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Rasagolla originated in Odisha 600 years ago: Government says #Rasagolla #Odisafood #Odisha


The state government on Wednesday started examining a 150-page report submitted by a researcher providing documentary evidences showing that rasgulla originated in Odisha.
The committee, which is headed by eminent Jagannath cult scholar Asit Mohanty, had submitted its interim report in September last year.

pahala rosogola

In support of Odisha’s claim, the committee has pointed to the sweet’s reference in Dandi Ramayana, a version of the epic adapted by Balaram Das in the 16th century. Tracing the origin of the sweet, the report also claimed that the sweet was being offered to gods in mutts and temples for over 600 years.
An edition of Dandi Ramayan in which rasgulla has been mentioned is there in Kedarnath Gabeshana Pratisthan in the city. Even the ‘Madala Panji’, a chronicle of the Jagannath temple, mentions it. Rasgulla has been mentioned in Odia literature before 1893 while there is no mention of such sweet in any Bengali literature before 1896. There are several evidences that the sweet dish originated in Odisha and not in West Bengal, said researcher on Jagannath Cult Asit Mohanty, who submitted the report.

The state government had initiated the process to obtain GI tag for Pahala rasgulla in May. But the process got delayed after the Bengal government stepped in to stake its claim over the sweet’s origin.

The GI indication would confer legal protection to the Odisha rasgulla, along with preventing its unauthorised use. The first item from Odisha that received the GI tag was the Kotpad handloom fabric. At present, there are 14 items from the state on the list with patta chitra textile being the latest addition to it.