Sala Budha
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Sala Budha ( the Stupid Oldman ) directed by one of the eminent director Mr Sabyasachi mohapatra, got selected in INDIAN PANORAMA.

Sabyasachi Mohapatra directed and Mahapatra Movie Magic Pvt. Ltd presented ‘Sala Budha’ is the third film in Sambalpuri dialect after ‘Bhukha’ and ‘Ulgulan’. After 25 years, director Sabyasachi Mohapatra is back with Salabudha, another movie set on a rural background and focuses on the plight of the aged people in villages in the western part of the state. The film is based on a novel by renowned author Kapilesh Prasad Mohapatra (his father).

Speaking about his new venture, Mahapatra said that after Bhukha got international recognition, he always wanted to make another feature film in Sambalpuri. “I had made Bhukha in 1987 and it still remains the only feature film in Sambalpuri dialect. I feel honoured that I am going to make the second one also. It is the story of Maharaja Biramitradaya Singhdeo and his peasants in the early 20th century, when Singhdeo ruled the then Sonepur state,” said Mahapatra.

“The villages, where agriculture is the main source of sustenance, have unique culture, tradition and folk arts. Salabudha captures the quintessential elements of rural landscape in all its simplicity and rustic nature,” the director said at the film’s premiere in Sonepur on Tuesday. This film is a tribute to all senior citizens of Odisha, added Mohapatra.

Story of Sala Budha Odia Cinema :-
The story of the film seems much interesting and contains a lot of elements to make the audience sit tight throughout the film. Apart from the main story, many folksy culture and practices have been exhibited in the film, such as the ‘Ghubukudu’, ‘Mudtupaa’, ‘Haldimakha’ during the marriage, exchanging teasing words during the marriage for fun and beyond that the kindness of the village women, who even nourishes a beggar at the night.