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Satakosia Sand Resort , Badmul – Nayagarh

Surrounded by the jungles of Satkosia Tiger Reserve, on the bank of river Mahanadi “Satkosia Sands Resort” at Badmul is on the foothills of majestic mountains facing the Satkosia Gorge of magnanimous Mahanadi River meandering through the golden sand bars.

Satakosia Sand Resort , Badmul – Nayagarh #Odisha

The alarm call of Spotted Deer & Sambar makes one realize that Satkosia is a Tiger Reserve after all. It’s the jungle of Leopards, Dholes and Wild Cats. The Crocodiles basking on the white sands on a wintery morning with the backdrop of rising sun is a picture that is real here.

The eco-resort has 7 luxurious AC Cottages/AC Tented Cottages on mountain slope facing the Satkosia Gorge and the eco-campus has 9 luxurious Swiss Cotton Tents pitched on the Sandbar of River Mahanadi. The tourists can spend evenings watching local Folk dance rounding it off with Star Gazing, Bonfire and Open Sky Dinner on Sandbar.

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Sands Sports, Boating in the Satkosia Gorge, Cycling in the Jungle, Sunbath & Swimming in River Mahanadi with trekking through the hills with our veteran Eco-Guides makes your day well spent in the wild. Satkosia Gorge is also a favorable destination for many migratory birds. In winters, Badmul is the only place where 100’s of Indian Skimmers can be seen on Sandbars with Brahminy Ducks, Pintails, Bar Headed Geese, Thicknees’s, Pratincoles, Herons, Gulls, Lapwings etc. You can see Muggers & Turtles basking on River bank/ Sandbar during Boating in Satkosia Gorge (Satkosia River Cruise).

The Resort offers organic, delicious Odiya & Indian Veg/Non-veg cuisine in the open sky dinning on River Sandbar overlooking the Gorge, River & Mountains.

Flooding : Odia and Indian Cuisine Veg and Non-Veg (Organic Vegetables of Local Farm). Breakfast/ Lunch/ Evening Snacks/ Dinner (Tea Complimentary )

By Gayatree Dey

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