Summer Drink - Mango Lassi #Panapani
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Summer Drink – Mango Lassi #Panapani by Shrabani Pattnaik

Climate changed but not the desire for the food/drink— designed to fit in the climate 😉

Coming from India where mango is considered as “king of fruits”, as soon as the season comes it reminds of all the delicious taste of varieties of food/drinks or raw mangoes.
So many childhood memories with mangoes. The stomach often got tired but never the tastebud 🤣

Not that hot yet in this side of the world (rather still need a jacket to get out) but did not stop the desire to have the Indian Summer drinks.
Mango lassi or Amba Pana(in Odia) whatever you name it.

Blended Mango, Yogurt, sugar and topped it with black pepper, some grated coconut, raisins, cashew nuts.
Used to be my lunch/dinner for many days during the peak summer time.

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Summer Drink - Mango Lassi #Panapani
Summer Drink – Mango Lassi #Panapani

About Autor Shrabani Pattnaik : A Odia girl living abroad at the moment for work; love food and more even making it —Thanks to the pandemic making sure everyone just being home; hence turned to a food enthusiast and tried my hands with some amazing food I love. Try making food out of what’s available in the kitchen with my little twist with alternates. Given chance, would love to expand the popularity of India food beyond “butter chicken” and show the amazing options we have even for the vegetarian and vegan people from every corner of the country.
Love to explore other culture as well 🙂 – You Can post your article , Check out the procedure .

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