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Pindiki Bahubalendra ;The Great freedom fighter of Khurdha Gada – Odisha

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PINDIKI BAHUBALENDRA– Khordha Gada ra Bira putra!! The Great freedom fighter of Odisha (earlier orissa). During 1817 the British attacked Khurda Dynasty and the Fort of Raja on the foot of Barunei hills was stormed an d razed to the ground “Khordha” is the last freedom fort of India to come under the British rule.

The British followed a new revenue system which infuriated the “Paikas” (the warriors) who enjoyed the land in lieu of their services were asked to pay rent and taxes at the same rate as cultivators. At the same time the British also introduced salt monopoly which give birth the Paika Bidroha , guerilla Paika fighters of Orissa fought and stopped British invasion further inside Orissa.

PINDIKI BAHUBALENDRA the fredoom fighter of khurdha gada - odisha bira putra eodisha.org

Britishers planned a strategy to look for local informers who can inform them about the hide outs and strategies of native patriot Guerilla fighters. A local person named Charan Patnaik pinned Britishers about hide outs of freedom fighters of Orissa and thus britishers could storm the hideout and killed patriotic gladiators of Orissa Buxi Jagabandhu, Madhab Ch. Routray, Dal Behera, Krutibas Pattasani, Pindiki Bahubalendra. Thus the Paika Bidroh (Rebellion), the last hope for an independent Odisha/Orissa was completely stamped out in September, 1818. because of this (italic lines) local people punished Charan Patnaik by burning him alive in the midnight at the place near to jatni (got from Rabi Mishra).

The failure of Paika Bidroh was due to betray by Charan Pattnaik, Mdhhu Pattnaik, Dhrubajaya Harichandan(betray Pindiki Bahubalendra), Ogal Singh, Bhagabar Jagadev Biraban. In return these informers turncoat traitors had got a land in reward back from Britishers. Till today this land property for which they are not paying tax is being recognized by people as Beiman Nimak Haram Jagiri.

Src :- book :- The First Indian War of Independence: Freedom Movement in Orissa, 1804-1825 By P.k.pattanaik n nichalachakra.org