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Mallhar Utsav Nrutya Naibedya: Reviews on “Debimaye:” choreography by young composer/Choreographer Pravat Swain Reviewed by Mr Shantanu Prusty

“Debimaye:”, the concluding day witnessed a beautiful , thought provoking choreography by young composer/Choreographer Pravat Swain. The dance drama was a wholesome treat to audience.  in Rabindra mandap , Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

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A Synopsis  – For years and for ages, woman has been targeted as an object of exploitation and a victim of social hegemony. Her fight against an unequal society had begun much before the dawn of human history. She was Sita, a victim of political morality. She was Draupadi, who was humiliated for nastiest power gamble. She is woman of today, who has been a target of exploitative forces and chauvinistic power centers. At the same time she is Durga, protector from the evil. She is Chandika, the warrior goddesses who defeats mightiest of the devil. She is the divine Shakti who have the power to annihilate demonic power. Debimayee, is a metaphoric narrative of woman’s search of her own identity.

Mallhar Utsav Nrutya Naibedya Reviews on Debimaye Odissi choreography by young composer Choreographer Pravat Swain

It’s a poetic presentation of women’s struggle against social odds and her victory over Mahishasura, the ultimate devil. Her beauty is her strength, her motherhood is her energy and she is the protector of mankind and the world as mother goddesses. Debimayee is search The dancer searches her own identity as a woman who is the larger part of a cosmic divinity and finally she is absolutely full of Devi Shakti. She is Debimayee. Her self is Debimayee.

Debimayee odissi dance eodisha.org

Concept and script – Kadar Mishra
Music- Guru Sukanta Kumar Kundu
Rhythm- Guru Dhaneswar Swain
Choreography- Pravat ku. Swaim

Nrutya Naibedya: Dancer are

  1. Pravat swain
  2. Madhusmita swain
  3. Smurti puspa panda
  4. Biswarupa dixit
  5. Lambodar ,
  6. Bikram samal
  7. Asutos parida
  8. Ranjan rout

The item was rightly conceived and produced on stage by Pravat Swain , with brilliant music support of accomplished musicians.

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