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Swapna…. A Dream – A New ODIA & HINDI Adhunik Musical Album , will lunch on 4th April


The songs revolve around the feelings of a lover who yearns for her beloved.

Track Listing:-        
Sr.No Title Sung by Lyrics by Language Length in minutes
1 Nijhum raati mu Swapna Kulamani Das Odia 6:11
2 Mo geeta ra tume Swapna Satyanarayan Mishra Odia 6:26
3 Akasare mu je eka Sourav Nayak      & Swapna Satyanarayan Mishra Odia 5:02
4 Bhala paibaare Swapna Durga Charan Pattnaik Odia 5:33
5 Tumari saathi re Avishek           & Swapna Durga Charan Pattnaik Odia 6:16
6 Akala makala takala tian Swapna Rabindranath Das Odia 4:02
7 Ek purana mausam Swapna Gulzar Hindi 4:28
8 Raat chupchap Swapna Gulzar Hindi 4:37

 Singers:- Swapna Rani Patra, Sourav Nayak and Avishek Mohanty

Music Director, Composer, Arranger:- Ajaya Kumar Dash (Gold medalist and International artist of Harmonium)

Musician’s name:-
Narendra- Synthesiser
Bhabatosh – Guitar, Banjo
M.Simadri – Flute, Saxophone
Priya Ranjan- Octapad
Dushmanta- Tabla
Rabi Narayan- Dholak, Trango
Ajaya Kumar Dash- Harmonium

Chorus:- Smruti, Mahima, Subhasish, Sandip


The album is planned to be released as a CD at a musical event organized by PARICHAYA team on the evening of 4th April 2017. Singers, musicians and artists from all over Odisha and many other states, as also many music lovers, are expected to attend this launch.
Venue: – IDCOL House Auditorium, Unit -II, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha- 751009

Timings: – 6pm onwards

Performance by:-
Playback Singer Sj. Beibhu Kishore and Sj. Sourav Nayak ,
Dr. Sangita Gosain,
Dr. Mitali Chinara,
Ms. Swapna Rani Patra,
Sj. Ajaya Kumar Dash,
Sj. Rudra Prasad Parida,
Sj. Avishek Mohanty

  • Awardee:–
    Guru Sj. Nabin Kishor Pattnaik,
    Dr. Sangeeta Gosain,
    Guru Sj. Kulamani Sahu,
    Dr. Mitali Chinara,
    Sj.Sourav Nayak,
    Sj.Biebhu Kishore,
    Sj.Om prakash Mohanty,
    Sj.Tarakanta Panda ,
    Sj.Rudra Prasad Parida.
  • Chief Guest:-
    Sj.Er. Mohammed Mouqim,
    Sj. Surya Narayan Patro,
  • Guest of Honour:-
    Mrs. Sofia Firdous,
    Senior Adv. S.S.K. Subudhi,
    Ms. Trupti Das
    Guru Sj. A. Maheswar Rao,
    Guru Sj. Saroj Kumar Parida,
    Sj. Khirod Pattnaik,
    Sj. Laxmikant Palit,
    Dr. Adyasa Das,
    Mrs. Sangeeta Panda,
    Dr. Stitikantha Dash

Parichaya – Re-Introduction Of Indian Music & Artist 

This is an idea to bring together the talents of upcoming Artists in Music, who are not getting recognized, We formed the platform by the Name PARICHAYA to Re-Introduce of Indian Music and Artist. The organization is based on live performance of unique Indian songs which always has given parichaya to Indian music in the whole world by Ajaya Kumar Dash( Gold medalist harmonium) and Swapna Rani Patra.( classical and semi-classical vocal).

Parichaya was formed with the soul aim of promoting young upcoming talents and to have all genres of music, under one roof. It is very experience that we very proudly exhibit in the performance of our Troup as we are very particular of the audience requirement and understanding the concept fully.

The music industry has always been competitive and cutthroat at heart, and these days income is becoming harder and harder to find. Making a little money playing music on the side isn’t so hard, but in order to turn a passion into a career, you have to want it more than anything else. However, it’s important not to have unrealistic standards about how things will be once you’re able to quit your “day job”. Successful musicians don’t wait for opportunities to come to them – they seek them out or create them themselves.

Achievement of Parichaya-
· Created more than 50 artists already through vocal, keyboard and harmonium playing
· Organized many concerts and events in all over odisha and India.
· Releasing an Adhunik Album ‘ Swapn..A Dream ‘ which have odia and hindi lyrics.
· All renowned singers of Odisha are associated with us as Dr. Sangita Gosain, Prof. Ramahari Das, Dr. Shantanu Mohapatra, Tansen singh Sourav Nayak, Biebhu Kishore, Guru A Maheswar Rao, Guru Saroj Parida, Dr. Adyasha Das etc.

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