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Do You Know?Just like in the Odia household ,even the lord of the Odias, Badathakura Shri Jagannath also loves Pakhala.

Sometimes curd floats within the Pakhala and sometimes the sweet fragrance of Ghee spreads in the atmosphere.
There are different types of Pakhala dishes served to Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath.

They are –

1.Subasa Pakhala-First,rice is cooked in an earthen pot(Kuduaa) and then water is added to it.After that salt,sliced ginger,fried Jeera are added to prepare Subasa Pakhala.It is called Subasa Pakhala for it’s wonderful aroma.
2.Chupuda Pakhala-All the water is rinsed and dried out from the cooked rice and Jeera,Salt and curd are added to it and this dish is served to Mahaprabhu.
3.Pani Pakhala-Only Salt and Water are added to the cooked rice and is served.This is Pani Pakhala and is a common dish in Odia homes.

3.Dahi Pakhala-Curd is added to cooked rice without water,along with Jeera and sliced ginger.
4.Mitha Pakhala-Sugar or white jaggery is added to cooked rice along with Jeera,Salt and sliced ginger.
5.Malliphula Pakhala-The preparation is same as Dahi Pakhala.But some Malli flowers are served with the Pakhala for enhancing the aroma.
6.Tavaa Pakhala-Tava (lemon) mixed water is added to cooked rice to enhance it’s aroma and it’s preparation is like Subasa Pakhala.
7.Ghia Pakhala-Ghee is added to cooked rice along eith salt,sliced ginger,curd and Jeera.This is called Ghee Pakhala in the traditional language of Shrimandira.
Pakhala and Kadali Bhaja(Raw Banana Fry) is served to Mahaprabhu mostly during Sandhya Dhupa and Badasinghara Besha.
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