Women in Odisha empowered!! CM shared smile with announcing couple of measures – Odisha

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National Women bank planned and special budgetary allocation happened for women’s safety and security by Govt. of India, today in this women’s day as a man i feel they need to be empowered more. In Odisha CM also announced couple of measures on this occasion to show his kindness for state women, but nobody can deny he must be uncomfortable today by reminding that answer which he has given in state assembly recently abut rape data.

Nowadays not only women feel unsafe in state, but they need to be empowered in all front. We have janani surakhya scheme. free education for girl child, cycle for high school girl and then what?? If somehow a girl complete high school and she has no support for higher study from her family, then how she will do that? If really we are thinking to bring them into main stream with men equally then we have to take care of them till they reach the goal, isn’t it right? At this specific case our govt seems to be careless and unplanned.

Not only we need to plan a complete study for women, but also our plan should be to place a system for women which would guide them whole life, their study, earning  marriage, motherhood and elderly life till end. We should make them feel that they could manage a human life solely like a man, when they would feel confident, there must be a change in real. If Indian women will join hand with Indian men equally in all front, nobody will stop us to be number one country in this world.

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