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Traditional festival of animal sacrifice #Odisha

Sulia Jatra is celebrated in the village of Khairguda, situated in Balangir district, Western Odisha. It is widely reported that thousands of animals and birds are sacrificed during this festival which takes place on the second Tuesday of the month of Pausha. Sulia Jatra is named after the god Sulia of tribal communities. The place is surrounded with nature.

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The animal sacrifice is a long tradition of the Kandha tribes. They believe that it will bring success and prosperity to the community by offering blood to the Sulia god. It was also reported that eight sub castes of the Kandha worship Sulia as their presiding deity in this 500-year-old tradition.


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  1. Statesman News Service
    Bolangir, 7 January
    Hundreds of animals and birds were scarified in Sulia Jatra at Kairguda village in Bolangir district today as the administration looked the other way and activists could do nothing but fume.
    The numerous steps of the district administration including clamping of prohibitory orders under section 144 of CrPC and deployment of massive police force failed to deter the believers who thronged the village at a hill, about 23 km from here, and sacrificed creatures as a tribute to Sulia Budha, a tribal God.
    “The devotees, tribals comprising a majority of them, were from different parts of Bolangir district as well as Bargarh, Boudh, Kandhamal, Sonepur and Nuapada districts. Even a good number of non-tribal devotees from coastal district also took part in the festival,” said a source. A large number of goats, buffaloes and birds were sacrificed in Badakhala and Nuakhala. The tribals outright dismissed the administration’s pleas to stop the gory practice or at least scale down the number of animals.

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