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Pitobash Tripathy of #Nayagarh, #Odisha stars with Sridevi in #MOM movie #Hollywood

Actor Pitobash is seen alongside Sridevi in his latest movie outing. But he has his sights set higher. By Team Viva

Actor Pitobash is going places. He debut in the movie 99 alongside Boman Irani, Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan. He went on to do a blink and miss role in the super hit movie 3 Idiots. Ptiobash was also a part of the feel-good, I Am Kalam, directed by Nila Madhab Panda, and Shor in the City. He also made his Hollywood debut in Million Dollar Arm in 2014.

But it was with Begum Jaan, that the world stood up and noticed. As Surjeet, one of the two men who stood by the protagonists, he made his mark. As if starring alongside one diva was not enough, he has gone on to work with another. His latest appearance is in MOM with Sridevi, who is often called the female Amitabh Bachchan.

But Pitobash is categorical when he says, “Success is not like piece of cake. You need to work hard to reach your goal, as everytime you might not be lucky.”

But then he sure knows about hard work for Pitobash did not have it easy. During his initial years in Mumbai, he shared a single room with six-seven people, having made the journey which many strugglers in the film industry embark upon. When he arrived from Orissa, he tried going tough but soon realised that Mumbai was an expensive city.

Even though Pitobash completed his B.Tech from Kolkata, his heart was set on acting from childhood and he decided to pursue a diploma course from the Film and Television Institute of India. “I knew the amount of talent that came to Mumbai for a break, so I understood the importance of polishing my talent and getting proper training. That is the reason I joined FTII,” he says. He was also doing professional theatre alongside his course in Kolkata.

His love for theatre endures. “Cinema and theatre both have different flavours,” he says. He does not differentiate between art house and commercial cinema. He says, “I really don’t understand what is on beat and off beat cinema. I love to do all kinds of movies whether it is I Am Kalam or Begam Jaan. I love to take up challenges.”

While taking up a role, his choice is not influenced by what others have to say. “If the script excites me and the role is challenging, that is what makes me take it up. As an actor my first priority is go for the role and then think of other things like money. Like everyone else I too want money for bread and butter but my first priority is always the type of work,” he says.

Does the fact that he has always been known as a supporting actor bother him? He says, “In making of a building many pillars are needed and each one of them is important. The absence of any pillar can harm the building and this is true for each and every actor in a movie. Everyone is important to the script and has its own character so, I give my 100 per cent to make my role memorable for the audience.”

Unlike most actors, he doesn’t have any favourite movie list. “The struggle to find a good role and impressive script is an endless process and it will continue throughout life. No matter how big an actor you become, this struggle will be always there. But I’m happy with the kind of films and roles I have got to do so far. But hunger for more good work is always there. Choices are purely based on instinct for me,” he says.

Pitobash is inspired by many people. “There is not a single person who inspires me, as I believe in learning different things from different people. There are lots of people — both in Bollywood and Hollywood who inspires me as well as teach me,” he says.

Working with someone like Sridevi, who has 50 years of experience in cinema, gave him immense knowledge and inspiration. “She is always on the set and is always ready to give equal importance to everyone. She patiently managed many things which was really inspiring,” he shares.

He has fond memories of his Hollywood debut, Million Dollar Arm as well. “I had to give many auditions before I was selected for the movie where I got the opportunity to work with Oscar winning actors,” he says.

The end of the year holds out good things for Pitobash. He is working on an American series. “After my debut in Hollywood, I hired an agent in the United States. He helped me to get the American series, Metropark, which is based in New Jersey and New York,” he says. Metropark which will be aired towards the end of the year, is a sitcom about Indian-American families living in the US. The first season consists of 10 episodes, he said. “While people enjoy my acting in comedies, I really love to do different kinds of roles,” he says.

A French-Belgium co-production, Un Conte Indien, a movie will also release towards the end of the year. src – DailyPioneer

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