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Cyclone Phailin
Cyclone Phailin

Cyclone Phailin : “The storm moving at 13 km per hour would cross north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha with a sustained wind speed of 175-185 km by Saturday night, triggering heavy rain. On Saturday night in the form of super cyclone it will cross between Andhra and Paradeep,” said S.N. Sahu, Met Director.

Less than 24 hour left, but Odisha govt administration  failed to reach lakhs of horrified people  living throughout Odisha coast. No govt official sighted anywhere, no information of cyclone rescue center , no evacuation nothing started yet.

But all the food articles sale gaining three time rate and artificial shortage created by black marketers and hoarders . District collectors are having meetings and all the preparations heading to face after cyclone, but why not to save people from cyclonic devastation??