Untold Story of Anusuya Das
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Mrs. Anusaya Das (72) from Cuttack, Odisha has been knitting as a hobby since she was 19. The Aha moment happened when she noticed the amount of extra fabric getting thrown from his son’s sports apparel business.

And she started gathering those pieces and knitted them into bedsheets, covers and then mats. As this fabric is meant to be durable, so are the mats and bedsheets.

It gained popularity among the housewives and neighborhood who started demanding and paying for the mats. Since then she has converted over 5000 kgs of waste fabric into valuable items.

Untold Story of Anusuya Das of Age 72 from Cuttack  a Sustainable Warrior for a Decard Now

She has set an example on how the housewives can make the best use of their free time and also contribute to become a sustainable warrior and also ensure some financial income.

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