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Badi chura is a typical odia dish.


1.       2cup badi(ବଡି)

2.       2-3table spoon mustard oil(ସୋରିଷ ତେଲ)

3.       Curry leaves (ଭୃଶୁଙ୍ଗା ପତ୍ର)

4.       2-3 table spoon chopped garlic(କଟା ରସୁଣ)

5.       1 onion chopped(କଟା ପିଆଜ)

6.       1-2 table spoon chopped (କଞ୍ଚା ଲଙ୍କା)

7.       ½ table spoon cumin seeds(ଜୀରା )


1.       Heat 2-3 table spoon mustard oil and fry the badi till golden color.

2.       Keep aside it and crushed it into small pieces.

3.       Then heat 1table spoon mustard oil and add cumin seeds, curry leave and leave them for splutter.

4.       Add chopped green chili,garlic and onion. Fry it for 2-3 min

5.       Then add crushed badi and fry for just for 1min

6.       Now Badi chura is ready serve it with Pakhal

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography