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Unemployed Mantu – Short Film by an Odia #UtkalaDibasa
“UnEmployed Mantu” is a concept that is related to every youth of this country who has gone through a phase of Unemployment. This video is all about how do people around you react when you don’t have a job but how their reaction changes once you get a job.

This video is Directed by Sidharth Goutam and Written by Pranab Prasanna Rath. Jagannath Rath plays the character of Mantu and is supported by Subhashree Padhiary( Mother), Mahesh Mahapatra ( Mamu) , Priyanka Das(Maain) , Nishikant Nayak ( Bekaar Jubaka), Biplab, Suprateem, Anshuman,Babloo (Friends) and renowned theatre artist
Pabitra Mohanty as Father.

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