Royal Palace of Gajapati - Article on Odia number with Odisha Heritage
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Royal Palace of Gajapati – Article on Odia number with Odisha Heritage – Article by Ripsa Rani Nayak,

Ripsa Rani Nayak, I represent Odisha culture and tradition with each Odia letter and number in the ongoing campaign 63 days of Odia type by Azkia Aarif.  I am representing all 30 districts of Odisha through 63 days of Odia type. On the number 3, I represent the Royal Palace of Gajapati. 

Parlakhemundi was the capital city of the famed Parlakimidi Jamindary, now situated at the southern part of Odisha in Gajapati district. History has witnessed this city as the epicenter of the rule of Eastern Ganga dynasty. Apart from the story of Gajapati Maharaja ruling in Puri, Parlakhemundi is the only estate where another Gajapati dynasty is found.

Gourachandra’s grandson Gajapati Jagannath Narayan Deba-III has planned to make a beautiful royal house in the southern part of Odisha by his own fund. Influenced by the then British made buildings he passed the responsibility to a British architect Mr. Chessolm for its design. The palace was built in the early part of the 19th century and can be compared with the best of the royal palaces built across India in the colonial setting.

Royal Palace of Gajapati - Article on Odia number with Odisha Heritage

The palace is a harmonious blend of Indo-Saracenic style combined with Byzantine and European architectural features. Granite pillars, Burma teak beams, Belgian stained glass windows, artistic grills are the key attractions in the palace.

The two towers present in the front gate act as Thunder tower so that in the vicinity of 5 km no lightning thunder will fall.

Maharaja Sir Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan ruled from this palace. He was first Prime Minister (Chief Minister) of Odisha and also played a significant role for his contribution in the formation of a separate Odisha State and inclusion of Paralakhemundi estate in Odisha.

There are 2 palaces in Paralakhemundi. One is the Royal Palace and another is BN Palace. Royal palace is not properly maintained. I request Odisha Tourism to work on maintaining its rich heritage and culture like they do for BN Palace.

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