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Probable Questions for IBPS Clerk Exam Set 76 #IBPS #JOBS #BANKING

361. As of 2014, the number of public sector banks in India is__?

362. Which of the Public Sector Unit has been given Navratna status recently?

C: Container Corporation of India Limited(CONCOR)(ANS)
363. “Munger through the Ages” book has been written by
A: Raj Bhadur Singh
B: Devendra Prasad Yadav(ANS)
C: K K Mehrotra
D: Pankaj Singh
364. Which disease has been declared as Global Health Emergency by WHO?
B: Ebola(ANS)
C: Tuberculosis
D: Parkinsons
365. According to Assocham report, which among the following three states have recorded highest growth rate in terms of per capita income (PCI) during 2004-2013?
[A]Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra
[B]Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana
[C]Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka
[D]Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat

366. The prestigious “George Polya Prize” is given for notable contribution in the field of _____?
[B]Mathematics (ANS)
367. The International Tiger Day is observed on ______?
[A]July 26
[B]July 29 (ANS)
[C]July 30
[D]July 31
368. The “Save Our Tiger” is a cause related campaign to spread awareness about conserving tigers was launched by _____?
[C]Aircel (ANS)

369. Construction of world’s tallest Railways bridge began at which place?
A: Tura(Meghalaya)
B: Shimla
C: Leh
D: Noney(Manipur)(ans)
370. Who has been appointed as Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court?
A: Ranjana Paintal

B: Manjulla Chellur(ans)

C: M J Joseph
D: Gopal Subramanium