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papaya barfi
1. Chopped raw Papaya – 2 Cups
2. Fresh grated coconut – 1 Cup
3. Sugar -2 and 1/4 cup
4. Milk powder – 2 Tablespoons
5. Pure ghee – 4 Tablespoons
6. Dry fruits – 1/2 Cup in all
• Peel and grate the raw papaya fruit and keep aside.
• Heat 4tsp ghee on pan, add grated papaya, coconut and sugar.
• Adjust the flame of your burner and cook the concoction till it thickens.
• Now add milk powder, dry foods and cinnamon powder.
• Cook it when it starts separating from/leaving the side of the pan.
papay barfi
• Then remove from flame. Keep the burfi on the flat dish and flatten well. Allow it to cool.
• Now cut into desired shapes and serve.

By Gayatree Dey

Love to cook , Travel n Photography