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[box_info]Logical and scientific explanations against the NDE[/box_info]

There are several logical and physiological etiologies to eradicate NDE as a medium for paranormal phenomena.

A study conducted by the University of Kentucky concluded that NDEs may be induced by a sleep disorder called rapid eye movement (REM) intrusion, which is activated by some kind of traumatic event. As a result, a person going through an REM intrusion episode will have the sensation of being separated from his or her own body and our brain stem is responsible for this phenomenon. The brainstem can theoretically continue functioning even after parts of the higher brain have died. This means that someone can experience an REM intrusion episode even when parts of the brain are dead and the rarest NDE may be due to this brain stem’s temporary prolonged function.

               Dr. Lakhmir Chawla the emergency department of the medical center of the George Washington University has confirmed that NDE is due to lack of oxygen and blood flow into the brain cells, after a study involving several patients were involved. He noted that the brain activity just before death between one and three minutes suddenly increased. Near-death experiences are generated by a surge of electrical energy when the amount of oxygen in the brains significantly reduced. According to his conclusive postulation, “All neurons in the brains are connected and when they get more oxygen, they lose their ability to produce streams“. “If blood flow stops completely, all the neurons firing again at almost the same time. You get a kind of domino effect.”So the out of body experiences and awareness of death and being in soul form/ethereal body form may be due to the electric impulses by the brain cells and neurons.

Some authors explain that [quote]near-death experience can be reported as hallucinatory experiences may be due to release of hormones such as Dopamine, Endorphin , Serotonin  or Ketamine release. There are also some sorts of narcotics drugs like LSD  which can also trigger the NDE and out of body experiences. So mere hallucinations related to NDE can’t prove the existence of a soul beyond physical death.[/quote]

When mild electrical stimulation applied to the temporal lobe of brain various mystic experiences are encountered by the individual such as appearance of demon, angels or God etc. The NDE may be a manifestation of malfunction of temporal lobe of our brain.

Another psychological explanation for NDE is that, as a person is encircled in a limited sphere of believe, customs and rituals related to his specific tradition and heritage attached to his whole life .It is likely that the survivors from clinical death may experience the NDE phenomenon during that brief period or prolonged period according to his/her religious customary beliefs. During the life time of an individual he/she nurtures and harbors the existence of soul, heaven, hell and God, Goddess etc. So it is very logical and usual that he/she may experience such feelings during NDE.  

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