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“THE CLOSER WE ARE TO NATURE, THE BETTER OFF WE WILL BE ”  We are organizing a summer training on “URBAN FARMING”

High pesticide residues, lack of essential nutrients, use of growth hormones, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, GMO contamination and rising food prices are some of the reasons why people all around the world are taking to growing their own food at their homes and communities. With a very high population, depleting resources and climate change food and nutrition gap in India is growing at an alarming rate. Hence Urban Farming is fast becoming a necessity. In states like Kerala govt is giving subsidies and encouraging people to do Organic terrace gardening.

For the first time in Odisha, Prabal Mallick of Organic Terrace (http://organicterrace.in) and Shweta Agarwal of Paz Farming and Solutions are doing something novel to address this issue. They are carrying out a summer course on Urban Farming which aims to make people aware of all aspects of GROWING ONE’S OWN FOOD ORGANICALLY by recycling the waste from one’s home.

This course consists of half day workshop and nine hands on training modules spread over a period of 21 days. During this time participants will learn how to design their own gardens in small spaces, recycle waste, select right vegetables to grow, take care of their plants and soil, deal with pests and every other major aspect of organic terrace gardening. The organizers have limited number of participants to 15 to be able to give individual attention to each participant. 
The course starts on 8th May and continues till end of May. It will be held at Happy Hours School, Shahid Nagar. You can call9937099274 or 9937866309 to get further details.

This is a great opportunity for people in Bhubaneswar to become an urban farmer and adopt a healthy lifestyle and create a better home and a better society.

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