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Sujit Meher : Indigenous Fashion Designer of Dharamgarh to Promote Sambalpuri ethnic garments – Odisha

sujit meher sambalpuri dress fashion designer

Our times young and energetic indigenous fashion designer Sujit Meher has introduced Sambalpuri clothes for new trend in fashion design and he is started own label “TILOTTAMA SAMBALPURI”, which one promote the Odisha as well as the Sambalpuri ethnic garments.

sujit meher promoting sambalapuri dress infeshion worldThe cultural ethos promote through the garment is a good ideas being by Mr. Meher, in this field Chatrubhuj Meher and others are contribute lots of style and design in the form of saree and shawl etc,. Sujit Meher a young Fashion Designer, who is promoting the Sambalpuri ethnic towards the global perspective.

Sujit completed his fashion design from prestigious fashion institute NIFT from Bangalore and the ambition of the promote the indigenous ethnic wear through the new trend in the form Kurti, Shalwar, Tops and pattern of short shirt for the casual as well as the party wear. He is a young designer based in Bangalore.

In early 2013, he was appointed as designer of the Eros International Movie production house, one of the big movie production houses of Bollywood. Born and brought up in, Odisha, Sujit was studying to graduate in Engineering, when he decided to change his career path and applied for the India’s premier institute of fashion, National Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore.

Sujit Belong to a place named Dharamgarh. In 2011 Sujit Meher launched his own label “Tilottama – A hand with you” and started doing some social activity and design initiation activity. One year later, Sujit presented his first-ever Fashion show on sambalpuri tradition and culture. This was organized by a Bangalore based organization “Juhar”. And it was highly appreciated by media and people. From a young age Sujit is now a known name in terms of design and fashion with his signature style of sambalpuri. As per Sujit, His all designs are for a certain cause. As he belongs to Odisha, he feels that Odisha can now be saved only by the youths and their ideas.

Surjit Meher and his creation at Bangalore
Surjit Meher and his creation at Bangalore

In september 22nd, 2013 he presented his another design collection at “nuakhai bhetghat Bangalore” by Juhar parivar with sambalpuri fabric with the theme of “When Folk becomes fashion”, which are creating an evolution in sambalpuri handloom sector. He brings the fashion in sambalpuri in a new way. He is among the youngest designer cum entrepreneur of India. His designs are even highly appreciated in international level. People from London, U.S.A, Masco are eager to get his Sambalpuri collections. He has honored and appreciated in many places. As he add “When I was doing my design degree in NIFT, I thought of doing something for society, because I do design for cause. Which is my motto, Today India is losing its own identity what it was before. Our tradition, design, art, heritage and craft vanishing day by day because of industrialization and other factors. So I thought of do something to get back our real India as a designer with all this aim, to emphasis the craftsmanship of India and bring a new evolution in Indian designs.”

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