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Odisha Cultural News -Shree Jagannath Mandira’s budget for 2015-16 Rs 239 crore for Nabakalebar #Odisha #JagannathTemple #Nabakalebar

Shree Jagannath Mandira’s budget for 2015-16 Rs 239 crore. This was informed by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration’s chief administrator S C Mohapatra.

The budget is to meet the huge expenditures during the Nabakalebar ritual of the deities. On the income side, the grant from the State Government is estimated at Rs 110.21 crore while income from the land revenue is pegged at Rs 58.54 crore and revenue from the temple complex is estimated at Rs 15.40 crore. Income from other revenue sources is estimated at Rs 53.33 crore.
Nabakalebar ratha yatra 2015 - eodisha.org

Today Shree Jagannath Temple Administration’s meeting held under chairmanship of Gajapati Divya Singh Deb. The Banajaga Yatra, which would leave Puri on March 29, would spend the night at Deuli Matha on April 2 and reach Maa Mangal temple in Kakatpur on the following day. Ghata Paribartana of Chatturdha Murti will be held on June 15 whereas Nabajaubana Darshan is on July 17. The grand Rath Yatra will be held on July 18.

Rs 21.67 crore is estimated for expenditure for the Nabakalebar ritual. This apart, Rs 50.51 crore is to be spent for Nabakalebar related development works. The temple establishment and administration expenses are pegged at Rs 25.25 crore and Rs 3. 27 crore respectively. Rs 15.32 crore has been allocated for the conduct of daily ritual of the deities. Rs 20 crore would be spent for silver plating of the Jai Vijaya doors of the temple and Rs 20 crores to be spent for construction and widening of road around the temple.

The Banajaga Yatra, the journey undertaken in search of Daru (neem tree) for making of idols – considered the opening chapter of the Nabakalebara process of Lord Jagannath – will begin from March 29.

The team first reached the Jagannath Ballav Mutt where the Banajaga Yatra team will make its first night halt after the Yatra begins. From there, they would walk barefoot to Kakatpur via Konark.

Holy Trees For Nabakalebar

Nabakalebar, the periodical renewal of the wooden images of Lord, Jagannath, Bhalabhadara, Subhadra and Sudarshan. After the year 1996, next Nabakalebar festival is going to happen in 2015. The Puri Rath Yatra will be named as Nabakalebar Rath Yatra in 18th July 2015 is going to be special for everyone throughout the world. So don’t miss this chance to see Lords with their new avatars. Book your rooms in advance at Toshali Sands to visit the special Rath Yatra, which comes in every 12 or 19 years. Here are the brief description about the procedure of Nabakalebar festival, which is going to happen next year.