The great holy night of ‘Swapna Aadesh’ or the dream revealing the direction and location of the holy neem trees, the first of many nights of divine revealation. ‘Banajaaga Jatra’ or the journey to search for the sacrosanct neem tres that will give body to the Lords of Puri started on Sunday, 29th March or Chaitra Shukla Dashami. This year the ‘banajaaga jatra‘ team consists of 130 members who carry with them an emblem of Lord Sudarshan, the personal weapon of Lord Vishnu.Tradition has it that this journey must begin 65 days before ‘Deva Snan Purnima’. The intricacies and quaintness of this process are unprecedented in hindu culture. Intense with mysticism, faith, devotion, and folklore, this journey fascinates the mind of the devouts who wait with bated breath to know the location of the special ‘daarus’ or the trees that will encase the divine ‘brahma’. But why are the idols carved out of wood? – See more at: