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Tips as how and what to do during Phailin cyclone in Odisha & Andhara Pradesh – Odisha
cyclone helpline numbers

#Phailin is only 500kms away. All my Puri and Ganjam friends who stay within 5kms from sea please do ensure the following stuffs:

1- Keep your Voter ID card, PAN card and other identity and address proofs with you within 4 PM today. ID card can be used to later get all other documents if necessary. Also it will help Govt.

2- If you have any relative house beyond 5kms in Puri and beyond 10kms in Ganjam do prepare to go there by tonight. Ensure that house is safe and concreted. We need to make us safe and save others. So don’t put burden on Govt systems if we have safe relative houses.

3- Keep a small radio charged and with you. Electricity may fail. So you can’t trust TVs.

4- Don’t sit in front of TVs. Keep the volume high to listen from distance while preparing.

5- Where you are going ensure the house should be of concrete, in good condition and at least 2 storied, Because water may gallop the ground floor and may be 1st floor too. . So make sure at least you can stand on top of roof if needed badly.

6- Stay inside house. Keep enough food for at least 8days. Keep kerosine, gas and drinking water filled up. Keep chuda, mudhi etc as you may not be able to cook.

7- If your offices are in the area, take the necessary files and computers to safe place. Don’t take tables etc.

8- Call your friends and advice them the above too.

9- Let’s be ready to save others by helping govt. and our district people who took shelter. Once we ensure our safety we can help a lot of our city people. And we need to do that.

10- Don’t panic. But don’t stay lazy as well.

11- Have govt. helpline numbers with you.

12- It is best to prepare for 7 days of disconnected state (worst-case scenario).
13- If there are medicines you need often or occasionally for pre-existing conditions, such as asthma inhalers or even simple headache pills, buy those today.
14- Keep drinking water in several bottles, and water for other uses.
15- Keep food and dry food with you, sufficient for 7 days.
16- Charge your phone, laptop, tablet etc fully. If power goes down, switch on to use only when required, since you don’t know when it will be restored and stretching battery life as much as possible is best. Buy candles and a torch.
17- Advise family that you may be unreachable if phone networks go down, and that you will call as soon as possible.
18- Do not roam around outside unnecessarily, power lines and trees could go down on you.
19- Power, food, water, medicines, cash – assume you may have to spend 7 days with whatever resources you have on hand, so don’t waste

OBVIOUS: If you had trips to Puri or Gopalpur or any other beaches and coastal areas during this weekend, please cancel. Indeed, best to cancel any travel and stay put at home.

Be safe. I’m packing up my office stuffs to move to safe locations. I may not be on net to reply.

Hope all of us will be strong fighting this. I love my Odisha. Love you all. –  Article by Sanmaya Kumar Dhal