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The Philately Postal Stamps & FDC of Bali Jatra  – Baita Bandana at Cuttack– Odisha  

Balijatra, is the old and famous Odisha festival,Balijatra issued by District Council of Culture in association with Odisha Philatelic Association, Cuttack. Baliyatra is a very special festival of Cuttack organised at the bank of Mahanadi.  Orissa is a state where all the festivals are celebrated representing the rich cultural heritage of Odisha.

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 Stamp Issue Date :   2-11-2009

FDC : Bali Jatra
Stamp Currency : P
Stamp Language : English
Occasion :   Bali Jatra  – Boita Bandana at Cuttack

                       On 2-11-2009 one special cover was issued by District Council of Culture,Cuttack(under District Administration) in association with Orissa Philatelic Association on the occasion of Baliyatra Utsab (From 2-11-2009 to 9-11-2009) at Baliyatra ground.The cover was released by Honorable Minister of Revenue, Mr.Surya Narayan Patra.The cover and cachet was designed by Mr.Pradip Mohanty,Secretary,Orissa Philatelic Association.One brochure was also designed with description of Baliyatra in English and Oriya .

In Odia cover letter, The cover depicts the “Boita” wind propelled boat with the background of people observing the “boita bandana” , memorizing the past maritime history of Odisha (Utkal-Kalinga).The Cancellation depicts the wind propelled boat.

Collected by Amaresh Das & thanks to Pradip Mohanty Hon.Secretary,  Orissa Philatelic Association
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