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Reported by Abhijit Acharya :-Chief Minister, Naveen Pattnaik has laid the foundation of 20 projects in Kandhamal district. Mr.Pattnaik paid a visit to Kalianga,Khajuriguda & Tumudibandh except Phulbani.Here’s a list of the projects which are in the pipeline :-

  1. B. Ed college with 100 seats at Kalianga
  2. The newfangled building of the B. Ed college at Phulbani and it’s dormitory
  3. CT training schools at Phulbani and Baliguda
  4. 100 seat dormitory for SC & ST students at Khajuripada
  5. 26 Crore project for the improvement of roads from Khajuripada to Shankarakhola and Baliguda to Budaguda
  6. A bridge over river Khadga at Sindhirigaon