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             Tourist Places in Nayagarh District –  Nayagarh is a town and a notified area committee in Nayagarh District in orissa / Odisha, which was the one division of Puri (earlier).The District Nayagarh came into picture on 1st April, 1993 after dividing it off from Puri. Puri District which after division became Puri, Khurda and Nayagarh.

Here we are going to list the tourist places around Nayagarh district.

Dakhinakali Temple  of Nayagarh:
This temple is old and famous temple in Nayagarh District, which is 1km far from Nayagarh Bus stand. Read More…..

Gopinath Temple Nayagarh:-

The Gopinath Temple is the most famous temple of Nayagarh, which if good temple for vishnavi as this is Krishn’s Temple. It’s 1-2 km far from Nayagarh Bus stand. It’s a cool place. So many visitor are coming for this place .Read more…..

Jagannath Temple Nayagarh:-

Old famous Jagannath temple, present in 2 km far from nayagarh Bus stand. Read more.

Nilamadhab Temple , Kantilo:-

Kantilo nilamadhaba temple is very old and famous Vaishnav temple which is near to the bank of Mahanadi temple. which is present near to the twin hills with a surrounding of green forests  A permanent flow of holy water from the feet of Lord Nilamadhaba. Lord Siddheswar are the highlights of the place. Read More….

Ladubaba Temple, Saranalakula:-

                The temple of ladubaba is at Sarankul, which is 13 kms far from Nayagarh,This is one of  the prominent Shiva pithas of Orissa . The king of Nayagarh, Ladukeswar Sing Mandhata constructed this temple on his name. On Jagar(Sivaratri) day a great fair is held here every year. Read More..

Raghunatha Temple, Odagaon:-

Raghunatha temple is famous and old temple of Odagaon , which is 26 km far from nayagarh. Here, on Ramanavami great festival occurs .It is said that the renowned poet of Orissa Upendra Bhanja mediated here and attained perfection in the Rama Taraka Mantra. This temple was built around 1903. Read more…..

Dutikeswar Temple:-

This is an Old famous Siva temple near to Odogaon, which is  35 km far from Nayagarh,This is a famous picnic spot too.

Budha Budhiani Dam:-

Budha budhiani Dam is  constructed for water project, It’s famous for picnic.this is situated 23 kms far from  Nayagrah, This is looks like full of greenery area because of  it’s forests.

Kuanria Dam ,Daspalla :-  

Kuanria Dam is  constructed for water project, It’s famous for picnic.Daspalla is situated 47 kms far from  Nayagrah, This is looks like full of greenery area because of  it’s forests. Daspalla is famous for Jungle forest, animals,  Daspalla is famous for Mahabir Temple . The Lankapodi festival is observed here.

Lankapodi , Dasapalla :-

Lankapodi Yatra is centuries old. From available records, it is believed that this Yatra started from 1802 AD. Sources from Daspalla Hostory by Nilamani Bisoi (1834) state that Raghunath Jew was set up by King Trilochan Bhanj (1753-1775).

Asurkumari, Ranapur:-

Asurkumari is beautiful tourist place, her, it’s famous for goddess temple, It’s 18 km far from Nayagarh (Nayagarh – Darpanarayapur road). This place is famous for water fall n picnic spot.Read more…

Satakosiya ganda, Barmul : –

Barmul is a small village but famous for Satakosiya ganda and because of the magnificent Mahandi river. From Sunakania hills up to Barmul, the course of the river is known as the “Satakosia Ganda (Gorge)’ having a water spread of about 22 km. Barmul, 110 km form Bhubaneswar is an ideal place for an outing. Satakosia Gorge  is a biological refuge and is  considered as an important biographical stepping stone in the link between forest species of Central Indian and South India. Satkosia has significant gentic and ecological important as is the wet portion of the Decan Zone. It is famous for its unique gorge eco-system and beautiful picnic spot.

The Baisipalli sanctuary :-

Water fall at baisipalli  ,baisipalli sanctuary     Watch Tower, Lagalkhola,baisipalli , Rich in flora and fauna borders the Mahanadi river along the Satkosia gorge which also includes the Gharial Chrocodile Sanctuary. of Tikerpara. A stay in Tikerpara and cruise along the 25 km long gorge with beautiful forests on either side is a a memorable experience.

Udayapur Library / Dasia Ajja Library :-

The Banchhanidhi Pathagara, Sri Aurobinda Sangrahalaya and the Jadumani Sahitya Sansada established by the late Dasarathi Pattnaik know as Dasia Aja in a non descript village Udayapur in culturally rich district of Nayagarh is a center for the pilgrimage for the lovers of literature and cultur. Scholars of repute across the world visited this institution