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Berhampur: Tourism sector in Ganjam district is likely to get a boost with the laying of foundation stone for construction of a Tourist Reception Centre at Burupada near Hinjili.
The famous Danda Yatra of Ganjam is considered to be the most ancient , ganjam district news , eodisha.org news

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik laid the foundation stone yesterday as a Rs 82 lakh project. Parking facilities would also be constructed near Maa Shyamalai temple in the village as part of the project under the Destination Tourist Development Scheme, official sources said.
The government had entered into an agreement with the state-owned Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) for execution of the project, the sources said.
Though the village is not declared as a tourist spot by the government, it was selected as a tourist destination under one of the tourist circuits in the district, said District Tourist Officer Sanatana Nayak.
The sites in the circuit include Rambha-Tara Tarini- Tampara- Burupada (Hinjili)-Bhanjanagar-Potagarh-Rushikulya river mouth. PTI