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                          Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati is a successful Odia Entrepreneur settled in California, USA. Dr. Pati came to USA almost 30 years ago on a fellowship.  At that time he was the publisher of an International Health Magazine called “Health World.” He is the founder and CEO of Biotechayur, Balasore, Odisha, India. Dr. Pati is also the founder and CEO, Best Nutrition Products, Inc., CA, USA. He was born in Basantapur, a small village in the Balasore District of Orissa State in India. Dr. Pati is the grandson of late Pandit Kaviraj Jadunath Satapathy, who had inspired him to study ayurvedic medicine. Dr.Pati received his degree in integrated medicine, both in Ayurvedic Medicine and Allopathic Medicine from the J.B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College (Asthanga Ayurvedic College, Kolkata University, West Bengal, India), one of the oldest and prestigious Ayurvedic Institutions in India. Dr. Pati has been living in the U.S.A. for almost 30 years. Dr. Pati has traveled extensively all over the world and conducts his businesses in various countries. The business world can find out about his works and products via his websites or by doing a Google search on Dr. Kumar Pati.

As he was born in Balasore district (Odisha), he approaches the Government of Orissa to pay more attention in the development of Ayurvedic Medical Science in his own state (studies, research, manufacturing, exporting and treatment of Ayurvedic Medicine) , where it is more neglected than the rest of the country. For example, in a state like Kerala, 50% of the income of tourism is based on Ayurvedic Therapy, which is being offered to foreigners and local Indians, why not in Orissa? Orissa’s Government potential must recognize Ayurveda as a medical science and its importance as a big industry, which has its own domestic and export value to alter the whole economy of our state. Approximately 3 years ago, Dr. Pati launched the largest Vitamins and Natural Supplements Store in Singapore’s Peninsula Shopping Centre, which proved out to be an economically successful one.

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 As a non-resident Indian of Odisha and Odia origin, Dr. Pati aims and speculates his funds would represent the largest private investment from an individual from USA in the State of Odisha, India. He expects to have the cooperation he needs from the State Government of Orissa and the Union Government of India, such as Department of AYUSH, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science & Technology and other government agencies. This investment will be a benevolent one and create ample opportunities to create employment for the youths related to Biotechnology, Medical/health sciences, chemical, mechanical, management, commerce and various technical and professional branch of study. This project and vision by Dr.Pati would open a channel of mutual benefit for the state of Odisha with foreign countries and in sourcing of foreign currency from the bilateral trade of herbal medicines.

                   Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati, as an Odia Enterpreneur, focuses on modernization of Ayurvedic and Herbal Industry to use Indian Herbs and Medicinal Plants and related Life Sciences based Technologies, Products and Services in support of Green Biotech Industry developments in Odisha and India. In fact, his ultimate endeavour is to synchronize the century old but still effective ancient Indian medicine with modern biotechnology. Dr. Pati says, we need strength and technical expertise in the field of medicinal plants, biotechnology, phytochemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, pathology and clinical research in order to do advance research in Ayurvedic medicine. Furthermore, he approaches Ayurvedic students, professors, physicians and researchers to work together for advancement in research on Ayurvedic medicine, the present and future of natural health care system. Ayurvedic medicine is not only used for a cure, but it is a preventive health care science.

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                   According to Dr. Pati, Ayurvedic has become one of the most important natural remedies among westerners, especially Americans, where people believe in natural, organic & health foods. Ayurvedic medicine works very well when,  it is in standardized extract form. When the active ingredients of an herb are extracted in high concentrations and administered in capsules or tablets and measured in milligrams, it works very well and quickly.

                      In the earlier days, the activity of herbal products, preparations and dispensing remained mainly upon the responsibility of a practitioner and was on a one to one relationship between physicians and his patients. It was a matter of sacred trust. However, with the socio-economical changes in modern times, the technological advances, commercial factors, consumer preferences, changing lifestyles, etc. all influenced the way Ayurvedic Drugs are being manufactured, marketed, distributed in USA, Europe and Australia now.

                  There are hundreds of Ayurvedic Products in the form of tablets, capsules, tinctures, perfumes, essences and aroma-therapy which are being manufactured in USA and are available in health food stores and pharmacies in USA. While most people in the USA do not know Ayurvedic herbal remedies from India, they know them from their botanical names. There are about 100,000 Health Food Store in USA alone. Truly patent herbal products in health food stores are from India, whereas 40% are from China. Among them Guggul for cholesterol, Gymnema (gurmar) for blood sugar, Valerian for sleeplessness, Boswellia for arthritis, Withania (Ashwagandha) as an adoptogen, Psyllium as a mild laxative and many, many more. It is a several billion dollar business right now.

                Now, the National Institute of Health Sciences has recommended introducing Ayurvedic Pharmacology in regular medical curriculum beginning next year. The US Government is already negotiating deals with the Indian Government and Universities. For sure, a large number of Ayurvedic research scholars and professors from India will be coming to major US Universities. At present, more than 1,000 highly qualified Ayurvedic Physicians are already in USA from BHU and other Universities in India, and more will be coming. Many Ayurvedic doctors are teaching in US University and doing research in pharmaceutical and health food companies.

          Dr. Pati, a graduate in Ayurvedic medicine from Calcutta, was one of the first well qualified doctor who came to USA. He has been always advocating and promoting the age-old medical science “Ayurveda” in many western countries through his publications and websites.

              Dr. Pati is an author of several health books including Vitamins and Herbal Digest, a 360 page book which has been printed more than 7 times and sold over 800,000 copies in the world’s market. In this digest, readers can find nutritional, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native American, South American herbal supplements and much, much more.

                For the last 15 years, Dr. Pati has been manufacturing nutritional and herbal supplements. His company name is Best Nutrition Product Inc. The corporation has over 30 websites and all links are listed at

              Dr. Pati has formulated more than 100 nutritional supplements, which are being marketed in The US as well as being exported to more than 30 countries. Products are available in pharmacies and health food stores and are also sold on E-commerce and on the Internet. Dr. Pati also has designed a special hormone called Melatonin for travelers who frequently fly long distance of over 10 hours to 17 hours non-stop flight across the Pacific or Atlantic route. His Melatonin is being sold in many Duty Free Stores, as well as, on board, including Singapore Airlines