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Why Odisha – Top Reasons as Why #Odisha is best in 360 degree #Odisha #Travel #Culture  Article by Subhankar Hotta

So what scenes arise in your minds when someone talks of #holidays ?
You have started visualizing your memories of how you had spent your last vacations enjoying with your cousins fighting for that ice cream or how your dad took you to your favorite beach or how you and your wife enjoyed the pilgrimage.

When I talked of beach you must have been thinking of places like Mumbai or Goa, when I talk of pilgrimage u had a faded image of vaishnodevi or some other place.

But why not Visit our Odisha when it can provide you the best of all yet it won’t be that penny-pinching.

We have so many reasons that might let you think twice for the perfect destination for your next vacations.

1. Easy Travelling  – Why Odisha: Think you are planning a vacation and you hear that it take some 36 hours to reach that place, then what shall be your ultimate step? Oh gosh! You have to cancel your trip.

Well here at Odisha we have some of the finest railways that can reduce your travelling problems.

touristdestination_ Odisha Travel Map

The Airport at State Capital, Bhubaneswar, is now connecting the state both nationally as well as internationally.
Besides there are numerous travel agencies up here to help you make your travel plans and make your journey a memorable one.

2.  Odia Cuisine – Why Odisha: Well there you go; this one is for all the food lovers out there. You can have the pleasure of enjoying Odia food delicacies like MachaBeshara(Fish with mustard Curry), MatiHandi Mutton(a specially prepared Mutton dish), Chena Podha, Rasabali (Sweet Dishes). You shall also have the privilege to devour the PuriMahaprasada. You can even have your favorite continental or sea foods at the beaches.
So foodies; mouthwatering isn’t it?


3.Beaches & Rivers – Why Odisha: Well if you are one of those persons who wish to enjoy the sea waves sitting on the sands then Odisha is always welcome to you. Of course you won’t find those bikini babes or those dj parties with unlimited wine stuff here; still there are places like Puri, Konark, Gopalpuretc where you can spend quality time at the beach with your loved ones. You can find glimpses of traditional aspects of the state at these places.

Balighai Beach photo by AR shakti Nanda
Balighai Beach photo by AR shakti Nanda

The landscape of the State of Odisha is adorned by these spectacular signatures of nature. Odisha’s river systems are more than just about rivers. They are about idyllic springs, breathtaking waterfalls, natural lakes, estuaries and deltas; More than anything else they are epitomize the beauty in the diverse topography of Odisha.

Rayagada, Odisha  photo by AR Shakti Nanda
Rayagada, Odisha photo by AR Shakti Nanda

4. Pilgrimage: Well if your one of those god loving beings chanting hymns and mantras of various deities all day, then it’s just your kind of place. The state capital itself is famed as ‘the city of temples’. You can visit Lingaraj temple, Rajarani temple, Sai temple, Brahmeswar temple amongst many, in Bhubaneswar. Besides you have the Puri Dham to seek the blessings of Lord Jagannath.Taratarini and KakatpurMangala are also famous places. If we start listing the temples there histories then I don’t think an hour shall be enough.

Nabakalebara - The lord jagannath Puri Ratha jatra

5. Scenic Beauties – Why Odisha: If you want to go out there and enjoy Mother Nature then Odisha won’t disappoint you. There are many waterfalls like Duduma, Badaghagra, Hatipatharaetc which will refresh your mind. Besides you can visit Daringbadi famous as the Kashmir of Odisha for its climate as well as surroundings.Taptapani hot spring is also worth visiting. The hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani is attributed with medicinal properties.

photo by AR Shakti Nanda
photo by AR Shakti Nanda

6. Wildlife Of OdishaWildlife Of Odisha – Why Odisha: Well if you want to enjoy with animals or birds then we have got you the perfect places out here. There is Nandankanan Zoo at the outskirts of Bhubaneswar; first zoo in India to join World Association of Zoos and Aquariums in 2009. Besides there are Bhitarkanika and Similipal National Parks which can be added to your tour list. If you want to get some snaps of exotic birds then Chilika and Barkul are the perfect place for you. Have started liking the place; Haven’t you?

7.History – Why Odisha: A Civilization continues to prosper as long as its people hold on to their roots and never give up their history. We at Odisha have many destinations of paramount importance on historical backgrounds.
Let it be the Dhaulistupa established at the outskirts of Bhubaneswar else Khandagiri caves depicting about our glorious past.

Konark - The art of Odisha eodisha

8. Festivals – Why Odisha: Spared the best for the last, Odia people celebrate 13 prime festivals in 12 months. One can enjoy the festival with the spirit of brotherhood and traditional gaiety. Rejoice in the Car festival of Lord Jagannath or Enjoy the Dusshera and Kumarpurnima carnival. Every time of the year you visit Odisha you shall find people dancing to various procession tunes.


Well you still need reasons??? Oh common! Even you know that Odisha serves as the ideal holiday destination.
So when are you visiting???

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