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(Short Story Collection of Debasish Samantray)
Debasish Samantray
The 21st century world, satirically as well as sarcastically, has blessed the mankind literally nothing; but dilemma, discrimination, dubiousness, contradiction, confusion, quandary, conundrum and so… so… so….on. Life automatically turns into a bunch of irritation. In fact, after excluding irritation what the heck is there in life? Why in 60s a group of super-ambitious youngster made their mind to became Hippie…. Vagabond?

odia nayagarh youth writer Debasish Samantray

I don’t know what exactly the answer might be. But I definitely know why did Debasish Samantray pen the stories like “Kalantara”, “Satamuhan”, “Atikraman” especially in his early tender age. All are, I think, the result of the sheer monotonous life the present day human being celebrates.
Don’t be confused a bit. I am just telling about the most energetic young story teller Mr. Debasish Samantaray and his excited debut short-story collection SATAMUHAN (The True Face).

Satamunha (The True Face) is the first and title story of the collection named also “SATAMUHAN” comprises of twelve short stories of different genre. “Satamuhan” is completely a symbolic representation where Mr. Samantray asks via the voice of the protagonist which face is real we meet in our day-to-day life? Is there any face we can mark as genuine? Perhaps that’s why Albert Camus, the prolific Algerian fictioneer once told: Alas, after a certain age every man is responsible for his face.Yeah, wait, time will soon come.

Kalantara – another marvelous story of this collection, which will prompt you to say WOW! We can’t praise life. It’s ok. But at the same time we can’t blame it, too. The protagonist blames life from different perspectives. The reason? Whatever may be! But he blames and tries to embrace the death (What a joke- is death an alternative to life?). But Mr. Samantray’s protagonist thinks so. But what he could be able to get rid of from ‘the life’ pursuing ‘the death’ all the day… all the night? I won’t tell you. It’s your duty to fish that out. But I’ll definitely say what Mr. Samantray has told allegorically in his entire short-story that life has its own way to run. We are mere onlookers. Excellent! Awesome!!
These are mere trailers; not the complete review. The SATAMUHAN will tell you the rest.
Product Details:
• Paper back: 144 pages
• Publisher: Time pass, Bhubaneswar
• Language: Odia
• ISBN- 9788 1908 538 81
• Price: Rs 95/-