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Satyapira Padhan – Another Mountaineer from #Kalahandi #Odisha

All at the same time, he is a Mountaineer, trained Martial artist, successful Sportsman and a student of Physical Therapy. The name of this brave person is Satyapira Padhan. He belongs to a glorious village named Deypur, Block-Bhawanipatna, Dist-Kalahandi, son of Shri Anirudha padhan & Shrimati Sakuntal Devi.

Satyapira Padhan - Another Mountaineer from #Kalahandi #Odisha
Way of Thinking:

If somebody asks him about his profession, the multitalented simply says, “I am a student,” instead of having mastery in so many fields. According to him, “ I believe that the Nature, the Time and the Things which I can see are the living Gods around.” He is a followers of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

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He started his schooling carreer at his village school, for better studies he was sent to Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, into a nearly village called Rupra, by his parents. Then after a few years of learning there he went to Bhawanipatna Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre for the completion of his high school. Then he joined Saraswati +2 Science college for his intermidiate in Science. For hight studies he came to the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswars & hence continueing his Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy in Hi-tech Medical College.
He is also trained in DCA,PGDCA like computer application courses. He is an “A” grade certified trainee from Jawahar Institute J&K in the course BMC. Along with these he has special interest in Mountain Medicine, Emergency first aid & Flora fungi medicine.

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Sports & Bravery :

From the time of primary schooling he has participated in many sports representing his school in District and State level competition, making his parents proud. He was a Champion in his school. For his superfast running capabilities, he was popular by the name “Rocket” among his friends. Ones in a race he ran so fast and confidently that he reached the finish line but before touching it he turned around and moved at the other participants then touched the line before anyone could & became the winner.

He started a Martial arts training from standard three, now he does push-ups in one hand, jumping push-ups & many tough tasks easily. With his punches he can blow a candle making the spectatore wondering. He was very brave since he was in his 4th standard, many incidents give witness to prove this. When he was in standard 7 he started his Mountaineering carreer and other adventure sports. During this period he came in contact with International Mountaineer Shri Joga‎bayasa Bhoi. Instead of his parents ‘ disgrace he embraced adventure sports, slowly his parents gave in and supported him seeing his determination.

Satyapira Padhan - Another Mountaineer from #Kalahandi #Odisha eodisha.org

In the 10 years of carreer in Mountaineering and adventure sports he has achieved many milestone. In 7th standard he performed really well in Mountaineering completing in the hills of Norkunda and Kufri. At this littes success, he didn’t stop, and started trekking in high altitude Lakes, Mountains & many expeditions.

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The toughtest was mission Mt. Indrasan(6221m/20410ft) Expedition 2016. In this mission he participated as a doctor and member in a team of experiences members. He says, Mt Indrasan is. technically very difficult which has a very high rank in this world. To reach the peak they started from summit camp on 23rd June midnight and reached the peak on 24th June 11.50 am.

There they hoisted our national flag, the Triranga and made Odisha & Bharat proud.

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