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A patriotic Cycle Ride in #Bhubaneswar by 22Bikes

22Bikes conducted a city ride on the 71st Independence Day. The theme of the ride was to make people aware about the disposal of the National Flags in a respectful manner. As we are aware, on National Days we have an unprecedented interest for hoisting the national flag on our homes, bikes and cars. Even people love to flaunt flags wherever they can in this Independent India. But, after the celebration people simply forget to dispose the flags respectfully and some even disfigure the flags and throw them abandoned on the roads.

On the 71st Independence Day, we the cyclists of 22 Bikes joined together to collect all those discarded flags on the roads after the celebration of Independence Day. We start our ride at 8:30AM from 22 Bikes and circled through Janpath to reach Pal Heights where we hoisted our National Flag with due respect singing the National Anthem. We then covered the major roads of Bhubaneswar including the Mahatma Gandhi Marg where we collected all abandoned flags (that came in front of us) for their proper disposal. Some young students also joined to collect the abandoned flags and handed-over to us.

It was a pleasure to see lesser number of flags this year as compared to our similar initiative last year. It feels happy to see increased awareness level and respect for the National Flags among the citizens of the nation.

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