIS, non-posting of bills of one phase consumers, not taking corrective steps to dissolve the dispute of three phase consumers, not preparing MIS for the defaulting consumers of three phase, PI, MI and large Industries, security deposit due to which, there was heavy loss of Revenue. You also failed to submit the list of arrears of govt. consumers to the Executive Engineers. This clearly indicates that your lack of integrity, honesty has caused heavy loss in business of the Company.
My Reply:
Regarding the incident at Bolangir, I have replied the matter then in detail and may request you kindly refer my reply of date 15th and 17th Dec-07, the copy of which have been marked to CEO WESCO then as mentioned above. I have never misbehaved to lady junior Accountant posted at Bolangir or anywhere to any one, so question of harassment and calling her to office beyond office hours does not arise. These charges are intentional and indicative to me. This is also false and fabricated. You have mentioned above that I have failed to carry out the non-posting of bills of one phase consumers , what is this work, I do not know in my last 11 years career in WESCO. However, except this work I have done every work as stated above for the interest of Company. So question of lack of integrity, honesty in my part does not arise, so also loss to Company. However, in my above submission where I have provided every information in support of my work done for Company and WESCO has gained multi crores of rupees which can not be denied. With respect to raise of allegation against women section of society, I am daring to ask, is not harass to women, if their allegations are taken up by WESCO after a period of TWO years. Then question arises why HRD of WESCO kept their allegation pending for last two years, is subjected to enquiry.

Your Charge No.6: “It has also been reported by Executive Engineer, SED, Sonepur that during your incumbency as Dy. Manager (Finance) SED, Sonepur, you did not maintain the decorum and misbehaved with subordinate staff/co-employees. You were not coming to the duty regularly and remaining in drunken state during office hours and also you were found taking alcohol in the office during duty hours. Further, you also misbehaved and assaulted the Assistant Manager (Finance-Accounts) during duty hours.”
My Reply:
Regarding the incident at Sonepur, I have replied the charges framed against me to the then CEO WESCO on dated 25th Nov-08 and may request you kindly refer my reply, where I have described the details of the incident. I do not take any alcohol or wine, though the case of western Odisha is different than that of coastal Odisha as submitted above. I have never assaulted the AFM(Accounts) of the division or to any one and the charges are false, fabricated and baseless.

Your Charge No.7: “ It has also come to the notice of the management that you are in regular practice of sending communications through E MAIL and Mobile Phones to higher authorities of the Govt and the Company bypassing the official hierarchy bringing wild and false allegations and insinuation against senior officers of the Company criticizing the activities of the Company and undermining the authorities of the senior officers of the Company. This conducts amount to insubordination.
My Reply:
Kindly see the contents of referred letter. In the above letters and communications WESCO so also Govt of Odisha have encouraged the whistle blowing policy so also to whistle blowers. Further I am in continuous touch with Directors of Reliance Energy and as per their orders over phone, I am sending mail and communications for their pleasure. However, in the mean time I am writing to different higher authorities for the improvement of distribution sector, needs to be appreciated. Without appreciating my work, I am being harassed.

Your Charge No.8: “Furthermore, it has come to the notice of management that you have forwarded a SMS to the highest authority of the Company on 10th June 2010 late night through mobile phone casting derogatory and defamatory remarks with personification against a senior officer of the Company mentioning “DGM(Finance) of WESCO is a useless man. Is it? . Such act of omission and commission amounts to gross violation of decorum of conduct and discipline as an officer of the Company.
My Reply:
I have got colleague relationship with DGM-Finance and I was pursuing him regularly since Jan-10 to shift me to Accounts side, the matter is known to you. I have also submitted you personally for shifting me to accounts after the allegations of EE, SED, Sambalpur and SE-Burla Cicle. Further I have got personal relationship with DGM-F and I had given message beyond office time. This was not official. So it is unnecessarily entangled into official functioning. DGM-F, WESCO will also admit it that when he joined in commerce, I had several discussions with him in the area of commercial activities and he has gained a lot in the discussion at a time when the then GM-Finance of WESCO was not dealing him. When GM-Finance left the service of WESCO, he preferred to give charge to a junior officer and neglected him. I had mailed him so also sent him messages on the issue of shifting to Accounts from dated 8th to 10th June-10. So In my personal capacity I had sent him the Useless message. Useless means not use.

However, this is my personal feeling which may not be suitable to others. Therefore, I am withdrawing my message sent to Hon’ble MD and VP WESCO. I am very sorry and begging apology for sending him the message, if the same has hurted him.

Your Charge No.9: “The above irregularities and acts of omission and commission are highly objectionable and amount to major misconducts in terms of Regulation 29 (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)a &(5)a and Regulation 40(1) of WESCO Officer Service Regulation.

My Reply:
I have obeyed the above regulations sincerely and effectively for the interest of the Company, so question irregularity, omission, commission & misconducts does not arise. The charges are false and fabricated and indicative to me against the interest of WESCO.

Therefore, I may request kindly drop the charges framed against me, and give me an opportunity to receive my retirement benefits, so for which act of your kindness I shall be ever grateful to you.

Further, I have depicted above in detail my cases of harassment in several occasions, only for the sake of protecting the interest of WESCO, even loosing personal benefits on account of Salary, monthly TA Bills, Special tour programs because my promotion was intentionally dropped in two occasions, did not prefer to claim monthly TA Bills & my Kolkotta tour program is still unpaid. Further I have lost two months of leave en-cashed salary for staying away from office during the month of Juy-o8 and Aug-08 due to official problems. In other case, I am writing for the last two years in support of Professionalism at my cost, which has not been recognised and resulted negatively. That does not mean that I have not enjoyed the work. I have also enjoyed the work in WESCO Family but I can not kill my Professionalism. I have also a family and have certain duties and responsibilities towards it and can not sacrifice.


In consideration of directions of higher authorities, I have rendered my services for the best interest of the Company and if the management instead of appreciating has been pleased to issue the fabricated allegations which require to be dropped. If management of corporate office and of CSO office are not happy as I have lodged the matters as desired by the higher authorities to be record than instead of framing the baseless charges so designed to suit the sweet wills of the person so affected they should have been better had I would have been called and ask to resign. If management are not happy with me, he may relieve me even all the dues.

In the above backdrop, I am tendering my resignation before you and this may be treated as my notice for resignation. However, I undertake before you that I will attend your entire query as and when required.

Further, I would like to request that necessary/suitable steps may be initiated for relieving me from the services of WESCO as early as possible enabling me to plan and to start my next course of action for better living, because Time has a Money value.

During my long course of service in WESCO, I have never neglected the interest of WESCO. However, during the course of discharging official duties and responsibilities, there may be some mistakes from my side ignorantly, for which I may beg apology before WESCO Family.

Thanking you to WESCO Family.
Thanking you.