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Rangatrusna – A docu-fiction film on legendary artist Gokul Bihari Pattnaik, will be released on 28th jan #JDCA #Bhubaneswar #Odisha
         Rangatrusna – A docu-fiction film on legendary artist Gokul Bihari Pattnaik, will be released on 28th jan at JDCA international film fest Bhubaneswar. Meenaketan Pattnaik and Sangita Pattnaik (daughter of Gokulji) are the producers of the film.. It is directed by Mansh Sahoo and presented by Artists’ association of Odisha – AAO.​​

Profile of of Guru Gokul Bihari Pattnaik

             Shilpiguru Gokul Bihari Pattnaik is well-known as a gentleman artist in Odishan artist community, is one of the most respected living artist due to his long noncontroversial carrier and major contribution to the next generation of traditional Chitrakar society. Some of his students bagged national awards in Pattachitra and he is among very few Gurus who continued the GURUKUL tradition intact. More than sixty students of Gokul Bihari presently practicing and experimenting various forms of Pattachitra under his guidance at his village studio (at Olasingh of Khurda district) and at his Bhubaneswar studio at Old town as well.

                    He practices Chitra in every early morning and around 10 hours a day even at this age of 83. He is the first Odia artist who is experimenting on Odishi Chitra (Pattachitra) since late Sixties. He sacrificed his mainstreamed carrier to save Odishi pattachitra parampara which was in dying condition in the Sixties. He has created a huge scope for Odishan classical art form (Odishi Pattachitra) what can be called as the MANTRA of merchandisation of art in the sixties but humbly hesitate to take the credit which is a sign of a great person.

            His MANTRA of success helped the fellow Chitrakar community to survive with dignity by introducing Pattachitra in various mediums like on Silk, Fashion clothes etc. He has done his Diploma in art at Govt. College of art and crafts, Lucknow in 1959. He has participated in many international workshops and shows till date.


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