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[box_info]The short profile of Mr. Simanchala DasProfile who is  a Good Odia Story Writer [/box_info]

Seemanchala Dash

             Born on 03.05.1974, at  Sagadia Sahi, Nayagarh, Odisha.  Mr. Dash is a young contemplative and realistic tale teller of existing time. He is a Journalist in profession, but a habitual in literature, editing an Odiya literature periodical “ Mukulita Rajanigandha”. “Jantrana”  a book of Drama has published as his first step on the field of literature in the year 1994.

Latter he has establish on writing short stories with fabricate real rural life and socio- culture of Odisha in his plot.

As a writer all his books are successful in prose art craft and fruitful in realization of contemporary social truth.

            His Excellence books are – 1) Durga, 2) Vagya Khela, 3) Dukhare Achhi Sukhalata, 4) Jaman Bandi, 5) Bou O Patta Sadhi, 6) Bapanka Pain Asaphala Gapa, 7) Bapanka Maadara Panchoti Sketch, 8) Kuhudi Ghara etc all short stories and two novels, 1) Uaansa Ratira Janha and 2) Boura Nispati, One poem book Sukhila Nayeera sua.

(Special Thanks to Rajendra Kumar Roul Babu)