Art form of Cultural heritage of #Odisha
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1 – Did you know that #KalingaSagara (Mahodadhi / Kalingodhadi) was renamed by the Britishers as Bay of Bengal as we know it today? #UtkalaDibasa #BandeUtkalaJanani

Art form of Cultural heritage of #Odisha

The Maritime history of Odisha known as Kalinga in ancient times, started much before 800 BC according to early sources. The people of this region of eastern India along the coast of the Bay of Bengal sailed up and down the Indian coast, and traveled to Indo China and throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, introducing elements of their culture to the people with whom they traded. The 6th century Manjusrimulakalpa mentions the Bay of Bengal as ‘Kalingodra’ and historically the Bay of Bengal has been called ‘Kalinga Sagara’ (both Kalingodra and Kalinga Sagara mean Kalinga Sea), indicating the importance of Kalinga in the maritime trade. The old traditions are still celebrated in the annual Bali Jatra, or Boita-Bandana festival held for five days in October / November. Studies in Maritime Heritage of Odisha, 2016,OIMSEAS, Src Wiki

2 – Did you Know as Odisha is the first state which separated on a linguistic basis and was declared as a separate state on 1st April 1936….

The demand for states on linguistic basis was developed even before India achieved independence from British rule. In 1895, a first-of-its-kind linguistic movement started in what is now Odisha.  To know more read this

3 – Did you know that the world’s largest sundial is at #Konark (the temple itself is a sundial which is able to give you time accurately) in #Odisha ?

The wheels of the chariot are also symbolic and have been interpreted as the ‘Wheel of Life’. They portray the cycle of creation, preservation and achievement of realisation. The diameter of each of the wheels is about nine(2.73 metres) feet and each of them has a set eight equal parts. They are elaborately carved all over. To know more Read here.

False Point – Image src anantanarayanswain

4 – Did you know as Kendrapara was the trade hub of the ancient Kalinga. ?

The trade of False Point was chiefly with other Indian harbors, but a large export trade in rice and oil-seeds sprung up with Mauritius, the French colonies and France so Kendrapara was the trade hub of the ancient Kalinga. Read here to know more.

5 – Do you know as After Wuhan Bhubaneswar setting a global benchmark for establishing two large hospitals for Covid 19 in a record 14 days of 1000 bed capacity .

After Wuhan it is Bhubaneswar setting a global benchmark for establishing two large hospitals for Covid 19 in a record 14 days with a combined capacity of 1,000 beds. The two hospitals KIMS SUM would be made functional in just a fortnight . One operational, these would be the largest facilities in the country dedicated for the treatment of Covid-19 cases. Read here to know more

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