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Reported by Ashok Nayak :- Paris based Odia Sculptor Gadadhar Ojha got KA Sanskriti Sanmmana

Gadadhar Ojha

Born and brought up in the seaside town of Puri, Ojha grew up observing nature and traditional art forms which went on to shape his imagination. Ojha comes from a family of traditional sculptors who erected temples in Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark, but was never allowed to learn nuances of sculpting initially.

Rather, his father sent him to New Delhi to pursue training for company secretary examination. It was here that he met his first guru and sculptress Nivedita Mishra. Sculpting beckoned and Ojha started learning the art from her, accompanying her to the College of Art, besides attending his company secretary classes.

Ojha exhibited his works in Lalit Kala Akademis in Odisha, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur and Amritsar and many parts of the India. He also participated in several International wood sculpture Symposium in various western countries like Argentina, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Romania, Switzerland and others.