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Reported by Abhijit Acharya :-  Ollywood director extraordinaire and tour de force N. Padhy who happens to be the filmmakers of Olywood magna opera videlicet “Aa Re Sathi Aa”, “Munna:A Love Story”,”E Mana Manena” and the new movie “To Pain Mun Mo Pain Tu” which has been scheduled to be released in July is ready with the script of his movie in the pipeline ”Mana Kahe Love You Love You”. The male and female protagonists of the aforementioned blockbuster-to-be of Mr.Padhi hasn’t yet been finalized yet. However the movie will be shot in multiple locations videlicet Baripada,Berhampur,Cuttack & Bhubaneswar. Although the Ollywood director did give an inkling about casting the blue eyed A-list thespians in his movie.