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Odisha Festival Trip – Welcome to Dhenkanal GajaLaxmi Puja !!! Excited to visit #Dhenkanal #GajaLaxmi #Puja 2014 ? Valid 7th Oct. to 18th Oct.2014 #Odisha #Tourism


Gaja Laxmi Puja, the Most Famous Festival of Dhenkanal in Orissa, eodisha.org- welcome todhenkanal gajalaxmi puja

GajaLaxmi Puja in Dhenkanal enjoys a special place in the cultural map of Odisha. Every year this festival STARTS from KUMAR PURNIMA and continues for eleven days. This is the longest Festival of the District. This Grand festival started in the Year – 1923 at KUNJASAHU CHOWK now known as Ganesh Bazar to the present Bazi chouck. However gradually the puja pratistans mashroomed and there are 36 puja pratistans observe Gajalaxmi puja.


  • Chronologically Meena Bazar in 1943,
  • Jawahar Chouck in 1948,
  • Laxmi Bazar 1949,
  • Ganesh Bazar 1950,
  • Kanchan Bazar 1951,
  • Ananda Bazar 1952,
  • Karigar Sahi 1955,
  • Golden street 1957,
  • Radhakrushna Bazar,Padma Bazar & Kunjakanta in 1958.
  • Kaibalya Bazar 1959,
  • Jublee Town II 1960,
  • Arnapurna puja santhan & Station Bazar 1963,
  • Ratna Bazar 1965,
  • Chandan Bazar 1967,
  • Gandhi Bazar & Bus stand 1969,
  • Korian 1971,
  • Durga Bazar 1875,
  • Kalika Nagar 1976,
  • Neheru Bazar 1978,
  • Jublee Town III, Nua Bazar 1982 are now celebrating Gajalaxmi Puja.

Speciality of this festival is that starting from college road to Korian Chhack almost 7 Kms. the visitors have darshan of all the puja pandals situated on the road sides. Entire Dhenkanal town is decorated with puja mandaps and electrical illumination. The polishree mela organised by the district administration and the cultural programme add glamour to the festival. The historically famous ‘BARA’ (Bada) is one of delicious food item which attracts the people.

How to go to Dhenkanal Gajalaxmi Puja :-

DHENKANAL GAJA LAXMI PUJA TOUR , 2014 (Tour Valid From – 7th Oct. to 18th Oct.2014)

Dhenkanala Gajalaxmi Puja 2014 trip details eodisha.org

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