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Sashisena Temple,Subarnapur #Odisha #Temple
Description :
The Sashisena Temple was constructed to commemorate the love of sashisena, the princess of Amaravati with Ahimanikya, the son of the minister of that kingdom. this temple of Orissa is unique because it has no doors at all. Once an important tantric monument, this temple is an important centre of Sakta practices.the illustrious ruler of the Chauhan dynasty of Subarnapur.SashisenaTemple

District Headquarter :Subarnapur

State Capital :Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station :Balangir

Nearest Airport :Bhubaneswar

How to Reach :

  • One can reach Subarnapur either by bus or train.
  • om Subarnapur one can visit Sashisena Temple by bus or taxi.