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Vote for Padmini Rout – The Pride of Odisha in #Chess for #TOI Awards #CelebrateOurChamps #TOISA
            Padmini Rout (born January 5, 1994) is an Indian chess player who holds the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. She won the World under-14 girls’ championship in 2008 and the Indian women’s championship three times (in 2014 ,2015 & 2016).

She was honoured with the Ekalavya Award by Odisha Government in 2009.

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What is TOISA?

Few things can lift a nation and send its spirit soaring like a proud moment in sport. It can make old men erupt in joy like teenagers. It can make strangers embrace each other on the street. Such moments are freeze-framed in our feel good memories. We can replay them all our lives. When the national anthem is played as honour and tribute to a sporting triumph, we get swamped by emotions. The sports persons, who give us these special moments that we cherish so much, are our real heroes.

Padmini Rout of Odisha scores a hat-trick in National Women Premier Chess Championship

But in the making of every sporting hero, there’s an untold story of passion, toil and sacrifice. In a billion plus country that’s still located somewhere between prosperity and paucity, between yesterday and tomorrow, the story of many sports persons is also about fighting poverty and social prejudice.

And yet, one must admit that as a nation we haven’t given many sports persons their due. The truth is that sometimes we have even neglected them.

In all humility, The Times of India Sports Award is our tribute to Indian sports persons. This award is our endeavour to honour the past, celebrate the present and nurture the future in Indian sports.

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