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Reporting Ashok Nayak:- Reacting to the Union Railway Budget 2013-14 the Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said, “This is grossly insufficient considering the requirement of ongoing projects in the state.” But here CM need to go school again for placeing a realistic alocation. Our country has 28 states and 7 union territories, Odisha got six new trains while in Rail Budget 2013, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal introduces 106 new trains, how realistic to demand 31 new trains? And in total Rs.869 crores have been allocated to state while little more to sixty thousand crores placed in budget.

Asking the Ministry of Railways to allocate Rs.3050 crores is just like a dream of beggar to ride a horse everyday, so it was simply unrealistic and political motivated. If he wants to score his political browny points, he should chose other platform not putting people’s interest in front.Where is all illiegal mining fines? why no road to our villages? why women feel unsafe in state? why no healthcare system in remote areas? why 4% rural population in hunger for 2 months in a year?

CM is looking more happy with a law minister who furnished a fake document(land allocation). People of Odisha should must welcome wagon factory and a new maintenance workshop which will generate employments for youth in state.