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Latest Odisha Debate Topic ,How will we fulfill the Biju Babu’s Dreams True !! Keeping The Door Open For the same. #NaMo #BijuBabu #Odisha

Latest Odisha News , Modi Can give Speech in Odia like an Odia but where as our CM Naveen Patnaik  #NaMo #Odisha #News #‎NaMoInBBSR‬

Reported by Biswajit Mohanty : –In today’s BJP rally …it is important to note what NaMo did not say :-

1. Shah Commission report and its finding of loot of Rs.60,000 crores of minerals in Odisha was not mentioned though the hearings took place in Ahmedabad close to his office!

2. No mention about Itishree burning case and numerous other cases of women atrocities of rape, murder, acid attacks in the state during NaPa regime.

3. No mention about bonded labourers’ hands being chopped off though it made international news last month !

4. No demand for NaPa’s resignation as he presided over the largest financial scam in Independent India.

At the same time praise for Biju babu has kept the doors open for BJP alliance with BJD post poll as BJD is Biju Janata Dal !

NaMo talks about the unfulfilled dreams of Biju babu and seeing them through if BJP is voted to power. An RTI reply from Govt. of Odisha had revealed that there is no information avaiable on record about Biju babu’s dreams! Wonder how NaMo can trace those lost dreams !