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Odisha freedom fighters , eodisha.org fighters

    • The chivalrous history of Orissa is virtually replete with velour to safeguard the  Swaraj as evident from the historic Kalinga War. 
    •  Jayee Rajaguru in 1804, who was brutally assassinated by the ‘feringis’ hanging  him reversely, knitting his legs with the branches of two trees. 

  •  The subsequent battle was launched by the dreaded ‘paikas’ of khurda region.  
  •  This realm the name of Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar shines in the galaxy, whose  dedication and personality is yet a household name in Orissa. 
  •  The next epoch of frontal struggle was spearheaded by Veer Surendra Sai  (1809-1884) from Sambalpur. His battle was synchronized with the great  upsurge of 1857. 
  •  In 1817 Paiks of Khurda and people of some areas of Orissa raised their strong voice against Britishers, which is known as Paik rebellion. The rebellion 1817,  according to some scholars is the first war of independence. This became a  source of inspiration for nationalist leaders. 
  •  The great sons of Khurda Godavarish Mishra, Godavarish Mohapatra, Prananatha  Pattanaik, Sachi Routaray, Gangadhar Paikaray and Gokul Mohan Rai  Chudamani and Purna Chandra Mohanty were greatly inspired and became  fearless freedom fighters. 
  •  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose resigned from the Indian Civil Service in 1921 and joined the non-violent, non-cooperation movement of Congress under Gandhiji’s  leadership. Even though he was critical in his action on certain issues and  occasions towards the march of India’s struggle for freedom, still he was a great  patriot. 
  •  Baji Rout, a 15 year boy sacrificed his life while protesting the Britishers. 
  •  Chakhi Khuntia, was also a famous freedom fighters of Orissa soil. 
  •  Raghu & Dibakar who were brothers by relation fought relentlessly for the cause of freedom and sacrificed their lives. 
  •  Birsa Munda also added his name in the history of freedom struggle.