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Reported by Ashok Nayak :- Presenting the Budget 2013-14 in the Lok Sabha today, the Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram proposed to allocate Rs. 11,500 crores in 2013-14 as well as another sum of Rs. 1,000/- crores for Left Wing Extremism (LWE) affected districts.The Kalahandi, Bolangir and Koraput (KBK) districts of Odisha has been specifically taken as the Backward Regions with Bihar, the Bundelkhand region, West Bengal and the other 82 districts under the Integrated Action Plan.

But it is not for the first time that Odisha’s KBK districts has been recognized as backward and fund allocation made by center. For more than two decades funds are coming to empower KBK, but why KBK is still backward? The answer is corruption. Corrupted politicians with corrupted babus unitedly shallowed all and it will not wonder if they will do the same again.Not only Govt’s fund has been shallowed, but also 100s of NGO are presenting their activities in KBK regularly and getting funds from different private sectors. The reality today is our KBK is still backward.

We only need honesty and dedication to overcome KBK’s backwardness, Fund is no more a matter of concern. We the people of Odisha, our leaders and Officials should have to prepare ourself to devellop KBK.