Sambalpuri Saree
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The Timeless Regal – Sambalpuri Weave,

Reveling in a conversation with you in the creative terrain of my mind has always been insightful. You are a constant self dialogue speaking volumes about your innate strength.

Deciphering various layers of your powerful nature, I see you have come a long way. Witnessing history of community struggles, social upsurges, native stories & artistic developments, you remain original and ferociously progressing.

When freshly woven, you are a stunner. When preserved for generations you are no less than a Goddess. Charged with colors, your mystifying shades in olive greens, peacock blues, festive yellows and imperial reds are inherently celebrated.

Your exotic patterns & intricate motifs narrating mythology, landscapes & interesting creations make you a signature storyteller. Art lovers identify you as The Divine and have beautifully addressed you sometimes as Kalingasundari, as Bijayalakshmi and sometimes as Kanakachampa. You are the naturalist, the feminine power – unifying clans and influencing culture for ages.

Radiating dramatic forms of vintage and contemporary style, you are driven by determination and the zest to travel the world. You are an ancient wisdom and an utter charmer at the red carpet appearances too.

Ever evolving, you are always disarmingly arresting. You always have discovered reasons to sustain and reign. Ruling as the grandiose Pasapalli and sometimes as the alluring Aasman Tara , you have become an extension of our lives.

Respect to every inch of thread woven into your inspirational journeys and remarkable revolutions.

Thank you for instilling hopes, for always recreating the magic and holding us together.

A native believer.

An Beautiful Article written by Rituparna Sarangi